New to BBA IPM Preparation? Don’t Make these 5 Mistakes, IPMAT Preparation Tips 2022

By Vijeta Bhatt|Updated : November 1st, 2021

New to BBA IPM-Preparation? If yes, then the best time to start the preparation of IPMAT 2022 is NOW! Every aspirant has approx. 6-7 months in their hand to get through and ace the competition. The strategy along with the study schedule should be prepared and adhered to strictly.

The Online Registration for IPMAT 2022 will begin from March 2022 onwards. There are 5 common mistakes  Committed by aspirants: the IPMAT exam is conducted by IPM IIM-Indore and IPM IIM Rohtak for 5 years integrated courses. Thousands of serious aspirants commit many trivial mistakes which cost them the prestigious job even though they may have the same level of intelligence, and hard work.

In this article, we are providing 5 Common Mistakes Committed By aspirants  Before & During the entrance exam and we will also discuss how to Avoid Them! 

Mistakes To Avoid in IPMAT 2022

Mistake 1: Not Knowing the IPMAT Syllabus

The IPMAT syllabus is vast, which is why the candidate must check it thoroughly to cover each and every aspect of it and not just rely on notes and study material of institutes. IPMAT Syllabus is your roadmap in your preparation process, hence you should know the syllabus thoroughly. 

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Mistake 2: Not Revising the concepts

Many aspirants often try to acquire more knowledge without revising earlier read stuff. And this way they lead to poor memory and a lack of confidence. And in exam time, the aspirant is unable to recall the concepts in the real examination. So, It advised that aspirants should revise their readings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Mistake 3: Not Attempting Test Series

Candidates sometimes read many things but they do not practice in the exam-like condition to stimulate proper response and check their performance. This leads to a lack of practice and the student ultimately fails to perform on the exam day. To clear the IPMAT 2022, you must outperform most of your competitors. For this, practice is most important.

Mistake 4: Not Know the Power of Basic Books

The student thinks IPMAT asks very high-level questions which can be answered only from very expensive books or coaching materials. Most of them do not realize that the IPMAT exam always has many questions from basic books like RS Agarwal. It is advised before taking any standard IPMAT books you should first clear your concept from RS Agarwal.

Mistake 5: Not having a study Plan

A study plan helps you to see how you spend your time and ensures that you are doing your preparation in an organized manner. Proper planning will help you to succeed in any exam. It gives you a sense of direction. Having a Study plan will help you to increase your productivity.

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  • IPMAT exam is conducted by IPM IIM-Indore and IPM IIM Rohtak

  •  5 Years of Integrated courses

  • the exam duration 90 min

  • The marks allocation is 10 Marks



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