Indian Freedom Movement: Socio-Cultural Organisations

By Avinash Kumar|Updated : March 1st, 2021

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 Indian Freedom Movement: Socio-Cultural Organisations

Name of organization




Atmiya Sabha


Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Atmiya Sabha- to propagate the monotheistic ideals of the Vedanta and to campaign against idolatry, caste rigidities, meaningless rituals, and other social ills.

Brahmo Samaj


Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Brahmo Samaj—to purify Hinduism and to preach monotheism— was based on the twin pillars of reason and the Vedas and Upanishads

Tattvabodhini Sabha


Debendranath Tagore

Debendranath Tagore  founded AdiBramho samaj in 1866

Brahmo Samaj of India


Keshub Chander sen

Keshub Chander sen was dismissed from the office of acharya in 1865 and found Brahmo Samaj of India.

Sadharan Brahmo Samaj


Ananda Mohan Bose, Shibchandra Deb, and Umesh Chandra Datta

It reiterated the Brahmo doctrines of faith in a Supreme being, one God, the belief that no scripture or man is infallible, belief in the dictates of reason, truth, and morality.

Widow s’ Home Association


D.K Karve M.G. Ranade

  • Provided education and training to widows so that they could support themselves.
  • Karve himself married a widow and thus led with the example for others to follow.

Prathana Samaj


Atmaram Pandurang

More concerned with social reforms than with religion but was attached to the bhakti cult.

 2.a four-point social agenda also:

  • Disapproval of the caste system.
  • Women’s education.
  • Widow remarriage.
  • Increasing the age of marriage for both males and females.

Paramahansa Mandalis


Dagoba Pandurang

At their meetings, food prepared by lower caste people was taken by the members.

The Pramhans mandalas also advocated widow remarriage and women’s education

Satyashodhak Samaj


Jyotiba Phule

Phule aimed at the total abolition of the caste system and socio-economic inequalities

This movement gave a sense of identity to the depressed communities.


Servants of India Society 1905


Gopal Krishan Gokhale

The aim of the society:

  • to train missionaries for the service of India;
  • to promote, by all constitutional means, the true interests of the Indian people;
  • to prepare a cadre of selfless workers who were to devote their lives to the cause of the country in a religious spirit

Ramakrishna Mission


Swami Vivekananda

  • Mission: to bridge the gulf between paramartha (service) and vyavahara (behaviour), and between spirituality and day-to-day life
  • He advocated the spirit of liberty, equality, and free-thinking

Arya Samaj


Swami Dayananda Saraswati

  • Acceptance of the Vedas is the only source of truth.
  • Opposition to idol worship.
  • He opposed the theory of God-incarnation and religious pilgrimages.
  • He believed in the recitation of the mantras of the Vedas and the performance of 'Havan’ and ‘Yajna.'
  • Faith in female education.
  • Opposition to child-marriage and polygamy.

Seva Sadan


Behramji M. Malabari

Worked against child marriage and for widow remarriage among Hindus. It was his efforts that led to the Age of Consent Act regulating the age of consent for females

Dharma Sabha


Radhakant Deb

An orthodox society, it stood for the preservation of the status quo in socio-religious matters, opposing even the abolition of Sati. However, it favoured the promotion of Western education, even for girls.

Theosophical Society


Madame Blavatsky and an American called Colonel Olcott

The society was greatly influenced by the Indian doctrine of karma

All India Harijan Sangh


Mahatma Gandhi

The objective of the Sangh is to eradicate untouchability by root and branch.


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