IIM Vishakhapatnam Placement and Average Package 2017

By N Shiva Guru|Updated : April 17th, 2017

IIM Vishakhapatnam has released the Final Placement Report 2017 on 17 April 2017. This report is for the PGP 2015-17 batch of graduates from IIM Vishakhapatnam. The PGP 2015-17 Graduates form the First Batch at IIM Vishakhapatnam. As on April 17, 2017, IIM Vishakhapatnam has placed 80% of the inaugural PGP 2015-17 Batch Students.

46 students had been declared eligible for the Placement Process. 35 of these 46 have been comfortably placed. It has been said that the remaining 9 students are expecting placements at good salary levels. The split for the number of students placed in each company is presented below:

IIM Vishakhapatnam Final Placement Report 2015-17

Number of StudentsCompany Name(s)PPO/Final Placements
4Directi, KPMG, Sutherland Global, and Technology FrontiersPPO
10Government of Andhra PradeshFinal Placements
3HSBCFinal Placements
3ICICI Lombard Final Placements
3Sutherland Global Services Final Placements
24tiGoFinal Placements
2AmulFinal Placements
2DirectiFinal Placements
2GMRFinal Placements
1Decimal Point Final Placements
1HDFC Life Final Placements
1KPMGFinal Placements
1RAXA-GMR Final Placements
1Sasken TechnologiesFinal Placements
1Stat Decision Labs Final Placements
1Tarnea Technology Solutions Final Placements
1Technology Frontiers Final Placements
1 Confirmed+ 1 AbheyanceIIM A FPM Programme


IIM Vishakhapatnam is said to have received early positive responses from recruiters. The Career Developments Services believes that the final placements of the next batch would be even better as many companies have promised to recruit for the summers. 

Average Package

The average package is split into three slabs:(all figures as stated by IIMV college website)

Top 11 offers14.57 lakhs 
11-2211.16 Lakhs
Net Average11.59 Lakhs
Median10.92 Lakhs


The sectoral and functional spread are as follows:

Sectoral Spread

This is the split by means of the type of industry a student is placed in. 

Functional Spread

This split is based on the profiles that were offered to the students of IIM V. 

The selection process for the remaining 9 students is on with the recruiters being corporates and the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The Career Development Services (CDS) at IIM Visakhapatnam is the liaison between potential recruiters the students of IIM Vishakhapatnam.IIMV is said to operate with guidance in terms of policy from IIM Bangalore. The IIMV batch of 2017 had the visiting faculty from IIM Bangalore doing most of their lecturing. 


To get a complete picture of the Interim Final Report of IIM V, follow this link: First Batch Placement reports of IIM Visakhapatnam

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