Tips and Tricks for AFCAT Preparation in 30 days

By Vineet Vijay|Updated : July 21st, 2018

Air Force Common Admission Test(AFCAT) is scheduled on 19 August 2018 and it is expected large no.of candidates will be appearing for the exam this year too. AFCAT exam is the pathway through which candidates can apply for different branches of the Indian Air Force( both Men and Women). These branches include the Flying Branch, Technical Branch and Ground Duty Branch.

AFCAT Syllabus is not so hard as compared to other competitive exams with little bit hard work and proper guidance the candidates can easily crack AFCAT Exam which has made the exam as one of the prime career choices in past few years.

In the AFCAT Exam, there are basic questions asked from the syllabus and candidates can master the subjects with a little bit of hard work but due to lack of prior time management and proper guidance candidates aren't able to manage their time schedule for the preparation of the exam. With this even potential candidate are not able to answer the simple questions and crack AFCAT Exam.

Here, we are providing the Tips & Tricks which will be helpful in making preparations for AFCAT more effective and reach the desired destination

Awareness about AFCAT Exam

  • A battle can be won only if you are aware of the Battlefield and surroundings.
  • Candidates must thoroughly go through the syllabus of exam, types of questions appearing in the exam, previous cut off marks, difficult and easiest sections in AFCAT question papers etc. These small things will help you to make a plan for your preparation. Most of the candidates neglect this part, but make sure you do proper homework on this part.

Prepare According to Pattern of Exam

  • AFCAT exam consists of 4 sections namely General English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and General Awareness. Instead of preparing any section as per your choice, go for the most likely and maximum marks weightage section.
  • Focus on Quantitative Aptitude first, 11 to 12 questions are asked in this section if you get all of them correct you can score 33-36 marks here.
    • Topics such as Time & Works, S.I & C.I., Profit & Loss, Percentages can be commonly found in every exam
  • Practice Non-verbal reasoning like find the figure embedded, series completion, Venn diagram, placements of dots, odd figure out almost 27-30 questions are asked in this section and it's very easy to score in this section.
  • Do not go for any kind of books for Paragraphs, Error handling as vocabulary part is not predictable in this exam and a month time is not sufficient to improve one's vocabulary. It will only consume your time and degrade your morale if you aren't able to answer any question or get stuck while preparations
    • Just solve previous year question papers because the pattern of the exam is almost same every session
    • Make sure you read only those Antonyms and Synonyms which were asked in the previous year exams. There is always a possibility that they are repeated.
    • Refer to expert tips and strategy to ace the English section.
  • Lastly, for GK go through a book like Lucent or Arihant as they have mostly all important information and quite a concise form.
    • Prepare for current affairs of 6 months and avoid in-depth study as only main information is required.
    • Candidates can refer the gradeup Weekly Onliners and Monthly G.K.Update for complete information.

Swift and Steady Wins the Race

  • Candidates have to answer 100 questions in 120 mins which appear to be a bit tough task most of the candidates.Some questions such as G.K or English may take few secs while quant and reasoning might test your wits.
  • So candidates must have enough preparation for question-solving techniques and enhance their solving speed for AFCAT exam.
  • Candidates can plan out the time distribution for each section and must prepare with a time-bound practice of questions.

Aim for Clearing Cutoff

  • There are many candidates who miss out AFCAT by few marks which make their wait for Air Force job extend by 6 months or more.
  • Most candidates tend to score maximum marks in AFCAT exam without realising the fact that marks which are in excess of cutoff do not get any type of preference in SSB interviews. So they answer maximum no.of questions and finally end up with a shortage of marks due to negative marking.
  • Candidates should decide as to how many questions must be answered correctly and focus on correct answer rather than more answers.
  • Review previous session cutoff and aim 10 more marks than it, which will be more than enough.

Prepare with AFCAT Previous and Mock papers

  • Practice is the best method to crack for an exam and has been the most significant way to succeed
  • Go for the practice of questions from the second week onwards and continue till the exam.
  • AFCAT previous question papers would help you to understand the syllabus, pattern and types of questions you might face during AFCAT exam.
  • Mock papers will boost the Practice speed and increase the problem-solving efficiency. Moe the variety and amount of questions one practices, more the probability to crack the exam will increase.

"Life has Two Rules

#1 Never quit

#2 Always remember rule # 1"



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