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By Shubham Verma|Updated : April 10th, 2021

Important Tribal Revolts in Bihar:The Tribal Revolts of Bihar was started as early as the initial decades of the 19th Century. The nature of such revolts was mostly localised as well as unorganised. Revolts were mainly against the exploitation by Britishers in lieu of the tribal's land ownership and also the transfer of land to outsiders. This Post aims to provides you with a complete list of major Tribal Revolts along with the crucial facts relating to that Revolt.

Here, we are giving the complete study material of ‘Important Tribal Revolts in Bihar’ that will ease the journey of aspirants to crack the competitive examinations like BPSC and other state-level examinations.

Important Tribal Revolts in Bihar

Name of the Revolt

People Associated


Nature and Objective

Ho and Munda

Raja Parhat

1820, 1827, 1899, 1900, 1860-1920

Against Britishers new land revenue policy


Budhu Bhagat


Against transfer of land to outsiders


Ganga Narayan


Against land revenue policy of Britishers




Against moneylenders, contractors etc.

Sapha Hor Revolt

 Baba Bhagirath Manjhi, Lal Hembram & Paica Murmu


Against restriction on religious sentiment


Birsa Munda


Against alienation of tribal land

Tana Bhagat

Jatra Bhagat


Against landlord and contractors

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