Where do SP Jain/MDI Gurgaon/XLRI stand as opposed to IIM A/B/C

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CAT 2017 Aspirants require information about the top IIMs: IIM A, B, and C. They also look keep tabs on the Top Private B-Schools. This is to hedge the blow if God Forbid that happens. By the way, Private B-Schools like SP Jain, XLRI, and MDI Gurgaon and are catching up with the top three IIMs: IIM A, B, and C. Some say that these private Schools will overtake the IIMs some day. Some say that the IIMs will improve. What is the actual scenario? This post tries to throw some light...

What NOT to look for in a Private B-School

  • A "posh" crowd: people coming in BMWs for example
  • A school full of rich snobs
  • A"partay"ing crowd
  • People who spend (their father's money) lavishly
  • Schools having more freshers should be given second preference. 

The above are the reasons why most students prefer an IIM or other good Government B-Schools. 

That said, XLRI, SP Jain, and MDI Gurgaon have none of the above said 'bad' traits for a Private B-School. This is the reason why they are often compared with top IIMs. Let us have a look at the comparison parameters with the help of a table:



SP Jain






16 L

15.5 L

16.8 L

19.5 L

18.7 L

11.25 L

Average Placements







Campus Area

15 ha

18 ha

16 ha

43 ha

40 ha

55 ha

Percentile in CAT Required (Estimated)


98.5+ (CAT),

95+ (XAT)

95+ (XAT)

99.5+ (one exception: Vidit Garg, 89.67)



*-Based on Past data and/or an empirical estimate

Some salient features about each of the above B School

SP Jain

  • SP Jain admits candidates via CAT and XAT
  • SP Jain has a profile based shortlisting feature
  • If you have scored extremely high marks in X, XII and graduation and
  • Have excellent extracurriculars you might get a call with:
  • 90 percentile in CAT and 85 percentile in XAT


  • You don't need 99+ for an HRM call
  • You just need to clear 90+ in each section and 95+ overall for HRM 
  • Here is XLRI Placement Report 2017

IIM A, B, and C (*-Based on Past Data)

  • IIM B gives the most emphasis (among the 3) on profile
  • IIM A has almost a 50-50 chance of conversion once you get shortlisted*
  • IIM C gives you the maximum ROI (among all the 6)
  • Even without great academic scores you can secure an IIM C seat with a 99.7+ percentile

The ranking (based on student preference) of the above 6 institutes stands thus:


Let us know make a comparison of the campuses:

IIM Ahmedabad (main campus)

IIM Bangalore: Inside the Library

IIM Calcutta: The Lake inside the campus

XLRI Jamshedpur

SP Jain

MDI Gurgaon

Hope this post gave you some much-needed motivation. We surely hope many of you land up in some of these big names. 

We surely hope many of you land up in some of these big names. 

Complimentary: Follow this link to check The Placements of IIM Vishakhapatnam!

P.S. A 99+ Percentile in CAT is a minimum for at least 3 of the above 6 institutes. Here is a post explaining how to get there eventually: How to score 99+ Percentile in CAT 2017

All the very Best,

Team Gradeup!!

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