Gilgit Baltistan Issue

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 19, 2022, 12:59

The trans-Himalayan region, Gilgit Baltistan, which is a part of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir but illegally occupied by Pakistan, has always been in the news as it has been a major source of conflict between the two nations as Gilgit Baltistan Issue.

Gilgit Baltistan Issue - History

The Control line separates Indian administered territories and Gilgit Baltistan, which serves as an official border between India and Pakistan. It gives Pakistan the only land route to China through the Xinjiang region.

While Pakistan claims to have its administration authorized by two British Officers, Major Brown and Captain A.S.Matheison and has a direct federal government rule over this area, India considers it an integral constituent of its territory.

The Gilgit Baltistan Issue took hype when Pakistan decided to grant it provisional provincial status in May 2020. Before that, it was considered a provisional autonomous region. India contemplates this decision of Pakistan as illegal and condemns any decision to change its territorial borders.

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India's Reaction to the Gilgit Baltistan Issue

It is really important to focus on the relations between China-Pakistan as it has a major impact on the Gilgit Baltistan Issue between Pakistan and India.

  • This region is the China-Pakistan economic door and the only territorial frontier administered by Pakistan.
  • Pakistan gifted some areas of Gilgit Baltistan to China, thus strengthening their connections.
  • Pakistan's infrastructure has been constantly improved by China, with strong trade ties existing between them.
  • Strong connectivity through this land route by re-architecting rail, road, and energy systems through projects such as China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

India's Ministry of external affairs is deeply concerned about the Gilgit Baltistan Issue and the growing China-Pakistan economic corridor, which can be fatal for its sovereignty and territorial integrity and escalate tension between India and Pakistan.

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Initiative to resolve Gilgit Baltistan Issue

  • Innumerable peace and reconciliation efforts are being introduced to remove irritants and thus resolve the Gilgit Baltistan Issue amicably. Several civil social platforms are being focused upon but with little success.
  • India has raised its voice on the Gilgit Baltistan Issue several times in the international community after removing Article 370 in 2019, but it remains unresolved.
  • While Pakistan announced elections to be held, India unfavored it considering it is a disputed territory.
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FAQs on Gilgit Baltistan Issue

Q1. What is the Gilgit Baltistan Issue?

Ans: Pakistan's illegally occupied Gilgit Baltistan region has always been a major source of conflict between the two nations as Gilgit Baltistan Issue after Pakistan announced to grant it provisional provincial status in May 2020.

Q2. Is the Gilgit Baltistan Issue part of India or Pakistan?

Ans: While Pakistan considers it under the Azad Kashmir and as gifted by British officers, India considers it to be Indian territory and as part of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir hence the Gilgit Baltistan Issue.

Q3. What is the major concern relating to the Gilgit Baltistan Issue?

Ans: The growing China Pakistan relations owing to CPEC are India's major concern related to the Gilgit Baltistan Issue.

Q4. When was the Gilgit Baltistan Issue renamed?

Ans: The trans-Himalayan region was called the Northern areas until 2009. After the empowerment and Self Governance, the Gilgit Baltistan order were passed, it was renamed Gilgit Baltistan, and ever since, the Gilgit Baltistan Issue has been highlighted.

Q5. What is India's stand on the Gilgit Baltistan Issue?

Ans: India has always considered Pakistan to claim the northern territory illegally and has raised its voice and concerns over the Gilgit Baltistan Issue in the international community.