CDS Exam Analysis 2020 (2nd February), Question Asked, Difficulty Level

By Naveen Singh|Updated : February 3rd, 2020

CDS Exam Analysis 2020 (2nd February): The CDS 1 2020 Exam was conducted on 2nd February 2020 for recruiting Officers in the Indian Army, Indian Navy & Air Force. The English Paper of CDS I 2020 was held from 9 AM to 11 AM today and is now over.We will be covering the complete exam analysis once both the papers General Knowledge (12 PM - 2 PM) and Mathematics (3PM - 5 PM) paper is finished.


We are sharing the detailed analysis and review of CDS 1 2020 Exam's English & GK Paper. The CDS I 2020 analysis includes a total number of questions, the level of difficulty of the various topics being asked in the examination.

The students who appear for OTA, INA, IMA & AFA can check this exam review now and later CDS 1 2020 answer key that will be released shortly after the exam is over.

 CDS 1 Exam Analysis 2020 (2nd February 2020) 

CDS Exam Analysis 2020: English Paper

The English paper of CDS 1 2020 was conducted by UPSC from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AMIt has a total of 120 questions of 100 marks. The Paper was easy when it is compared with the previous CDS II 2019 Exam.

Major Changes:

  • This time Transformation of Sentences (10 Questions) and Reported Speech (10 Questions) was asked in UPSC CDS Exam.
  • Similar to CDS II 2019 Exam, Parts of Speech (10 Questions) was asked in CDS I 2020 Exam
  • This time Cloze Test was not asked in the English Paper of CDS 1 2020.

Here is the detailed analysis of CDS 1 2020 for English Paper:



Spelling Mistake Correction

  • 10 Questions were asked from spelling mistake correction topic.
  • Students need to choose the correct response from the given set of options. 
  • For Example: Find the correct spelling from the below options:
  • (a) Stretegy (b) Stretagy (c) Stratagy (d) Strategy


  • 10 Questions were asked from Synonym Topic
  • In the Synonym questions, a word was highlighted and students were told to identify the word which was most similar to the word which is underlined from the options given.
  • For instance:
    (a) He is such a great leader that his actions are contagious. (Complicated/transmittable/effective/Unthinkable)
  • (b) His thesis makes all generic statements which have been already proved. (Specific/Crude/Broad/Non-Standard)

Ordering of Words in a Sentence

  • 10 questions from Ordering of Sentence in a word.
  • sentence was segregated into four different parts (consisting of set of words) and given in jumbled form.
  • These parts had to be arranged by the students to create meaningful sentence.
  • For instance:
    in modern societies (P), or merely suppressed (Q), has class conflicts (R), been resolved (S)
    (a) RPSQ
    (b) RSPQ
    (c) PRSQ
    (d) QRSP


  • 10 questions were asked from Antonyms.
  • Similar to Synonyms, word was highlighted in sentence and from the options, the students were asked to choose most opposite word to the given word.
  • For instance:
    He Speaks eloquently and can pull crowds. (Confusingly/Expressively/Powerfully/Fluently)

Ordering of Sentences

  • 10 questions asked from the Ordering of sentences.
  • In this, only the first and last sentences are fixed and the order of the other 4 sentences was jumbled up.
  • Students were told to arrange these sentences in the order, in order to form a logical passage.
  • For instance:
  • S1: Farming is the main production activity in the village
  • S6: The new ways of farming need less land, but much more capital
  • P: These have allowed the farmers to produce more crops from the same amount of land
  • Q: many important changes in the way farming is practised.
  • R: But in raising production, a great deal of pressure has been put on the land and other natural resources.
  • S: This is an important achievement since land is fixed and scarce.

(a) QPSR

(b) RSPQ

(c) SRPQ

(d) PRSQ


  • 2 short passages were asked under the Comprehension questions, a total of 10 questions was asked from the Comprehension section).
  • We are sharing the themes/possible titles of the passages asked in the exam:
    (a) Passage-1: Evolution of Civilizations
    (b) Passage-2: Our Preconceptions and Predispositions

Errors Spotting

  • 10 Questions were asked from Spotting errors.
  • If the sentence icorrect, option (d), i.e. No error, had to be marked by the students.
    For instance:
    After Mysteriously expanding for decades, Antarctica's sea ice cover starting melting.
  • (a) After Mysteriously expanding for decades
  • (b) Antarctica's sea ice cover
  • (c) starting melting
  • (d) No error

Idioms and Phrases

  • 10 Questions were from Idioms and Phrases.
  • In the question, we need to choose the correct response from a list of options. For example:
    A Paper Tiger
    (a) A person or organization that appears to be powerful, but actually is not
    (b) Person or organization that appears like a tiger
    (c) People who campaign for the protection of tigers
    (d) A daredevil

Part of Speech

  • Students are required to check the part of speech of the underlined word and choose for appropriate expression.
  • For instance:
  • He has been working in the Dept of foreign affairs since 2002. (Adverb/Adjective/Intensifier/Noun).
  • 10 Questions were asked from parts of speech

Fill in the Blanks

  • 10 Questions were asked from this topic.
  • Where there is a _______, there is a way.
  • (a) Way
  • (b) Road
  • (c) Wing
  • (d) Will

Reported Speech

  • 10 Questions were asked from this topic. This was also asked for the first time in the examination.
  • Candidates need to choose the correct indirect sentence of a direct sentence.
  • He said to his friend, "Could you please close the door?"
  • (a) He requested his friend to close the door
  • (b) He requested his friend to please close the door
  • (c) He ordered his friend to close the door
  • (d) He wanted his friend to close the door for him

Transformation of Sentences

  • 10 Questions were from this topic. This was also asked for the first time in the CDS examination.
  • Candidates need to merge 2 sentences into a single sentence & choose the correct option
  • For instance: 
  • He is hard-working. He is honest too.
  • (a) He is not only hard-working but also honest.
  • (b) He is only hard-working and honest.
  • (c) He is hard-working but honest too.
  • (d) He is not hard-working but also honest.

CDS 1 2020 English Paper Download Here (Set - A)

CDS Exam Analysis 2020: General Knowledge Paper

The exam of CDS 1 2020 GK paper will be held from 12 PM to 2 PM. The GK paper of CDS exam has a total of 120 questions, carrying a total of 100 marks.

Below is section-wise division of GK Paper:

Name of the Sub-Section

No. of Questions asked












Current Affairs




CDS 1 2020 GK Paper Download Here (Set - A)

CDS Exam Analysis 2020: Elementary Mathematics Paper

Students who applied for the OTA entry only, need not attempt this paper. The exam of CDS 1 2020 Elementary Mathematics paper was conducted from 3 PM to 5 PM.

In this paper, 100 questions are asked and a total of 100 marks was assigned for this paper.

Below is the topic-wise split of the total number of questions asked in the Maths paper: 

Name of the Topic

No. of Questions asked

Number System, Indices, Surds




Square Roots & Cube Roots


Speed, Time & Distance


Work & Time




Simple and Compound Interest


Ratio & Proportion




Algebraic Expressions


Rational Expressions

Linear Equations


Quadratic Equations & Inequalities


Set Theory










CDS 1 2020 Elementary Mathematics Paper Download Here (Set - D)

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