DSSSB Best Books for TGT PRT PGT: Subject-Wise Booklist

DSSSB Best Books for TGT PRT PGT: Subject-Wise Booklist

ByAshish Kumar  |  Updated on: Mar 17, 2023
Check best DSSSB books for TGT, PGT & PRT. Get the List of Subject-wise DSSSB TGT PRT PGT books books for General Awareness, Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Hindi & English, and subjects concerned here.

DSSSB Books eases exam preparation and thus it is important to include some of the best books while preparing for the exam. To score good marks in the exam and to take the preparation level second to none, it is important to include the best books for exam preparation. DSSSB PRT, PGT, and TGT Booklist provided on this page can help prepare well for the exam by focusing on exam patterns and syllabus.

While preparing for the exam, candidates should include DSSSB Books 2023 for General Awareness, Mental ability & Reasoning ability, Numerical Aptitude & Data Interpretation, Hindi Language & Comprehension, English Language & Comprehension, and Subject Concerned. Check the subject-wise DSSSB books for PRT, PGT, and TGT.


DSSSB organizes teaching exams for three different categories i.e. PGT, TGT, and PRT. The syllabus and exam pattern for each category is different. Hence, candidates preparing for Post Graduate Teacher, Trained Graduate Teacher and Primary Teacher should refer to DSSSB PGT books, DSSSB TGT books and DSSSB PRT books respectively.

The exam conducted for DSSSB PRT TGT PGT Recruitment is highly competitve so it is essential to choose right books to start the preparation. There are innumerable choices for DSSSB books and it is important to include only the best books to excel in the exam. Include books that focus on subject-wise important topics and include the completesyllabus for respective categories. 

Best DSSSB Books for PGT, PRT, and TGT


Books Name

Author / Publication

General Awareness

General Knowledge

Lucent Publications

General Intelligence & Reasoning ability

Logical Reasoning

Dr. R.S Aggarwal / S. Chand


Quantitative Aptitude

R.S Aggarwal / S. Chand


Samanya Hindi

Arihant Publication


Objective General English

SP Bakshi

DSSSB General Awareness Books

The General Awareness Books for the DSSSB exam will cover history, geography, politics, science, and other topics. Check out DSSSB PRT books for General Awareness, which are the best fit because they cover all important topics in a concise manner. This book is a supplement for such exams, with limited but critical content. This book is simple to read and understand.



Advanced Objective General Knowledge

RS Aggarwal

Lucent’s General Knowledge

Lucent Publications

The Mega Yearbook by Disha Experts

Disha Publications

DSSSB PRT TGT PGT Books for General Intelligence & Reasoning

This is one of the best DSSSB books for PRT, TGT, abd PGT covering all important verbal and nonverbal reasoning topics. There are plenty of questions to practice with. This exam has a sufficient number and quality of questions. This book also contains important short tricks organized by topic.



Analytical Reasoning

M.K Pandey

A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

R.S Aggarwal

Shortcuts in Reasoning

Disha Publications

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Best DSSSB Books for Arithmetical & Numerical Ability

The DSSSB Maths textbook covers all fundamental concepts. It will aid candidates in comprehending the concepts. The DSSSB books for TGT, PRT, and PGT quality of questions which candidates must practice to develop their understanding. Candidates can go for the below-mentioned books to get an edge in the exam.



Quantitative Aptitude


Magical Book on Quicker Maths

M. Tyra

Quantitative Aptitude

Kumar Sundaram

DSSSB Best Books for Hindi Language & Comprehension


The best books cover all fundamental concepts. The language used in the below-mentioned books is straightforward and simple to understand. This DSSSB TGT books for Hindi covers all important Hindi topics and provides plenty of questions for practice. It covers the entire Hindi subject syllabus for this exam.



Hindi Vyakaran

Kamta Prasad Guru

General Hindi

Nalanda Publications

Samanya Hindi

Arihant Publications

DSSSB Books for English Language & Comprehension

The following DSSSB English Books are an excellent source to develop the fundamental concepts of English Grammar. After reading these English books candidates can improve their level for Vocabulary, One-Word Substitution, Idioms and Phrases.



English Grammar and Composition

S.C Gupta

Comprehensive English

 S.P Bakshi

Objective English for Competitive examinations

Hari Mohan Prasad & Uma Sharma

How to prepare with DSSSB Books?

Develop a perfect preparation plan using the DSSSB Books 2023. The best plan and strategy can aid in effective exam preparation. Experts have recommended a number of the best books, but it is crucial to properly prepare with the best study materials. Check some of the major DSSSB Preparation Tips that must be applied while preparing for the exam. 

  • Understand the complete syllabus and pattern before you start preparing for the exam with DSSSB books.
  • Know your exam well before starting the exam preparation with DSSSB PRT books.
  • Make sure to include only those books that focus on subject-wise important topics properly.
  • It is important that books include a perfect explanation but the book must also include DSSSB Previous Year Papers and sample questions for the right practice.
  • Create a perfect study plan to prepare with the DSSSB TGT Books.
  • Include only the best DSSSB books as suggested by subject experts for the right exam preparation.


  • Candidates should include the best DSSSB books that are recommended by subject experts to prepare for the exam. The following are some of the best books:

    • Lucent's General Knowledge
    • A Modern Approach to logical reasoning by RS Aggarwal
    • Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal
  • Candidates should include the DSSSB PRT best books in their preparation for the PRT exam in order to develop a better understanding of the subjects and have a clear concept. Some of the best books for PRT are:

    • General Awareness: General Knowledge by Lucent Publications
    • Maths: Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal
    • English: Objective General English by SP Bakshi
  • To ace the Post Graduate Teacher exam, candidates must prepare with only the best DSSSB PGT books. Following is the list of best books to prepare for DSSSB PGT exam:

    • Reasoning Ability: Logical Reasoning by Dr. R.S Aggarwal 
    • Hindi: Samanya Hindi by Arihant Publication
    • English: Objective General English by SP Bakshi
  • The best books for TGT can help candidates in understanding the fundamentals of the various subects. Following are the recommended DSSSB TGT books to ace the exam:  

    • General English: Objective General English by SP Bakshi
    • Maths: Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal
    • Hindi: Samanya Hindi by Arihant Publication
  • The appropriate preparation for the exam is possible with the right books only. Candidates can prefer at least 2 to 3 books for a single subject to prepare well. It is always important to include books that cover the complete syllabus and DSSSB exam pattern for each subject

  • The best CDP books to prepare for DSSSB PRT, TGT and PGT exam are Child Development & Pedagogy by Disha Publication, CDP MASTER by Adhyayan Mantra Publication, etc. 

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