List of Bank Holidays 2023 Tamil Nadu

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Feb 8, 2023, 18:07

Bank Holidays 2023 Tamil Nadu consists of many occasions that are regarded as publicly or religiously important. Tamil Nadu is a southern Indian state and Chennai is the capital and largest city of Tamil Nadu. The regional Tamil Nadu bank holidays 2023 include Pongal, Thiruvalluvar Day, Uzhavar Thirunal, Thaipoosam, etc.

Tamil Nadu is India's tenth-largest state in terms of land and sixth-largest in terms of population. Tamil Nadu's economy is the second-largest in India. It is known for its temples, festivals, and art celebrations. This article provides a list of Bank Holidays in Tamilnadu.

Bank Holidays 2023 Tamil Nadu - Complete List

Bank holidays 2023 Tamil Nadu include every major religious and public occasion. There are several days in 2023 that will be observed as bank holidays in Tamil Nadu. As per RBI guidelines, every second and fourth Saturday and every Sunday of the month is a bank holiday. Check out the complete bank holidays 2023 Tamil Nadu list in the table shared below -

Date and DayBank Holidays 2023 Tamil NaduHoliday Type

1 January 2023, Sunday

New Year’s Day

Public Holiday

15 January 2023, Sunday


Regional Holiday

16 January 2023, Monday

Thiruvalluvar Day - Maatu Pongal

Regional Holiday

17 January 2023, Tuesday

Uzhavar Thirunal

Regional Holiday

26 January 2023, Thursday

Republic Day

Gazetted Holiday

5 February 2023, Sunday


Regional Holiday

7 April 2023, Friday

Good Friday

Religious Holiday

14 April 2023, Friday

Tamil New Year

Regional Holiday

14 April 2023, Friday

Dr BR Ambedkar Jayanti

Public Holiday

22 April 2023, Saturday

Idul Fitr

Religious Holiday

29 June 2023, Thursday


Religious Holiday

29 July 2023, Saturday


Religious Holiday

15 August 2023, Tuesday

Independence Day

Gazetted Holiday

7 September 2023, Thursday

Krishna Janmashtami

Religious Holiday

19 September 2023, Tuesday

Ganesh Chaturthi

Religious Holiday

28 September 2023, Thursday


Religious Holiday

2 October 2023, Monday

Gandhi Jayanti

Gazetted Holiday

23 October 2023, Monday

Maha Navami

Religious Holiday

24 October 2023, Tuesday

Vijaya Dashami

Religious Holiday

12 November 2023, Sunday


Religious Holiday

25 December 2023, Monday

Christmas Day

Religious Holiday

Tamil Nadu Bank Holidays 2023 - Details

Here, we have shared the details about all the major bank holidays 2023 Tamil Nadu -

Pongal (15 January 2023)

Pongal is an important harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu. This festival is dedicated to the sun god and the celebrations last for three to four days. Since this is a significant regional festival, this day is observed as one of the Tamil Nadu bank holidays 2023.

Thiruvalluvar Day (16 January 2023)

Thiruvalluvar Day is observed by the Tamil Nadu government on the 16th of January (16th in leap years) in honour of the poet Thiruvalluvar as part of the Pongal celebrations. This day is celebrated to show respect to Thiruvalluvar, who contributed significantly to Tamil

Uzhavar Thirunal (17 January 2023)

Uzhavar Thirunal is an occasion celebrated in Tamil Nadu. Also known as Thamizharthirunal, which means "Tamil Festival", it is a harvest festival observed in South India after the end of the harvest season. It is one of Bank Holidays 2023 Tamil Nadu.

Thaipoosam (5 February 2023)

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami declared Thaipoosam, an annual public holiday to be observed in the state in January 2021. This occasion is now added to the list of public Tamil Nadu Bank Holidays. This day is celebrated to mark the day on which Parvati gave Murugan a divine spear to kill the demon Soorapadman.

Tamil New Year (14 April 2023)

Tamil New Year's Day (also known as Varusha Pirappu) is observed on the first day of Chithirai, the first month of the Tamil calendar. This day officially marks the start of a new year in the state and is observed as one of the Bank Holidays in Tamil Nadu.

Idul Fitr (22 April 2023)

Idul Fitr marks the end of the month long fasting for the Muslims. This day is celebrated by offering special prayers at the mosque and sharing iftar together. Idul Fitr is one of the most important Tamil Nadu bank holidays.

Ganesh Chaturthi (19 September 2023)

Ganesh Chaturthi marks the birth day of Lord Ganesha, and is celebrated widely across India. This day will also be observed as a bank holiday in Tamil Nadu 2023. On this day, people install Ganesh idols in their homes and visit decorated pandals to celebrate together.

Vijaya Dashmi (24 October 2023)

Vijaya Dashmi or Dussehra is a Hindu festival that marks the Hindu God Rama’s victory over Ravan. This day is observed by burning Ravan effigies, lighting up firecrackers, and sharing sweets.

Diwali (12 November 2023)

Diwali marks the day on which Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya. This significant Hindu festival is observed by decorating houses with diyas and candles, making rangolis, doing Laxmi Pooja, and sharing sweets. Diwali is one of the major Tamil Nadu bank holidays.

Christmas (25 December 2023)

Christmas is a Christian festival observed all over India. This day marks the birth of Jesus Christ and is considered an auspicious day by Christians. One of the main attractions of this day is Santa Claus, a figure that is loved by Children. Christmas is also observed as a bank holiday in Tamil Nadu.

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FAQs on Bank Holidays in Tamil Nadu

Q1. How many Bank Holidays in Tamil Nadu are there in 2023?

There are several regional and national-level bank holidays in Tamil Nadu 2023. Some of the Bank Holidays 2023 Tamil Nadu include Pongal (15 Jan), Uzhavar Thirunal (16 Jan), Thaipoosam (5 Feb), Tamil New Year (14 Apr), Ganesh Chaturthi (19 Sep), Christmas (25 Dec), etc.

Q2. Is Saturday a bank holiday in Tamil Nadu?

Only specific Saturdays will be bank holidays in Tamil Nadu 2023. As per the RBI guidelines, all public and private banks are to remain closed on every second and fourth Saturdays and all Sundays. Therefore, the second and fourth Saturday of each month will be a Tamil Nadu bank holidays 2023.

Q3. Is there a bank holiday in Tamil Nadu 2023 on Uzhavar Thirunal?

Yes, there is a bank holiday in Tamil Nadu 2023 to celebrate Uzhavar Thirunal. In 2023, Uzhavar Thirunal will be celebrated on 16 January, and therefore, that day will be celebrated as a Tamil Nadu bank holiday.

Q4. Why is 14 April a bank holiday in Tamil Nadu?

14 April is observed as a Tamil Nadu bank holiday 2023 because it is the day when the Tamil New Year begins according to their calender. This day is celebrated all over the state, and it is therefore, a state holiday. It is also observed as one of the bank holidays in Tamil Nadu every year.