EMRS Preparation 2022: Complete Strategy & Tips

EMRS Preparation 2022: Complete Strategy & Tips

ByNeha Joshi  |  Updated on: Jun 8, 2022
Check key beneficial EMRS tips and strategies to crack the EMRS 2022 exam. To help you with the right approach we have come up with the best preparation strategies for the EMRS exam.

To pass the EMRS 2022 exam, candidates must develop a solid strategic plan based on their capabilities. A comprehensive EMRS preparation strategy lays out a clear path for applicants to follow. As a result, it's vital to stick to a few EMRS tips and strategies to help you pass the exam. To pass the EMRS 2022 exam with excellent results, candidates must design a clear preparation strategy. Take a look at the list below for some of the most significant EMRS preparation suggestions.

Best EMRS Preparation Tips 2022

Do you want to learn how to prepare for the EMRS 2022 exam? To pass the EMRS 2022 exam with flying colors, simply follow the key EMRS tips offered below by our subject matter experts. It is now, more than ever, the best time to begin your EMRS study for the EMRS 2022 exam. The first and most critical step in EMRS preparation is to understand the exam structure and material.

In this post, we should read related to the EMRS Teacher exam strategy to qualify it in the first attempt. Eklavya Model Residential School (EMRS) is a Government of India scheme for model residential schools for Indian tribals (ST, Scheduled Tribes) across India. 
Let's take a quick look at the most important factors, suggestions, and strategies for passing the EMRS 2022 exam:

1. Know EMRS Exam Pattern 2022

  • In the EMRS, there will be questions asked carrying a total of marks, and the time allotted will be minutes.
  • It will be conducted through Online Mode.
  • The question paper will consist of objective-type questions & there will be sections and each section will have questions.
  • There will be negative marking in the EMRS exam.

Also, check EMRS Exam Pattern 2022 here.

2. Follow EMRS Syllabus 2022

  • There are various subjects included in the syllabus, you must make a particular study plan to prepare every topic of the syllabus perfectly.

Also, check EMRS Syllabus 2022 here.

3. Focus on Your Weak Area of Study

  • Identify the area in which you are weak and have a scope for improvement.
  • Try to read & learn all the basic concepts and start practicing on your weak areas.
  • For the strong areas, you don't need to focus on the basic concepts rather practice more and more questions from those topics.
  • Practice EMRS previous year's question paper to understand your weak points.

4. Read Important Books for EMRS

  • Prepare at least one Important textbook for each subject as described in the EMRS Exam syllabus.
  • You can practice with the help of NCERT Books from Class 3rd to 8th.
  • You can also prefer any of the books from Arihant, Disha, or Upkar Publication for EMRS 2022 preparation.
  • You can refer to the best books from the given link.

5. Learn the Basic Concept and Practice Quizzes

  • Initially, focus on the basic concepts of each topic, especially in child development & pedagogy.
  • Try to solve the quizzes of each subject regularly and improve accuracy as well as the performance in each test.

6. Make a Habit to Prepare Short Notes

  • Once you start your preparation, try to prepare short notes of the topics.
  • These short notes will help you to revise the entire syllabus at the last moment before the exam.
  • Highlight the important points in your short notes which will be beneficial during the revision period.

7. Revise all Concepts and Theories Before the Exam

  • After the completion of the whole syllabus, try to revise all the important topics every week.
  • Try to memorize the concept, important theories, and formulas during the revision.
  • Don't just cram, learn the question try, and understand the basic concept of the question.

8. Make a Habit of Practice Mock Test Regularly

  • Regularly attempting EMRS mock tests is vital to score good marks in the real exam.
  • You can analyze the section-wise score and improve your preparation rate.
  • Based on the mock test, you can manage time effectively and efficiently.

We hope that these EMRS study tips and strategies will assist you in passing your exam. Maintain your concentration on the exam. Simply prioritize your objectives to pass the EMRS 2022 exam with flying colors.

EMRS Exam Preparation Tips FAQs

  • Here are some tips that you should follow while preparing for the EMRS Teaching exam and maintain a time tracker during your teaching exam preparation:

    • You must prepare yourself for the exam for the section which you want to attempt first.
    • It would help if you did not spend too much time on a question that you either don’t know or are unsure of.
    • For each question, an average of 1 minute should be utilized.
    • You should frequently practice test series and mock papers so that you can check how much time you need to finish the teaching exam paper.
    • Attempt the questions in which you are strong and require less time to solve.
  • The English Language is a very scoring subject. The examiner mainly wants to test the applicant’s English knowledge and how he performs in the English Language section. This section tests your vocabulary skills, communication, and spoken English skills. All must be perfect in the basic knowledge of English.

  • A year is the best amount of time to prepare for the EMRS. However, the duration can vary from person to person depending on their speed and the number of hours they choose to devote to preparation in a day.

  • You can begin your EMRS preparation by studying the EMRS exam pattern completely. Following that, candidates must ensure that they have studied each topic in the EMRS syllabus as recommended by the officials.

  • Making study notes and identifying your weak areas, as well as places where you can improve, are the best EMRS preparation tips, and they may come in handy at the last minute.

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