MICAT 2022 Exam Analysis, Expected Cut Off, Exam Review

MICAT 2022 Exam Analysis, Expected Cut Off, Exam Review

ByAditi Joshi  |  Updated on: Jan 29, 2022
Go through the MICAT 2 Paper Analysis 2022 after the exam on 29 January 2022. Exam experts will provide detailed analysis including difficulty level of the exam, section-wise analysis and more.
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MICAT 2 was successfully held on 29 January 2022 after MICAT 1 Exam 2022 was held on 04 December 2021. As per the MICAT exam analysis, there were 234 questions in total on the MICAT 2022, which were divided into six sections. Because each candidate's aptitude level differed, they replied differently to the topic-specific questions in each section.

The paper pattern in MICAT 2022 had a few alterations too. The number of questions differed from the previous year. In MICAT 2022, a total of 234 questions were asked. In the MICAT exam, candidates could move between the Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Divergent-Convergent Thinking, and General Awareness sections. MICAT 2 had questions with up to 8 options, similar to MICAT 1, which made the paper a little longer.

MICAT Exam Analysis 2022 Highlights

MICAT Exam is held twice as MICAT 1 and MICAT 2. The exam is conducted by the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmadabad. BYJU’s Exam Prep exam experts conduct detailed paper analysis and provide details such as difficulty level of the exam, section-wise details and more. Below mentioned are the major exam highlights

  • MICAT 2022 saw a change in the exam pattern. The number of questions was 234.
  • MICAT exam was a CBT (Computer Based Test) paper.
  • Navigation between the sections was allowed
  • There is no negative marking in Psychometric Test and Descriptive Test sections.
  • There is a negative marking of 0.25 for every incorrect response in VA, QA, GA and DCT sections
  • For every correct response, +1 will be rewarded    
MICAT 2022 Exam Difficulty Level Detailed section-wise analysis 
MICAT 1 Exam Analysis 2022 (04 December 2021)Moderate to DifficultMICAT 1 Exam Analysis 4 December 2021
MICAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022 (29 January 2022)To be updated MICAT 2 Exam Analysis 29 January 2021 


MICAT 2022 Paper Analysis- Exam Pattern

Go through the MICAT exam pattern to have a better understanding of the exam and paper review. The Psychometric Test took up the first 30 minutes (Section A). The Descriptive Test, Section B of MICAT 2022, consisted of 4 questions to be solved in 25 minutes. Section C, the final section, was divided into four subsections, each with 20 questions.



Number of Questions

Time (mins)

Part A 

Psychometric Test



Part B

Descriptive Test



Part C

Verbal Ability



Quantitative Ability


General Awareness


Divergent- Convergent Thinking






MICAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022 (29 January 2022)

Check the difficulty level of various sections as per MICAT 2 analysis 2022 below.

SectionNameNo. Of QuestionsDifficulty Level
APsychometric Test150Moderate to Difficult
BDescriptive Test4Moderate 
CAptitude Section  
1- Divergent and Convergent Thinking20Moderate
2- Verbal Ability20Moderate
3- Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation20Moderate
4- General Awareness20Difficult

MICAT-1 Exam Analysis 2022 (04 December 2021)

The difficulty level of the MICAT-1 exam was Moderate to Difficult. As per the exam analysis and student feedback, aspirants had to spend a significant amount of time trying to figure out the pattern of questions. The majority of the questions had up to eight options, making them difficult to answer. In the Aptitude Section, there was a mix of questions with 4 and 8 options in each section. There were 8 options for 53 of the 80 questions.

SectionNameNo. Of QuestionsDifficulty Level
APsychometric Test150Moderate to Difficult 
BDescriptive Test4Moderate
CAptitude Section  
1- Divergent and Convergent Thinking20Moderate-Difficult 
2- Verbal Ability20Moderate-Difficult
3- Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation20Moderate-Difficult
4- General Awareness20Difficult 


MICAT 2022 Section-Wise Exam Analysis

The MICAT exam consists of three sections. Check the detailed section-wise analysis of MICAT 2022 exam below

MICAT Exam Analysis for Section A: Psychometric Test

The MICAT 2022 Psychometric Test consisted of 150 questions to be answered in 30 minutes. The purpose of this segment is to assess the candidate's psychological thinking. The Psychometric Test's questions are meant to ask questions about specific scenarios.

  • MICAT 2: This section was majorly about Openness to Creativity, New Ideas and Science v/s Art
  • MICAT 1: The section was deemed too long by the candidates. and the majority of the questions were asked again to ensure that the candidate's answers and thoughts were consistent.

MICAT Exam Analysis for Section B: Descriptive Test

The MICAT 2022 Descriptive Test contained four questions, few of them were based on Homogenous cohorts. The last question in this segment consisted of four photographs from which students were to compose an essay incorporating all of them.

  • MICAT 2: Convenience is Supreme was the theme of the first three questions. The fourth question had ‘4 Pictures’ Question
  • MICAT 1: The following were the photographs used in the essay writing: Fire Extinguisher, A man building a wall,  QR code, Horse

MICAT Exam Analysis for Section C

Section C was further divided into four sections. 

Name of Section

Details (MICAT 2)

Details (MICAT 1)

Divergent and Convergent Thinking

  • The question was: Which of the following have been messed up in the same way?
  • There were two questions on Word Rearrangement (letters of four words).
  • Questions on Possible Average rainfall in the month of Nov etc were asked

Verbal Ability

  • MICAT 2 followed the same format as MICAT 1, although it was less demanding.
  • In this segment, three RCs were asked.
  • Grammar and vocabulary questions ranged from easy to challenging.
  • Questions on Greek heroes, literature terms, crypto-currency, and other topics suggested that the MICAT exam was geared toward literature.

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

  • The Quant questions, on the other hand, were a little challenging.
  • The DI sets had a lot of data, which made it time-consuming.
  • DI questions were easy but bar graphs & tables were difficult to comprehend. 

General Awareness

  • Questions were from Match the following and True and Untrue. 
  • The questions were more like RCs, with questions like Match the Following and statements questions that asked if the assertions regarding the question were true or not.


Expected MICAT Cut Off 2021

The cut-off will be different for each person. It is contingent on the essay/subjective portion. If the subjective component isn't liked, someone with 32-33 might get a call while someone with 40 would not.

MICAT 2021 Exam Analysis

MICAT Exam 2021 was conducted on  05 December 2020 and 30 January 2021. As per the MICAT exam analysis 2021, the overall difficulty level of the exam was moderate to difficult. 

  • Comparatively easier section - Verbal Ability
  • Comparatively tougher section - Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
SectionNameNo. Of QuestionsDifficulty Level Details
APsychometric Test150Moderate
  • There were a total of 133 questions with ordinal alternatives (strongly agree, agree, somewhat agree.. and so on).
  • There were 17 True/False questions in all.
BDescriptive Test4Moderate
  • Three essay-style questions were given, each of which had to be answered in less than 300 words.
    • Stone, Paper, Scissors - bitterest rivals make the best team - 3 points favouring the argument
    • Stone, Paper, Scissors - bitterest rivals make the best team - 3 points against the argument
    • How can young managers put this into practice to increase management output?
  • There was 1 question based on Picture-Perception
    • Two keys on a key chain, three parrots, a woman selling green veggies, with the sun rising and setting behind the Pilon
CAptitude Section   
1- Divergent and Convergent Thinking20Moderate-Difficult 
  • There were 7 questions asked from Word Association topic
  • 3 questions each from
    • Coding-Decoding
    • Statement Assumption
  • 2 questions each from
    • Visual Reasoning
    • Analogies
  • 1 question each from
    • Blood Relations
    • Data Sufficiency
    • Odd-One Out
2- Verbal Ability20Easy-Moderate
  • There were 9 questions from 2 RCs
    • RC 1 - Climate Change (4 questions)
    • RC 2 - Priming Effect (5 questions)
  • 3 questions from Para Jumbles
  • 2 questions each from
    • Fill in the Blanks
    • Error Spotting
    • Antonym-Synonym
  • 1 question each from
    • Vocabulary
    • One Word Substitution
3- Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation20Difficult
  • There were 6 questions from Arithmetic
  • 5 questions from Pie Charts
  • 2 questions each from 
    • Algebra (Maxima-Minima)
    • Heights and Distances
  • 1 question each from
    • Distance & Direction
    • Statistics
    • Line Graph
    • Permutation and Combination
    • Probability
4- General Awareness20Moderate-Difficult 
  • There were 5-6 Brand-related questions (Logo, Taglines etc.)
  • 4 questions from recent Current Affairs
  • Other questions from static GK, awards, science and technology, geography, and economies, among others.


MICAT Analysis FAQs

  • As per the MICAT 2022 exam analysis, the MICAT 1 paper was moderate to difficult 

  • MICAT Cutoff marks 2022 are not officially released. You can check the expected MICAT cutoff after the exam analysis. 


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