Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering : 100 Most Important Questions with Solutions

By Sajal Gupta|Updated : October 21st, 2021

You have completed the syllabus of the SSC JE exam for Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg. Here you will find the 100 most imp questions for the Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg subject of the civil Engg syllabus. 

PDF OF 100 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS OF Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering



1. Water content of the soil is 0.15, Degree of saturation 70%, void ratio is 0.61, then specific
gravity is :
A. 2.85 B. 2.13
C. 2.50 D. 2.17
Ans. A
Sol. eS = wG
0.61 x 0.7 = 0.15 x G
G = 2.85

2. The numerical difference between liquid limit and plastic limit is:
A. Liquidity index B. Plasticity index
C. Consistency index D. Flow index
Ans. B

3. The volumetric strain per unit increase in effective stress of soil is defined as:
A. Compression index B. Volume compressibility
C. Coefficient of compressibility D. Consolidation
Ans. B

4. An important hydraulic failure of earth dams is
A. Piping
B. Sloughing
C. Upstream slope failure due to sudden drawdown
D. Overtopping
Ans. D

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