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By Avinash Kumar|Updated : August 12th, 2021

Hello everyone, I hope All of you are preparing good and doing good in the quizzes. You might be having so many of doubts and need a platform to resolve your queries. We will be available online to help you to resolve your doubts. We will try our best to boost your confidence and help you in cracking the exam. 

Even after the given time, if you have any query then please tag us in your questions.


  First Time on Gradeup Live Mega Chit Chat Session 🥳🥳

Every year lakhs of aspirants attempt the State PCS exam but only a few of them are able to crack it. 🤯 Why the success rate is very low? 😧 What is the thing those successful people do in their life that others couldn't? 😦

If you are hardworking, is that enough to crack the paper? 

The reasons for so many people not cracking the exam is-

  1. Not getting the proper guidance (especially those who stays away from Delhi, hill state people, small village folks).
  2. The high-stress nature of the paper compels most of the aspirants to give up in the middle or at that point when they are a step away from success.

So, all Gradians, don’t narrow your vision of success and dreams as here we will be available for you clear all your doubts. To make this guidance available to every corner of India, we at Grade up are launching this new initiative of live chat

What can you ask? 🤨

  1. You can ask any query regarding subject/topic/study material/books/strategy, and a lot more whatever you can think.
  2. If you have been depressed of your previous failures 😩 and do not know how to deal with the situation and further, how to pick the same books again. We will help you the same.
  3. If you are a beginner and really confused about how to start? 😓 Which books need to buy first? etc.
  4. If you are weak in GK and want to know the best strategy, material, tips, tricks, etc. 😫
  5. Having no idea how to improve my marks in mock tests, how to tackle upcoming exams, etc. 😓
  6. Weak in History, Geography, Polity, Eco, Maths, English, Reasoning, we will guide and help you out from the situation. 🤩

Where will we Chit-Chat? 🤑

We will chit chat, In this article, So make it a bookmark and 

GET SET Ready!!! and Enjoy our CHIT CHAT SESSION.. 🤩😍

If you want to join this session please comment " I wanna Join". 

Then don't forget to join us on weekly live chat at  🤗

5:00 PM, This Thursday (12 August) शाम 5:00 बजे, इस गुरुवार (12 अगस्त) 😻

We will be available to you on the App for an hour and you can discuss the path of your service with us.


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