NRA CET for Graduates Question Papers, Download PDF Here

NRA CET for Graduates Question Papers, Download PDF Here

ByNeha Dhyani  |  Updated on: Dec 29, 2021
Download NRA CET for Graduates Previous year question papers with solutions PDF here. Practice with NRA CET for Graduates model sample papers to clear Common Eligibility Test for Bank, SSC & RRB exams.

NRA CET for Graduates Question Papers

National Recruitment Agency (NRA) is the recruiting body for the Common Eligibility Test or CET for graduates. The test covers a series of tricky questions to test aspirants' knowledge. 

Questions in this prestigious exam highlight aspects from different streams. Therefore, students must prepare for the exam thoroughly. This article focuses on the importance of question papers and what the question papers cover in the NRA CET for Graduates.

While preparing for the exam, aspirants must learn about the various aspects of the question papers. Moreover, analyzing the pattern of the question paper is essential to crack the exam. Therefore, aspirants must solve all previous years' question papers.

Benefits of NRA CET for Graduates Question Papers

Question papers play a crucial role in helping students prepare for the exam. Listed below are some tips on how question papers can be useful:

  1. Time Management: Time management is necessary for aspirants to clear this exam. Accordingly, aspirants must time themselves while solving the NRA CET mock question papers for graduates. This way, it will help them abide by the time limit of the NRA CET for the graduate's exam.
  2. Experience: The question papers help aspirants understand the questions during NRA CET for graduates and consequently help them gain enough experience for the exam.
  3. Self-evaluation: Solving question papers help candidates analyze their strengths and weaknesses. It gives them a profound idea about their exam preparation. Self-evaluation also enables candidates to improve their preparation and their performance.
  4. Planning: Since solving question papers help candidates understand their preparation level, it also facilitates planning out their routine for the preparation process. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses helps the candidates plan their timetable, and allot specific time for each topic, according to their agility in the subject. 
  5. Practice: This is one of the most vital benefits of solving question papers. Practice makes candidates perfect and equipped to crack the NRA CET for graduates exam easily. 

Types of Questions in the NRA CET For Graduates Question Papers

Questions in NRA CET for graduates come in primarily four categories. Listed below are the four categories:

  1. General Intelligence and Reasoning: This category in the NRA CET for graduates is an essential one — questions from reasoning test the reasoning capabilities of aspirants. The questions are all based on the understanding and reasoning abilities of aspirants. 
  2. Quantitative Aptitude: This category in the NRA CET for graduates analyzes the aptitude of aspirants. The questions force aspirants to use their thinking capabilities and answer accordingly. Therefore, Quantitative Aptitude is crucial. 
  3. General Knowledge: General Knowledge questions test the knowledge of students. It analyzes the number of knowledge aspirants has about current affairs and general studies. To crack this category, aspirants must know about what’s happening in the world at the moment. They must also have enough idea about their surroundings. In this way, they will be able to increase their general knowledge.
  4. English/Hindi Language: The questions in this category of the NRA CET for graduates will evaluate aspirants' English or Hindi language proficiency. To clear this category, students must practice reading and write in English and Hindi. They must also solve various English and Hindi grammar questions to increase their command of the languages. 

Question papers, therefore, play a crucial role in the learning process of aspirants preparing for NRA CET for graduates. Aspirants must solve a lot of practice tests and previous years' question papers. This way, they will have a profound idea about where they stand - their strengths, weaknesses, time management skills, and knowledge of the topics. 

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CET Graduates Exam Question Papers FAQs

  • The question paper pattern of NRA CET for graduates is as follows:

    • The question paper will contain four sections, general knowledge, quantitative aptitude, reasoning, and English/Hindi language. 
    • Each category consists of 25 questions and carries 50 marks.
  • Practice tests are a vital part of the preparation process. They help analyze aspirants' strengths and weaknesses and facilitate managing time. Practice tests also help aspirants get a fair idea of the type of questions in the exam.

  • Previous years’ question papers NRA CET for graduates are crucial for aspirants:

    • It helps them prepare for the exam by understanding the question paper pattern.
    • Understanding the question papers helps students analyze the rationale of the exam.
    • Examining the question papers helps aspirants get an idea about what to expect.
  • Aspirants must first make a detailed plan covering all the topics for the exam. They must also make a timetable to manage their time well. Aspirants must solve previous years' question papers and practice tests. These methods will enhance the preparation process of aspirants.