Bihar Amin Exam Syllabus 2020 Check Latest Bihar Amin Exam Syllabus

By Shubham Verma|Updated : May 4th, 2021

Bihar Amin Exam Syllabus 2020 for Amin Exam here. The BCECEB (Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board) has released Bihar Amin Notification. Candidates can check the Syllabus for the Bihar Amin Examination below. 

Before starting the preparation, candidates must go through the topic-wise syllabus and check the pattern of the exam. It will help in knowing the important topics making exam strategy and types of questions asked in the Bihar Amin Exam. To make your preparation simple with the fundamental of the exam, we are making the detailed Bihar Amin Exam and topic-wise syllabus below. The Bihar Amin Examination is the popular exam among aspirants. This exam provides a platform to utilize the knowledge and skills of the additional qualifications acquired by the aspirants. Let us have an overview of the Syllabus of the Bihar Amin Examination.

Bihar Amin Exam Syllabus 2020

The written examination is Conducted through Computer Based Test(CBT):

Only One Paper Conducted which consists of two Parts:

  • Part-1: General Knowledge, Science Current Affairs, Hindi
  • Part-2: Mathematics

Part-1: General Awareness

Section No.



Sub- Topics

General Knowledge

Indian Republic

Main features of History/ Culture/ Geography/ Economic Scenario/ Agriculture and Natural resources of India and Bihar

Indian History, Indian Culture, Freedom Movement Of India, Indian Geography & Natural Resources, History Of Bihar, Culture Of Bihar, Indian Agriculture and Economy, Bihar Contribution in Freedom Movement of India, Bihar related Agriculture and Natural Resources, India’s Natural Resources.

Indian Constitution & Political System of India

Constitution & Political System of India

Development of India’s constitution and Political System

Panchayat Raj

Community Development


Current Affairs

Current Affairs & Contemporary topics

International and National Events

National and International Awards

National and International Awards

Scientific development

International Event & National Events, International & National Sports, Sports Personality

General Science




Atoms & Molecules, Force & Motion, Light, Electricity, Sound, Work, Energy, Power, Acid bases and salts, Carbon and its compound, Control and coordination Fundamental Units of Life (Cell), Disease and its causes

Rectifier, AC and DC current, Application of Reflection, Refraction, Uses of Convex and Concave lens/mirrors, Resistance series, Voltmeter, Control and coordination, Ammeter, Transformer, Types of energy, conversion of energy, Acid bases and salts, Carbon and its compound, Atoms & Molecules

General Hindi

Hindi Grammar


शब्द पद, क्रियाभेद, मिश्र & संयुक्त वाक्य, वाक्यों का रूपांतरण, अलंकार, स्वर संधि, मुहावरे और लोकोक्तियाँ, अशुद वाक्य शोधन,समास


 Part-2: General Mathematics

General Mathematics

Number System, Time & Work, Mensuration, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry, Average, Profit and Loss, Discount, Percentage, Time and Distance, Simple and Compound Interest

 Simplification, HCF/LCM, the Basic question of time and work, Pipes and Cisterns (Easy ones), Perimeter, Areas, Volumes, Basics of Number System, Ratio, Proportion, Circles, Triangles, Quadrangles, Discount, Basics of percentages, Relation of SP and CP,  Average Speed, Simple Interest, Compound Interest

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