Last Minute Revision Tips for NBCC JE Exam 2022

By Ashwani Jain|Updated : May 6th, 2022

Last Minute Revision Tips are really useful when you are going to appear for any exam. Important revision tips will help you to improve your preparation and raise your confidence before taking the exam. The NBCC JE exam is going to be held on 8th May 2022 in online mode. Very few hours are left for the exam and with 80 vacancies of Junior Engineer, this is a great chance to avail of the job as a junior engineer, As a result, candidates must give their best efforts for the NBCC JE exam. Studying smartly at the last minute of the exam makes preparation better and raises confidence. hence we have concluded some last-minute revision tips in this article.

This article emphasizes the need for last-minute revision tips for the NBCC JE exam. The revision tips for the NBCC JE Exam will be highly effective to increase your marks in the exam. Read on to know more.

NBCC JE Revision Tips & Exam Pattern 2022

Before we move to the last-minute revision tips for NBCC JE exam, a complete understanding of the NBCC exam pattern & syllabus is must. After understanding the NBCC JE pattern & syllabus then it gives better idea to the aspirants what topic should revise first. The aspirants of NBCC JE can check the updated NBCC JE Exam Pattern in the table given below:


Number of Questions


Subject-Specific Knowledge


120 Minutes

General Awareness & Current Affairs, Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Comprehension.




120 Minutes

Last-Minute Tips to Crack NBCC JE Exam 2022

  • Revise: Revise all the topics which has major weightage in NBCC JE Exam Pattern. More revision will help you to accurately answering questions, which increases your chances of being chosen in NBCC JE. As a result, candidates should focus on revision during the final days of the exam.
  • Quick Revision Notes: Only short notes can be revised at the last minute. As a result, you should have your own tricks to revise complete syllabus in a very short time with the help of your short notes.
  • NBCC JE Exam Previous Year Papers: Going through the NBCC JE previous year question papers gives the confidence to tackle the actual NBCC JE examination. Sometimes last-minute revised questions may be seen in the examination. 
  • NBCC JE Mock Tests: Attempt test series and mock test based on the latest NBCC JE exam pattern. It gives you an idea about your preparation and you can also identify your weak and strong areas. Revise your weak topic first so you can score high in the NBCC JE exam.
  • Keep Away from Distraction: Distraction during exam preparation is particularly prevalent among applicants in the last days before the exam. Distractions must be avoided at all costs during the last days of NBCC JE exam preparation. if you do this, you will be able to maintain your calm and do your best in the last days of the examination.
  • Always Be Motivated: In order to crack the NBCC JE Exam, Never lose motivation. Talk to your mentor if you're feeling low on confidence at the last minute of the exam.

Major Do’s and Don’t for the NBCC JE Exam –

  • When the NBCC JE exam starts, do not panic. Stay calm and read the exam instructions carefully.
  • Careful while answering the questions because sometimes aspirants marked the wrong answer in hurry.
  • Do not spend too much time on any question.
  • Many new topics may be asked in the Non-technical and Technical section of the exam, so be prepared for surprises.

I hope you find this article useful in your preparation for the NBCC JE Exam 2022.

BYJU'S Exam Prep wishes you the best of luck for your NBCC JE Exam.

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Last Minute Revision Tips FAQs

  • Here some of the most important revision tips to prepare for the NBCC JE Exam 2022 are given below: 

    • NBCC JE Mock Tests
    • NBCC JE Exam Previous Year Papers
    • Always Be Motivated

    Check this article to know all the revision tips.

  • Yes, NBCC JE mock exams are important for exam preparation because it will help you improve your speed and accuracy. It also helps you to identify your strong & weak areas so that you can focus on your weak area and revise well. 

  • You should revise your short notes which you have prepared during your preparation time also you should have your own tricks to revise complete syllabus in a very short time with the help of your short notes. In the last days of the exam you should focus on important formulas and concepts.

  • In the NBCC JE exam 2022, try to stay calm, study questions carefully, take care of your health, and keep revising the formulas and concepts.

  • You should check in the last few minutes of the NBCC JE that you have answered all the questions and also review all the questions which you have marked for review.

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