Environmental Studies for TET Exams

By : Neha Joshi

Environmental Studies is one of the scoring subjects in various TET exams such as CTET, UPTET, MP TET, REET & other states TET. Most of the candidates are not able to achieve a good score because of their incomplete knowledge of the syllabus and its important topics. Environment studies for TET Exam include basic topics of day-to-day life. Being a very conceptual and theoretical subject, EVS requires a better understanding of the concepts.

Weightage of Environmental Studies in TET Exams

Environmental Studies is one of the very important subjects of CTET Exam Paper-1. Most of the candidates cannot score well in this section because of incomplete knowledge of the subject & syllabus. It is important to know the examination-wise weightage of the English Subject. Check the given below table:

Teaching Exams



30 Marks


30 Marks


30 Marks


30 Marks


30 Marks


30 Marks

Topic-wise Distribution of EVS Section for TET Exam

The entire EVS section constitutes about 30 questions, 15 from Environmental Section and 15 from EVS pedagogical studies, each carrying 1 mark. Most of the questions are framed in the EVS section in our day-to-day life, for example, food & Nutrition, disease, Shelter, travel and water etc. Check here the topic-wise distribution mentioned in a tabular form.

Topic Name

Number of Questions

Friends And Family

1 to 2 Questions


2 to 3 Questions


1 to 2 Questions


1 to 2 Questions

Nutrition And Food

3 to 4 Questions

Things We Make And Do

3 to 4 Questions

Flora And Fauna

4 to 5 Questions

EVS Pedagogy

15 Questions

Study Materials for EVS Section for TET Exams

Environmental studies is an interesting subject is studied well. We have arranged the topics -wise study notes for ease of preparation. Environment studies for TET Exam comprises 30 questions of 30 marks. Here we are sharing the complete EVS Study Material:

Topic-Wise Study Materials

Study Notes on Shelter

Notes on Water

Notes on Travel

Notes on Food & Nutrition

Notes on Family

Notes on Basic Concept of EVS

study Notes on Flora and Fauna

Study Notes on Things we can Make & Do

Study Notes on Environmental Studies & Environmental Education

Environmental Sciences: Definition, Scope & Importance

Learning Principles and Theories

Methods and activities related to EVS

Concept and Integrated Environmental Studies

Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation ( CCE )

Problems in Environmental Studies

Teaching Material & Aids

Experimentation & Practical Work


Approaches to Presenting Concepts

Scope & relation to Science & Social Science & Activities

Suggested Booklist of EVS Subject for TET Exams

Here are some of the best books for the preparation of CTET, UPTET, REET, HTET, HPTET and other STET Examinations. Check the list given below

  • NCERT Textbooks from Class 1st to 5th.
  • Environmental Studies by Wiley Publication
  • Environment by Shyam Anand
Environmental Studies