CAT 2022 Preparation: Important Topics, Weightage

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : April 4th, 2022

Candidates preparing for the CAT Exam must have a clear picture of topic-wise weightage in CAT 2022. As per the syllabus and past year's trend, the CAT exam consists of three sections- Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA). Each section in CAT Exam consists of MCQ and Non-MCQ questions. To get yourself prepared for the CAT 2022 exam, you need to know about the important topics in CAT to score good marks.

As we all know there is no such defined syllabus for the CAT 2022 exam, thus by the past year trend analysis, we have listed some important topics and their estimated weightage for the upcoming CAT 2022 exam. The list of such topics is prepared by our team of experts who have years of experience in mentoring students for CAT and other MBA exams.

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The aspirants need to know what they should study to ace the CAT 2022 exam. Thus they must prepare from a very basic level. For this, the BYJU'S Exam Prep team has compiled a list of important CAT topics (keeping in mind the trend from previous years) from all three sections of the CAT exam to help candidates focus more on important topics rather than just covering every topic.

CAT Exam Pattern 2022

CAT 2021 was conducted by IIM Ahmedabad and it was held in three shifts for 2 hours each. CAT 2022 is expected to have the same exam pattern. Check the detailed CAT Exam Pattern 2021 below for reference:  

CAT Exam Pattern 2021



Exam Duration

2 Hours

Expected Number of Questions

VARC - 24

DILR - 20

QA - 22

Total - 66 Questions

Number of Shifts

3 Shifts

Sectional Duration

40 Minutes each Section

 Total Marks


Important Topics for CAT 2022

Here is a brief about the important topics from each section. Check out Important Topics for CAT 2022 in detail:




Reading Comprehension

Seating Arrangement

Number System

Para Jumbles

Venn Diagrams

Geometry and Mensuration

Odd One Out



Para Summary


Modern Maths



Time and Work


Data Caselets- Reasoning Based DI


Binary Logic


Games and Tournaments




Team Formation


Order and Ranking


CAT 2022 VARC Topics

 24 questions were asked from this section in CAT 2021. Following are the topics that were asked in CAT 2021:

  • Reading Comprehension - 16 questions
  • Para Jumbles - 3 questions
  • Odd One Out - 2 questions
  • Para Summary-2 questions

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CAT 2022 DILR Topics

The DILR section of CAT 2022 tests candidates for their logical thinking and data interpretation skills. In CAT 2021 there were 20 questions from this section. The questions asked included:


  • Table - Arranging People into Countries & Categories
  • Bar Graph - Percentages (The bar graph wasn't clear)
  • Table - 3 Girls making a drink
  • Table - Relationship (Acquaintance, Friend, and Stranger)

Among the 4 DILR sets asked in the CAT 2021 Slot 1, 1 set was easily doable whereas the other 3 were lengthy and difficult to solve.

The CAT 2021 DILR Question wise breakup is:


Number of Questions

Data Interpretation

 2 sets- 6+4 Questions

Logical Reasoning

 2 sets i.e 10 Questions


The total number of questions asked in Slot 2 was 20. The 4 sets are mentioned below:

  • Games and Tournament- 4 Qs
  • Rating- 6 Qs
  • Stacked Horizontal bar graph- 4 Qs
  • Number based Reasoning - 6 Qs

The CAT 2021 Slot 2 DILR Question-wise breakup is:


Number of Questions

Data Interpretation

1 Set     

Logical Reasoning

3 Sets 

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In DILR the set was from the following topics:

  • Games and Tournaments - 6 Qs
  • Mixtures -  4 Qs
  • Gantt Chart - 4 Qs
  • Content Creation - 6 Qs

The CAT 2021 DILR Question wise breakup is:


Number of Questions

Difficulty Level

Data Interpretation

2 sets (4 questions were easy, 6 questions were difficult)

 1 set was Easy to Moderate, 1 was Difficult

Logical Reasoning

2 Sets (10 Qs) 

 1 Moderate, 1 Moderate to difficult

CAT 2022 Quantitative Ability Topics

22 questions were asked from this section in CAT 2021. Following are the topics that were asked in CAT 2021:

  • Arithmetic-8-10
  • Algebra-6-8
  • Mensuration and Geometry-3-5
  • Number System-1-2
  • Modern Mathematics-1-2

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How to prepare Important Topics for CAT 2022?

The candidates must work on accuracy to be prepared for the Important Topics for CAT 2022. Complete accuracy is very much important to ace the CAT Exam Easily. You must practice repeatedly to grip on CAT Important Topics. Note the below points on the preparation strategy for Important Topics for CAT 2022.

  • Do practice a lot to get a good grip on all the formulas that are required to solve QA questions.
  • Revise the chapters you have completed. As revision is very important other you will forget what you have prepared.
  • Avoid all types of distractions like social media, TV, and mobile phones as you need to be dedicated to your study.
  • Maintain dairy for all the Important Topics for CAT to make time to time revisions. 


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Number of questions will be lesser this time,right?


  • As per the previous year's analysis, VARC, DILR, and QA, these three are the most Important Topics for CAT 2022 exam. Additionally, you have to make chapter-wise studies also, including

    • VARC: RC, Para Jumbles, Para Summary, etc
    • DILR: Chart, Table, Venn Diagram, Binary Logic, Ranking, etc
    • QA: Number system, Arithmetic, Mensuration, Geometry, and Algebra
  • As per expert analysis, all the chapters included in CAT Syllabus are similarly important for the exam. Considering this, you can expect 66 questions in total from all the Important Topics for CAT 2022. Analyze Previous Year’s CAT Questions, and see section-wise distributions of questions.

  • The best way to prepare Important Topics for CAT 2022 is to analyze the exam pattern first and complete the syllabus accordingly. The candidates must work on their accuracy to get a good score. Utilize free time by revising the shortcut formulas to solve CAT QA Questions.

  • As per the previous year analysis, the candidates can consider the below chapters as Important Topics in Number System for CAT:

    • Basics of Numbers
    • Properties of Numbers
    • Divisibility Rules
    • Factors and Factorial
    • Highest Common Factor (HCF) and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)
    • Remainders
    • Base System
  • Algebra is one of the most important sections of the Quantitative Aptitude Section in CAT. As per expert opinion below are the Most Important Topics in Algebra for CAT.

    • Elementary Algebra
    • Abstract Algebra
    • Advanced Algebra
    • Linear Algebra

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