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By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : July 11th, 2021

The NDA examination is one of the best ways to secure entrance into the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and it is also a highly challenging one. The examination is conducted in two stages- written and interview. The written stage of the NDA 2022 exam must be cleared to appear for the NDA SSB Interview, and as per statistics, only around 1.5 % of the total candidates appearing for the exam are called for the interview.

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The exams are conducted twice annually, and the dates for SSB interview 2021 have already been announced. If you are selected for appearing in the interview, learning how to prepare and crack the NDA SSB interview is a crucial step.

It should be noted that the interview is conducted by the SSB (Service Selection Board) of the Indian Army, and the SSB interview process goes on for five long days. At the end of the interview process, only a handful of the candidates are selected for NDA. While there is no exact killer strategy to crack the NDA interview, there are some very effective ways to improve your overall performance and the chances for success.

While the candidates are tested in various ways during the interview, the right knowledge, attitude and confidence levels are the keys to handle it correctly. To find more about some of the most effective NDA interview preparation tips, read on.

Tips to Crack the NDA 2021-22 Interview

Before going into the details of the interview process. Let us take a brief look at the NDA written examination and what it involves. You need to clear the written part before moving forward to the interview stage.

  • The NDA 2 written exam will be conducted on 14th November 2021 throughout the country, and the results will be announced in June
  • It is a 900 marks test that’s is divided into two sections: Mathematics and General Ability Test. The tests can be given in English or Hindi.
  • The duration of the exam is 180 minutes, and it comprises of objective type questions.
  • The candidates qualifying in the written test will progress to the interview stage that will comprise of the Psychological Aptitude Test and Intelligence or Personality test. The interview will be held in the period between August and September.
  • Stage 1 of the interview is conducted in the various selection centers across the country. The candidates clearing stage 1 will proceed to stage 2, which will involve a series of tests spread over the days. After clearing the second stage, the candidates will need to submit their birth certificate and 10+2 pass certificate.
  • The final selection will be based on eligibility, medical fitness, and merit-cum-preference. The interview looks for officer-like qualities in the candidate that makes them suitable for the Indian Army. The interviewer is a senior position holder in the Indian Army, and since this is probably the first interview that you will be facing in your life, it is natural to get nervous.

Preparation Tips for NDA SSB Interview Process

Things to do for NDA SSB Interview

Once you have cleared the NDA written exams, it is necessary to start preparing for the interview without delay. The interview is designed to be 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical in nature. While the overall personality of the candidates is judged, their attitude towards life and problem-solving abilities are also looked into. Here are a few basic tips about how to prepare for NDA SSB Interview that every candidate should keep in mind.

  • The very first step is to understand the entire process of the SSB and realize the purpose behind how you are expected to act. Learn the details about the various tests that you will be facing so that you can tackle them efficiently.

  • It is important to look smart, dress formally and cheerful so that your appearance reflects a positive attitude. Dress in garments of the right colour and do not wear flashy items that can look unprofessional. At the same time, you need to stay calm and polite throughout the process.

  • Make sure that you sit in a straight and comfortable manner without fidgeting. Do not move your hands and legs unnecessarily and ensure that your overall body language is positive.

  • It is important to identify the basic strengths that you have as an individual. This can be leadership skills, communication, creativity or a positive attitude. This will help you to face the interview sessions more effectively.

  • The first rule of facing the interviewer is to think before you speak so that you do not react instinctively and provide the wrong answer. At the same time, it is also important to show that you are not a slow thinker and highlight your eagerness and enthusiasm.

  • Practicing in front of a mirror to gain confidence is often a useful method. You can also take help from your family members and friends to learn about formally handling the interview. This will also help you to build up your oratory skills which are an important aspect.

  • Make a note of all the topics that you can talk to the interviewer about when asked about yourself, your family, your interests and other common subjects. Also, make sure that you have the right knowledge about all the facts and figures mentioned in your submitted bio-data.

  • Having a detailed knowledge about the current affairs, Indian Politics, History of India and the Armed Forces in India will be an advantage.

  • Ensure that you hear each question by paying the right level of attention to the interviewer. Then answer each question clearly and confidently and maintain eye-contact with the interviewer. Try to smile through your answers as it signifies a positive nature and establishes your confidence. In case you do not comprehend any question, you can politely ask for further clarification.

It is important to realize that the SSB interview cannot be cracked by overnight preparation, and it needs time and effort from your end. It isn't very easy to prepare for the Group Tasks, Physical Test round and Conference round on your own. Hence, it is important to focus on building confidence, clear thinking, and good communication skills to increase your chances of success.

It is also important to ensure a high level of physical fitness and agility that will be needed for the obstacle tests during the finals stages of the test. Make sure that you exercise regularly and eat good food to stay fit and healthy before the interview. Note that before the interview starts, the candidates will need to fill up a PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire).

So, some of the questions can be based on the information that you supply here. Make sure that you have the right level of knowledge about your state and home city.

Things not to do for NDA SSB Interview

One important aspect of developing a killer strategy to crack the NDA interview is to learn what not to do. There are a few things that a candidate should avoid doing during the interview and this list below includes some of the basic points.

  • Make sure to dress smartly and avoid untidy clothing. Avoid wearing a watch or carrying a mobile phone.
  • Try not to get stressed during the interview.
  • It is best to remain simple and honest during the interview. Besides, do not brag about anything that you did not do. The interviewer will likely apprehend that you are putting up a false front and you will be rejected.
  • Do not provide an answer based on guesswork. The best option is to declare that you do not know and will try to find out the answer.
  • Do not appear as argumentative, haughty or arrogant during the interview. Also, make sure that you do not stay rigid or stiff.
  • Please do not discuss questions that have been asked from other candidates and also do not answer them in the way the others might have done.


How you prepare for the NDA SSB interview will determine the chances of you realizing your dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces. Each test in the interview has a unique nature, and hence you must get enough practice that will build up your confidence levels. At the same time, keep in mind that the interview will be conducted in an unfamiliar environment where the climate can also be adverse or extreme.

Make sure that you are mentally prepared to face such situations.

Also, proper time management and fast writing skills will help you to face various tests more effectively. The basic point is to remain true to yourself and not try to appear too smart. At times the questions can be tricky and appear to be invasive as your social skills will be judged too.

It is best to remain easy and jovial and take everything with a positive spirit. The interviewer should also be able to visualize you as a person with a proper goal and a plan for the future so prepare accordingly. With the right level of confidence, fitness, and knowledge, there is no reason for you not to cross the interview barrier.

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  • Yes, Hindi/English or a combination of both are allowed in SSB interviews, however, candidates should avoid using any regional language as a medium of communication during interviews and use English as a medium of communication.

  • No, you are advised to report on the appointed day. In case you come early due to unavoidable circumstances then you have to stay under own arrangement in the city.

  • According to the Indian Army website, Mobile and Cameras are strictly prohibited in the Selection Centre premises. However, you can utilize the STD facility on payment at the Centre.

  • According to the Indian Army website, send your request along with proof to the Selection Centre from where you got your call. They will give you second chance for an interview.

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