Machine Design : 100 Most Important Questions with Solutions

By Shivendra Pratap|Updated : February 8th, 2022

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1. The joint used in design of a pump carrying water, to secure the casing with the face
plate is;
A. Flanged Joints B. Riveted Joints
C. Welded Joints D. None of these
Ans. A
Sol. A flanged joint is used in pumps because it is a leak tight joint to contain the fluids inside.
Also the joint can withstand fluid pressures and can be easily disassembled.
2. In hydrostatic bearing, pressure to lubricant is supplied by:-
A. external source
B. partially external and partially from rotation of journal
C. not supplied by external source
D. shaft driven pump
Ans. A
Sol. A hydrostatic bearing employs a positive pressure supply that maintains clearance between
the rotating and stationary elements. With a hydrostatically-lubricated bearing, the
lubrication is introduced under pressure between the moving surfaces.
The load support is a function of the pressure drop across the bearing and the area of fluid
pressure action.
4. Find the efficiency of Single riveted lap joint of 7 mm plates with 18 mm diameter rivets
having a pitch of 48 mm. Assume Permissible tensile stress in plate = 100 MPa,
Permissible shearing stress in rivets = 90 MPa and Permissible crushing stress in rivets =
170 MPa
A. 60 % B. 71 %
C. 79.4 % D. 62.5 %
Ans. D

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