BPSC CDPO Preparation Strategy - Tips & Tricks to Crack Exam

By Avinash Kumar|Updated : May 12th, 2022

BPSC CDPO Preparation Strategy & Tips: Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) will conduct the BPSC CDPO exam on 15 May 2022 for the recruitment of Child Development Project Officer in Bihar State. To help students in their BPSC CDPO exam preparation, we have compiled a few points that may help them design a thorough strategy to tackle the competition and subject matter with ease.

CDPO is an exceptional government post that has a great career scope. The main job of BPSC CDPO is to provide nutritional substances and other government facilities to pregnant women and the development of children up to 6 years. CDPO helps in reducing infant mortality rate and prevents diseases in children, that is, saves children from rural areas from being malnourished, etc.

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Every year thousands of students appear for the BPSC CDPO exam, with the dream of securing a position as a Child Development Project Officer in Bihar State. Out of these, only a few percent finally manage to get what they aspired for, at the beginning of their preparation phase. CDPO is a gazetted officer post in Group 'B'.  This article is a compilation of the best preparation tips & strategies for the BPSC CDPO Exam.

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Tips & Strategy to Crack BPSC CDPO Exam

Last-minute tips and strategies prove to be highly effective for the candidates appearing for the BPSC CDPO Exam. These tips give you the assurance to be confident and have a good approach towards fulfilling your goal. Here are a few tips that will help you in the BPSC CDPO Exam Preparation

Knowing about the structure of the Exam 

  • Many candidates are unaware of the importance of familiarizing themselves with the exam, its format, and syllabus.
  • Complete knowledge of exam patterns & syllabus is very important to crack the BPSC CDPO Exam.
  • Check here the detailed BPSC CDPO Syllabus & Exam Pattern of the BPSC CDPO for a proper understanding of the exam pattern.


Exam Type

Subject Name





General Knowledge


120 Minutes



Compulsory Subjects


General Studies Paper 1

General Studies Paper 2

Optional Subjects


Home Science

Labour and Social Welfare






180 Minutes

180 Minutes

180 Minutes

180 Minutes



 Follow a proper study Plan

  • It is critical to remember that hard work is not sufficient in and of itself. Even though approximately 70% of those 100 work hard, they still do not succeed. As a result, it's critical to plan ahead of time and efficiently.
  • You must first create a schedule to prepare for the CDPO exam, maintain a correct study plan and stick with it.
  • If you're having trouble carrying out the study plan you created, set weekly goals for yourself and reward yourself when you meet them.
  • All of the subjects on this schedule should be given enough time. Good time management is the key to success in the BPSC CDPO exam.

Have Clarity of Concepts

  • You must study well for the concepts of Technology, History, and Constitution, Biology and General Science in Science, Importance of Current Affairs in National and International Scenarios, and Current Affairs in order to pass the Preliminary Examination.
  • To prepare for the main exam, you will need to read Hindi grammar thoroughly. There will also be questions based on the correct use of antonyms, synonyms, and your mental ability, all of which will require thorough preparation.
  • Under General Knowledge, there will be two question papers, so one must thoroughly study Indian history, geography, constitution, and sociology in order to prepare.

Good Command on Optional Subject

  • Choose an optional subject in which you have a strong grip. All of these questions will put your mental abilities to the test, so start studying six months ahead of time.
  • In the form of an interview, your confidence, ability, and ability will be put to the test, so prepare thoroughly.

Practice Quizzes, & Mocks 

  • Clearing the BPSC CDPO Exam requires more than just hard work; it also requires a positive attitude on exam day.
  • Ensure that you take regular BPSC CDPO mock test to train yourself for the exam
  • The only quality that can help an average student pass this exam is regular practice.

Focus on Right Source

  • Many aspirants make the mistake of purchasing a large number of books rather than focusing on a single one, which can prove to be a costly mistake if not corrected.
    You can look through the list of "Important Books and Sources," which will be more than enough for the exam.

Focus on Each Subject

  • In general, many aspirants develop an interest in a particular subject. And, as a result, they begin to devote the time and effort that is required, leading to a change in their original study strategy.
  • It's fine to prefer one subject over another; however, aspirants should devote equal attention to each subject.

Make notes & Revise

  • Preparing notes is important because it makes the revision process easier and more efficient.
  • Even months later, when you go over your notes again, they are easily understandable (mention even the slightest point).
  • You can easily pass any exam if you can make strong notes while playing the game.
  • Plan your revision schedule so that you can go over the entire syllabus at least twice before the exam.

Take some free time

  • Movies to watch It's fine to relax your mind by playing games or doing anything else every now and then.
  • Remember, we are not machines, and taking a break is essential. Avoid using your brain for long periods of time at a time, and instead, study with breaks in between.

Don't be over or underconfident

  • Maintain your self-assurance by doing some light exercises or yoga, such as dancing, cycling, swimming, and so on.
  • If you are confident in your ability to succeed in the BPSC CDPO, you will.

Focus on Important Topics

  • In the BPSC CDPO exam, there are some specific topics that carry more weight.
  • It will undoubtedly be beneficial to learn more about these topics by analyzing previous year's BPSC CDPO papers and devoting more time to them.
  • Not only that, but it's also crucial to be aware of topics that aren't typically covered in the exam.

Don'ts for BPSC CDPO Exam

  • Avoid befriending too many people, especially those who are negative.
  • Never neglect your studies; a backlog is difficult to overcome.
  • Don't sit in front of the TV or surf the Internet for long periods of time.
  • Avoid studying late at night if at all possible. 

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  • Yes, you can if you are good at self-study. You can easily crack the exam.

  • Candidates must have a good grasp of the current affairs section. For developing a good grasp of current affairs, candidates can refer to the newspapers like The Hindu, etc You can check daily, weekly and monthly current affairs.

  • The answer is as many hours as you can study efficiently. Studying for 5-6 hours is many times more fruitful than reading for 10 hours. That is to say 'Quality' is more important than the 'Quantity' invested.

  • The BPSC CDPO follows a three-phased selection process




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