MICAT Exam 2022 Preparation Strategy & Tips

MICAT Exam 2022 Preparation Strategy & Tips

ByAditi Joshi  |  Updated on: Nov 9, 2021
MICAT 1 2022 exam conducted. Check Exam analysis by top faculty! MICAT exam dates have been announced. Get details about MICAT 1 and MICAT 2 exam such as dates, apply online, eligibility, syllabus and more.

How to Prepare for MICAT 2022?

To qualify for MICAT, the aspirants first need to appear for CAT/XAT/GMAT and then only he/she can appear for the MICAT exam. Preparing for MICAT Exam 2022 required a clear understanding of the syllabus, paper pattern and kinds of questions asked. Candidates must go through MICAT Exam Analysis to get better insights into the exam. Preparation for MICAT 2022 is not a tough task. One needs to be determined and motivated while preparing for the exam.

MICA Ahmedabad conducts the MICAT test in three stages and the candidates need to cross all three stages in order to be part of the prestigious institute of Ahmedabad. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive preparation strategy for qualifying the MICAT 2022. Go through section-wise MICAT Preparation Books 2022

MICAT 2022 Preparation - Paper Pattern

The MICA Admission Test is held in two phases: MICAT 1 and MICAT 2. Both have the same pattern. There are three sections in MICAT: (A) Psychometric Test, (B) Descriptive Test, and (C) a test that consists of four sub-sections: Divergent and Convergent Thinking, Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (QA & DI), and General awareness.

  • Section A and Section B of MICAT do not have any negative marking. 0.25 marks are deducted for each wrong answer in Section C of MICAT.
  • Candidates will get 2 hours 15 minutes to complete the paper in MICAT 2022.

Here is an overview of an exam pattern of MICAT 2022 mentioned below:




Negative Marking

Duration (in Minutes)


Psychometric Test





Descriptive Test






Verbal Ability


Yes (0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer)


Quantitative Ability


General Awareness


Divergent-Convergent Reasoning


MICAT Preparation Tips for Psychometric Test

Section A of MICAT is a Psychometric Test. In this section, the examiner wants to test the candidates’ loyalty and truthfulness towards answering the questions. The attitude and behavior of the candidate reflect in his/her answers.

  • While giving this test, the candidate must have an open mindset and should give answers honestly.
  • There is no fixed pattern in the psychometric test.
  • The candidate can be asked questions based on situational judgment or argument based or related to his/her career goals/life goals.

The main agenda of the examiner is to analyze the candidate’s personality. It is advisable to read questions two-to-three times before giving the answers. Practice questions from the PYQs’ set are available on the internet.

MICAT Preparation Tips for Descriptive Test

In this section, the candidate’s creative and imaginative skills play a vital role. When a topic is given, one needs to express his/her creative skills while writing an essay/story. If you’re not good at it, then you have to practice writings.

  • First, you need to notice that the topic is abstract based or knowledge-based. Abstract based topics are like Every cloud has a silver lining, Haste makes Waste, etc.
  • Candidates need to practice these kinds of essays for abstract based.
  • For knowledge-based essays, one needs to be acquainted with the daily current affairs/economic issues/ history/polity. For this, read daily newspapers/articles/blogs/magazines.
  • Besides this, creative writings can also be asked. You’ll be provided four pictures through which you have to connect those pictures and write a logical story out of it.
  • Practice writing at least twice a week for better performance in MICAT.

Go through the MICAT 2022 Selection Procedure to have a clear picture 

Section-wise MICAT Preparation Tips 2022

For Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, follow the preparation strategy by experts below. 

  • Go through the concepts and formulae of each topic
  • Once you are done with this, start practising the questions using the tricks
  • If you don’t know tricks, you can visit any study-related apps and go through the videos available
  • Learn cubes, squares, decimal and fraction conversions and tables up to 30
  • Practice tricky based questions at least three times
  • Solve MICAT mock tests and PYQs with time management
  • Time yourself while solving a paper. This would boost up your speed and accuracy

MICAT Preparation Tips for Divergent and Convergent Thinking

  • Clear your basics with the help of books/ online lectures/online course
  • Once your basics are clear, then, learn how to apply the tricks to save time
  • Start practising time-bound questions with the use of tricks
  • This section usually tests the candidate’s analytical and logical skills. So, one must be good at logical reasoning
  • Join a test series to solve plenty of papers. The main focus is to solve a question by maintaining the speed as well as the accuracy
  • So, a candidate needs to focus on time management. Analyse your performance while solving a paper and work upon your mistakes

MICAT Preparation Tips for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VA-RC)

  • This section tests your grammar and vocabulary skills
  • One should have a command over the basics. The candidates are advised to prepare the grammar using the good quality of books like Lucent
  • Try to learn 5-10 new words daily for improving your vocab skills
  • Read daily newspapers/articles/blogs/magazines for improving your reading skills
  • Solve at least 2 papers in a week. You’ll get an idea of the pattern of the questions asked
  • Refer to online lectures for going through the concepts

MICAT Preparation Tips for General Awareness

  • This is the widest section of MICAT. It involves a lot of knowledge about current affairs/static GK/polity/economics/history/geography/etc.
  • Candidates need to be acquainted with national and international news
  • Daily read news related to economy/awards/ days/authors/polity/etc.
  • Go through the static GK like history/rivers/sports/national parks/wildlife sanctuary/etc.
  • Practice last year’s papers so that you’ll get an idea of the variety of questions asked

What should be the MICAT 2022 Preparation Strategy?

Refer below to the points given below for the preparation strategy of MICAT 2022

  • Before starting the preparation, aspirants should take down the topics in two parts: one that are weaker topics and the other stronger topics
  • Set a proper timetable. Spend more time on weaker topics
  • Do practice a lot of questions after completing a particular topic
  • In this way, make your concepts strong. After completing this, start practising time-bound questions 
  • Join test series to develop familiarity with the kind of questions asked in MICAT
  • To solve at least five years’ PYQs as it would help you to acquaint with the test structure of MICAT
  • Do practice story and essay writings for descriptive test
  • Practice mock tests as many as you can as it will gradually lead you to perfection

MICAT Preparation Tips FAQs

  • Yes, the Psychometric Test is a qualifier test. This means the candidates who qualify the Psychometric test, their relative performance on XAT/CAT/GMAT will be taken into consideration.

  • The questions asked in divergent and convergent thinking sections are basically Analytical and Logical in nature. These are related to logical reasoning.

  • There are 20 questions in total that are asked in the General Awareness section of MICAT 2022 and carries one mark each for the correct answer.

  • The MICAT is held in two phases: MICAT I and MICAT II. The aspirants can apply for both exams. The best of the two would be taken for the further selection procedure.

  • Yes, there is negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer of Section C. There is no negative marking in Section A and Section B of MICAT 2022.


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