By : Mohd. Irshad

Network Theory has a wide array of applications in many disciplines. Networks in Electrical Engineering is an interconnection of electrical components or electrical elements. This subject includes topics such as Filters, AC and DC circuits, Graph Theory, Network Equations & Solution Methods, Network Theorems & Transformations, Steady State Equations and Analysis, Two ports Networks & more. This subject contains a weightage of 4-5 marks. Get the study material and tips for upcoming GATE, BARC, ISRO and other CS exams.

Electrical EngineeringBest Books for Electrical Circuits (Networks)
Important Formulas for Networks
Important Topics for Network Theory
Study Notes on Network Theory
Important Formulas for Network Theory

Networks Notes for Electrical Engineering

Filters, AC and DC circuits
Graph Theory
Network Equations & Solution Methods
Network Theorems & Transformations
Steady State Equations and Analysis
Two Port Networks
Electric Circuits