Tricks to Remember Rabi, Kharif, and Zaid Crops

By Brajendra|Updated : September 23rd, 2022

In this blog, we are covering the complete notes on crops, types of crops, crop examples, and tricks to remember them. Every year, at least 1 to 2 questions are asked from this chapter in many state pcs Exam. You can easily mark the correct answer from any question which belongs to this chapter by going through this blog once. Also, if you like the notes and tricks do not forget to give it an upvote and share it with your friends.

What are crops?

Plants that are grown by farmers are called crops. Crops grown through agriculture play an important role in the Indian Economy. Around 60 to 70 per cent of our economy is agriculture based and it is the main occupation in the rural areas. The cultivation of crops mainly depends on the type of soil and the weather conditions. There are mainly two types of crops which are Kharif and Rabi crops.

Rabi Crops

  • The crops which are grown in the winter season and harvested in the spring season are called Rabi crops
  • Rabi is derived from the Arabic word which means spring
  • Examples of Rabi crops are Wheat, Gram, Mustard, etc.

Kharif Crops

  • Crops that are grown in the monsoon season are called Kharif crops
  • Kharif is derived from the Arabic word which means Autumn
  • The seeds of the Kharif crop are sown at the beginning of the monsoon season and harvested at the end of the monsoon season
  • The crops grown in the Kharif season require a lot of water and hot weather for proper growth

Zaid Crops

  • The crops which are grown between the Kharif and Rabi season are called Zaid crops, i.e., between March and June
  • These type of crops gets matured early
  • Zaid crops include Cucumber, Musk Melon, Watermelon, Bitter gourd, Pumpkin, Ridged Gourd

Trick to Remember Rabi Crops

WBC अगर Low है तो सुबह Oats खाओ और MUSTARD Oil में खाना बनाओ


Trick to Remember Kharif Crops

BJP के CM GST के फायदे बताने के लिए SRM University गए


Tricks to Remember Zaid Crops

Road पे Water भर जाने के कारण CM का BP high हो गया


 रबी, खरीफ और जायद की फसलें याद करने की ट्रिक पीडीएफ़ डाउनलोड करें। 


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