MPSC Combined Exam: Booklist for Prelims and Mains

By Saroj Singh|Updated : August 21st, 2021

MPSC Combined Exam booklist is very limited as per the prescribed syllabus. The syllabus topics are mentioned very specifically, so is the booklist needed to prepare for MPSC Combined Exam when compared with MPSC State Services Exam, also known as MPSC Rajya Seva Pariksha.

In this article, detailed booklist is shared for MPSC Combined Exam.

 MPSC Combined Exam: Booklist for Prelims and Mains

MPSC Combined Exam Booklist requires specific booklists for Prelims and Mains. To decide on the correct booklist and right approach concerning the exam preparation, there are two governing factors- syllabus and previous years papers. Therefore, the booklist for Prelims and Mains are accordingly recommended. The MPSC Combined Exam cycle involves common prelims for all the PSI, STI and ASO aspirants, but there are two Mains Exams as the papers are separately conducted. It is important to note that MPSC Combined Exam has a very specific syllabus for both the exams with slight variations:

  • Same syllabus for Prelims and Mains Paper-I for PSI, STI and ASO
  • Different syllabus for Mains Paper-II for PSI, STI and ASO

Note: the MPSC Combined Exam is conducted for Group C services. 

MPSC Combined Booklist for Prelims

The prelims exam is conducted for ‘General Mental Ability’ is having 100 objective type questions of 100 marks. The exam is bilingual (English + Marathi) and of 1 hour duration.  

Subject and code

No. of Questions

Total Marks



Nature of Paper

General Ability Test



English & Marathi

1 hours


Note: For each wrong answer, 1/4 marks will be deducted from the total score of that question. The subject-wise booklist is as follows:

  1. Polity: Preliminary Study of the Constitution of India, State Management (Administration) Village Management (Administration)
  • M. Laxmikant
  • Panchayat Raj - Kishor Lavate
  1. History: The history of modern India, emphasizing Maharashtra specific facts 
  • History of Maharashtra: 11 Std. State Board textbook or Anil Kathar's book
  • Grover and Belhekar's Adhunik Bharatacha Itihas: Ek Navin Mulayankan Or Ranjan Kolambe's book 
  1. Geography (with special focus on the geography of Maharashtra): Earth, world divisions, climate, latitude-longitude, types of land in Maharashtra, rainfall, major crops, cities, rivers, industries, etc.
  • 5th to 12th Std. State Board textbooks
  • Maharashtra’s Geography - Savadi (सवदी)
  1. Economy: Indian Economy - National Income, Agriculture, Industry, Foreign Trade, Banking, Population, Poverty and Unemployment, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, etc. Government Economy- Budget, Accounts, Audit, etc.
  • Economics - A book by Ranjan Kolambe (रंजन कोळंबे) or Desale (दसले) 
  1. General Science: Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Hygiene.
  • 8th to 10th Std. State Board textbooks Or General Knowledge by Lucent
  1. Current Affairs: National and International Matters of relevance to India’s governance.
  • पृथ्वी परिक्रमा
  • अभिनव Yearbook
  • BYJU'S Exam Prep also facilitates daily/monthly/yearly compilation 
  1. Quants & Reasoning: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, average, decimal fraction, questions related to IQ measurement.
  • Mathematics - Gyandeep Publication
  • बुद्धीमत्ता - Gyandeep Publication Or 
  • R.S. Agrawal 

MPSC Combined Booklist for Mains 

The MPSC Combined Mains Exam has two papers i.e., Paper-I which is common to all three posts- PSI, STI & ASO. The syllabus varies for Paper-II and hence the booklist. The brief highlight of the papers are as follows: 



Total Marks



Nature of Questions

Paper I

Section A: Marathi

Section B: English

Section C: General Knowledge

50+ 30+ 20 = 100

Marathi & English

1 hour


Paper II

General aptitude test and positional / subject knowledge


Marathi & English

1 hour


 Note: On every wrong attempt, a candidate is penalised, and 1/4th marks will be deducted from the total score of that question.

 Paper-I Booklist 

  1. Marathi: सर्वसामान्य शब्दसंग्रह, वाक्यरचना, व्याकरण, म्हणी व वाकप्रचार यांचा अर्थ आणि उपयोग तसेच उतार्‍यावरील प्रश्‍नांची उत्तरे
  •  Marathi Grammar : M. R. Valambe (वाळंबे) / Balasaheb Shinde (बाळासाहेब शिंदे) 
  1. English: Common Vocabulary, Sentence structure, Grammar, use of Idioms and phrases & their meaning and comprehension of passage. 
  • Pal & Suri’s book (पाल आणि सुरी)  / Balasaheb Shinde’s book (बाळासाहेब शिंदे)  
  1. General knowledge:
  1. Current Affairs - Global as well as Indian. 
  • Current Affairs: पृथ्वी परिक्रम, अभिनव Yearbook 
  • माहिती अधिकार अधिनियम, २००५ व महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा हक्क अधिनियम, २०१५
  • माहितीचा अधिकार २००५ & महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा हक्क अधिनयम २०१५  
  1. Computer and Information Technology - The Role of Computer in Modern Society, Use of Computer in Life in Different Areas, Data Communication, Networking and Web Technology, Cyber ​​Crime and its Prevention, Use of Information Technology as a New Industry for Information Services Standards, government programs like Media Lab Asia, विद्या वाहिनी, ज्ञान वाहिनी, सामुहिक माहिती केंद्र, etc. Fundamental issues in the IT industry and its future. 
  1. Previous Year Question Papers
  2. Sagar Publication book 

Paper-II Booklist 

PSI Mains Exam - Revised syllabus from 2020,  

  1. Kishor Lavate’s book (किशोर लवटे) Or Dnyaneshwar Patil’s book (ज्ञानेश्वर पाटिल)

STI Mains Exam- Revised syllabus from 2020 

  1. Economics book by Ranjan Kolambe Or Dasale’s book
  1. Economic Survey - Maharashtra 

ASO Mains Exam -Revised syllabus from 2020, Link: Official syllabus of Mains Exam

  1. Laxmikant
  2. Panchayat Raj - Kishor Lavate (किशोर लवटे) 

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  • To become a Sales Tax Inspector, a candidate needs to appear for MPSC Combined Prelims and MPSC Combined Mains Exam. There are specific yet extensive booklists mentioned for both the exam stages. Please check here.

  • Although many portals provide free PDFs, it is advisable to refer to the latest edition of standard sources as mentioned here.

  • To get into Group B services, the previous year papers are the best sources to assess the trend of the question pattern and internalise and revise the key topics on which the Commission frames questions.

  • No. the competitive examinations generally require to have command over the key areas. If the concepts are well understood through any notes or any online mediums (provided it is updated as per the examination requisites), a candidate can refer them. The aim should be to cover the topics thoroughly that are mentioned in the MPSC Combined Notification.

  • Maharashtra State Board and NCERTs are the best sources to get hold of basic concepts of each subject of General Studies, as mentioned in the syllabus.

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