All you need to know about Interjection

By Avinash Kumar|Updated : July 3rd, 2021

In this article, we are providing all information about Interjection. These notes will help you to score more in the English section of various exams like Bihar AAO, Sub Inspector, Constable, BPSC PCS and other states exams

All you need to know about INTERJECTION

Interjections are words used to express strong feeling or sudden emotion. They are included in a sentence (usually at the start) to express a sentiment such as surprise, disgust, joy, excitement, or enthusiasm.

List of Interjection

Aah, Ahh, Aww, Bingo, Eh, Eww, Wow, Hey, Well, What, Hurrah, Hmph, Oh, Oops, Ouch, Shh, Uh oh, Whew, Yay/Yaay, Yeah, Yikes, Yippee, Uh, Hush, Hmm, Er, Um, Bravo, Hello, Ugh, Ah, Haha, Well done, Alas, Fie, Hi, Yes, Ouch, Help, Happy Birthday, Good morning, dear, Hark, oops, huh, yum, oy, etc.


  • Good! Now we can celebrate the party.
  • Oh, what's a surprise?
  • Hey! Get out of the building!
  • Yes! I can do it easily.
  • No! I run so long.
  • Well! I have good news.

Kinds of Interjection

An interjection is a part of speech used in a sentence to express an emotion or a feeling. Generally, an interjection is used to show sudden emotions or sentiments, which can be excitement, joy, hatred, surprise or sorrow. Many common words are used in the English language to express some feeling or emotion. For example, hey, Bravo, Oh, Alas, Phew, Ah, Uh, Wow, Yipee, Hurrah, etc., are some of the words known as interjections in English grammar. Injections are written forms of sounds that humans verbally express.

There are basically 6 kinds of interjections that are listed below

  • Joy: Hurrah! Ha! Ha! Wow!
  • Sorrow: Ah! Ah me! Alas!
  • Surprise: Oh! What! Well
  • Approval: Well done! O.K!
  • Calling: Halloo! Ho!
  • Attention: Listen! Look! Behold! Hush.

1. Express joy

Interjection words like Hurrah! Ha! Ha! Wow!


  • Ha! Today I am thrilled.
  • Wow! It is a beautiful place to stay.

2. Express sorrow

Interjection words like Ah! Ah me! Alas!


  • Ah! I have lost my sister’s bag.
  • Alas! She has failed the exam.

3. Express Surprise

Interjection words like Oh! What! Well


  • What! Is it true that you are leaving this school?
  • Oh! Really you killed a snake, and I can’t believe this.

4. Express Approval

Interjection words like well done! O.K!


  • Well done! You performed you best.
  • Bravo! The trophy is yours.

5. Express Calling

Interjection words like Helloo! Ho!


  • Hello! Why are you looking here?
  • Hello! Ram, please come with me.

6. Express Attention

Interjection words like Listen! Look! Behold! Hush.


  • Listen! To me, you cannot do this at all.
  • Behold! The bride comes.

Sometimes we use interjection in part of speech.

Noun infinitive: To think that he should die as soon.

Noun: A dog! A dog! My kingdom for a dog!

Pronoun: what a lame excuse it is!

Verb: would that I was young again!

Adverb: How lovely the flowers are.

Conjunction: If I could only see him once again. 


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