Topper's Strategy to Crack GATE CS 2020 Exam

By Vineet Vijay|Updated : July 5th, 2019

The GATE exam is amongst the most awaited and prestigious exam for engineering graduates which opens the GATEway of humongous opportunities. Analysing the exam it is very evident that GATE is a logical exam which is not about just reading the things and cram them where candidates have to use their intelligence wisely. It is about how you think, how you prepare and what is your approach to solve the questions.

In this article, BYJU'S Exam Prep provides the Highlights of the strategies followed by various toppers during their preparation which will be very beneficial for all CS aspirants aiming to crack GATE Computer Science (CS) 2020 Exam.

Appropriate Plan for Preparation

  • The first thing required is a study plan. To start your preparation first, you have to make a plan very carefully.
  • According to the toppers, if you have a daily subject-wise schedule available, then you can easily manage your day and can complete your daily target.

Structure of Plan

  • Make your study plan in tabular format and paste it on your study table. It should consist of the subtopics you are going to study, the number of questions you have to do and short notes you have to make.
  • This will keep reminding you of the tasks to be completed on a daily basis

Order of Subjects & Preference

  • Order & Preference of the subjects is the most important thing because you need near about 6 months to prepare for GATE and in these 6 months, you don’t want to get demotivated.
  • So, first of all, pick that subject in which you are most comfortable so that you will gain confidence. Then after completing it, move to that subject which you actually need to practice.
  • In this way, pick one easy, one difficult subject so that your target will be balanced every day.
  • Here it is the Best sequence of subjects for GATE Computer science which one should study in ascending order
    • Algorithms
    • Data Structure
    • TOC
    • Operating System
    • Compiler Design
    • Computer Organization
    • General Aptitude and English
    • Database
    • Engineering Mathematics
    • Digital Logic
    • Computer Network
    • Discrete Mathematics
  • Going for the priority of subjects changes from person to person and candidate can rearrange the order according to his ease.

Flow of Preparation

  • When you start a particular subject, divide that subject into sub-topics. Study a subtopic first, then practice the examples related to it and then move to any practice problems available with you and then finally attempt previous year papers.
  • Previous Year Papers are very important because after solving them you will get to know about your level of preparation that whether you are able to solve GATE standard questions or not.

Key to Success is Revision

  • Revision is very important because your preparation requires approx 6 months and if you don’t revise the previously studied topic then you will forget them.
  • So keep the weekly SUNDAY as Revision day where try to avoid new topics rather revise the topics you have studied previously.

Analyse Preparation with Test Series

  • Test series is the most important resource for your preparation as it defines the course of the preparation for GATE exam.
  • It is also advised not to attempt the tests just after finishing your subject.
  • Rather attempt the tests on Sundays after revising the topics.

Mock Tests

  • Try to finish your preparation till December so that in January you can attempt ample of mock tests and can analyse your strengths & weakness and try to improve your mistakes.
  • Take mock tests seriously and try to increase your marks in every mock test.
  • Also once the admits are released, try attempt the Mock Tests in the timings of your GATE exam. 


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