Average Questions with Short Tricks!

By Avinash Kumar|Updated : June 24th, 2021

Time management is one of the most important tasks in all competitive examinations. We all struggle to attempt as many questions as possible in the given time to have a niche over other competitors. So, keeping in mind the needs of aspirants, we have as come up with “Important Questions with Short Tricks” to solve Average questions. To make the chapter easy for you all, we are providing you all some Short Tricks to solve the questions in the Quant Section.


What is Average?

The result obtained by adding several quantities together and then dividing this total by the number of quantities is called Average.

The main term of average is an equal distribution of value among all which may distribute persons or things. We obtain the average of a number using a formula that is the sum of observations divided by the Number of observations.

Here are average based some facts, formulas and shortcut tricks examples. Given below are some more example of practising.


  • Average: = (Sum of observations / Number of observations).

Find the Average Speed

  • If a person travels a distance at a speed of x km/hr and the same distance at a speed of y km/hr then the average speed during the whole journey is given by 2xy/(x+y)
  • If a person covers A km at x km/hr and B km at y km/hr and C km at z km/hr, then the average speed in covering the whole distance is- 3xyz/(xy + yz + zx)
  • When a person leaves the group and another person joins the group in place of that person then-
  • If the average age is increased,
    Age of new person = Age of separated person + (Increase in average × total number of persons)
  • If the average age is decreased,
    Age of new person
    = Age of separated person - (Decrease in average × total number of persons)

When a person joins the group-In case of an increase in average

  • Age of new member = Previous average + (Increase in average × Number of members including new member)

In case of a decrease in average

  • Age of new member = Previous average - (Decrease in average × Number of members including new member)

In the Arithmetic Progression, there are two cases when the number of terms is odd and second one is when the number of terms is even.

  • So when the number of terms is odd the average will be the middle term.
  • when the number of terms is even then the average will be the average of two middle terms.

Question 1. The average of 8 numbers is 20. The average of first two numbers is 15.5 and the average of next three number is image001 If the 6th number is 4 and 7 less by the 7th and the 8th numbers respectively then what will be the 8th number?

(1)     25

(2)     22

(3)     35

(4)     30


Short Trick: 

Sum of all = 160

Sum of first 5 = 95 coming from


sum of last 3 = 65

x + x + 4 + x + 7 = 65

 18 + 22 + 25

Answer: 1

Question 2: The average temperature from Monday to Wednesday is 370C while the average temperature from Tuesday to Thursday is 340C. The temperature of Thursday is image005 times to that of Monday. Find the temperature of Thursday?

(1)     360C

(2)     330C

(3)     370C

(4)     340C





Short Trick: 

Mon + Tues + Wed = 111

Tues + Wed + Thurs + 102 (diff. = 9)

Thursday =image006 Thursday = image007

Question 3:  Of the three numbers whose average is 60, the first is one-fourth of the sum of the others.  The first number is

(1)     30

(2)     36

(3)     42

(4)     45



x + y + z = 180 …………(i)

image009 then 4x + y + z

Putting the  value of y + z in

Equation …………….(i) x + 4x = 180

5x = 180 x = 36

Sum = image011

Question 4:  The average of marks obtained by 120 candidates in a certain examination is 35. If the average marks of passed candidates is 39 and that of the failed candidates is 15, what is the number of candidates who passed the examination?

(1)     100

(2)     120

(3)     140

(4)     160


Let the number of passed candidates be x

Then total marks = 120 x 35 = 39x + (120 – x) x 15

Or,  4200 = 39x + 1800 – 15x

Or, 24x = 2400

x = 100

Number of passed candidates = 100

Short Trick:

Pass       Fail

39          15

\         /


/     \

20     4

      5  :  1

Hence, total number of passed candidates


Question 5: The average weight of 8 persons is increased by 2.5 kg when one of them who weight 56 kg is replaced by a new man. The weight of the new man is

(1)     73 kg

(2)     72 kg

(3)     76 kg

(4)     80 kg


Aw2 – AW1 = 2.5



Total weight1 – Total weight = 20.0 kgs

This difference is because of the new man.

Hence the weight of the new man = 56 + 20  = 76 kgs.

Short Trick: 

56 + 8 x 2.5

= 76 kgs


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