IIFT Preparation 2023: Section wise IIFT Preparation Tips & Strategy | Last-Minute Tips

IIFT Preparation 2023: Section wise IIFT Preparation Tips & Strategy | Last-Minute Tips

ByNeeraj Mishra  |  Updated on: Oct 7, 2022
Get all the details for IIFT Preparation 2023 here. Check section-wise IIFT 2023 Preparation to ace this exam smoothly. Note How to prepare for IIFT Interview round and the upcoming exam.
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IIFT Preparation 2023 is the strategic process of completing the entire syllabus on time. Candidates preparing for the upcoming exam must have a comprehensive study plan and IIFT Preparation strategy to ensure timely completion of the syllabus and adequate revision. How to prepare for IIFT is the big question, as this is one of the toughest exams and the IIFT Preparation 2023 strategy needs sufficient revision.

As per the expert opinion, the candidates must start preparing for IIFT in advance to get an edge over the rest. Here, you will get all the details regarding IIFT Preparation 2023, along with section-wise preparation tips, strategies, last-minute preparation plans, and books to study.

IIFT Preparation 2023

IIFT is a national-level MBA Entrance Exam for admission into MBA-IB programs in IIFT campuses. The candidates who are interested to study MBA in IB have to appear for IIFT 2023. It is one of the most important exams after CAT, so the candidates must be clear about IIFT Preparation 2023 strategy. Below are some basic tips on How to Prepare for IIFT that you can follow to ace this exam.

  • Solve IIFT Question Paper immediately after finishing the syllabus.
  • Make your own study schedules for every chapter.
  • Understand your position in IIFT Preparation 2023
  • Go through the IIFT Exam Pattern to thoroughly understand the sectional weightage and topics covered.

IIFT Exam Section

Number of Questions

Total Sectional Marks

Marks Awarded

Quantitative Aptitude




Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension




General Awareness




Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning




How to Prepare for IIFT: Section-wise Preparation Tips

In order to prepare for the IIFT 2023, the candidates must follow an effective IIFT Preparation strategy for every section of this exam. It is not enough to know just the IIFT Syllabus; rather, conceptual clarity for every chapter is highly appreciated to clear IIFT Cut Off. In order to get your query regarding How To Prepare for IIFT, candidates can refer to the section-wise IIFT Preparation 2023 strategies.

IIFT Preparation 2023 for VARC

To prepare for this section, the candidates must have conceptual clarity, as all the questions have a different approach. Constant practice is needed to ace the VARC of the IIFT with accuracy. Below is some expert-recommended IIFT Preparation 2023 for this section. Get all the details for IIFT Admit Card.

  • Lots and lots of reading is the key to master this section, as it strengthens grammar and vocabulary.
  • Newspapers, editorials, novels, etc., are some of the good go-to resources to strengthen your knowledge of English language skills.
  • Go through previous years' papers and try solving the comprehensions to practice the RC part of this section during IIFT Preparation. Check the previous year's IIFT Analysis.
  • Analyze your mistakes and try not to repeat them
  • For the sentence correction part of this section, try 'Wren & Martin', which basically is of high school standard but helps you clear your grammar basics. Know more about IIFT Answer Key.

How to Prepare for IIFT 2023 QA Section?

QA is a moderately difficult section and requires patience and lots of tricks to solve the questions. Below are some expert tips on IIFT Preparation 2023 for the Quantitative Aptitude section.

  • Mathematics books of the 9-10th standard are the best sources for preparing QA.
  • Practice and revise formulas and theorems regularly so that you don't forget them while appearing for the examination. Stay updated with IIFT Exam Dates.
  • Since there is a negative marking in the IIFT, try to get 100% accuracy in solving this section, and for that, you only need to practice and practice, and just practice.

IIFT GK Preparation 2023

The applicants must stay up to date on daily current events to ace this section. Be ready for static GK questions from the following subjects as well: history, geography, politics, economics, science, and technology. Below are some expert tips on IIFT Preparation 2023 for the GK section.

  • Reading a newspaper is the best option as it enhances your English language skills and enriches your current affairs knowledge during IIFT Preparation 2023.
  • The Hindu is one of the best papers you could choose as IIFT Preparation source. Note IIFT Eligibility before applying for the exam.
  • Similarly, listening to an English news channel will also help you in the same manner.

IIFT Preparation 2023 for DILR

The candidates must give serious attention to prepare this section well. Below are some IIFT Preparation 2023 tips for the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Section.

  • Pay close attention to all of the crucial concepts for the logical reasoning portions, including arrangement, ranking, syllogisms, analogies, puzzles, direction sense, and many more.
  • Every day, practice 20 to 30 questions while managing your time effectively at the time of IIFT Preparation 2023.
  • Grids and diagrams can be used to practice the problems.

IIFT Interview Preparation

The candidates who will clear IIFT Cut Off, get a call to attend Interview round for final admission. IIFT interview round is the most important, and if the candidates clear this round, only then they will get the opportunity for final admission to their desired IIFT. Here, we have provided some IIFT Preparation 2023 tips to clear this interview process smoothly. Get the official schedules for IIFT Notification.

  • Interview Research: Try to find out who will take the interview. This may help you to connect with your interviewers and create a positive impression during the interview.
  • Stay Updated: The candidates must stay updated with all the recent updates at the time of IIFT Preparation 2023. The interviewer may check candidates’ knowledge of Current Affairs, especially related to International Business and its related things.
  • Give Clear Answer: Answer all questions briefly and clearly, highlighting your most valuable abilities, successes, and experiences. It's acceptable to take a moment to gather your thoughts before responding to a challenging question or to ask for clarification if you're not sure what the question means. Try not to speak too rapidly when responding. Get all the details for IIFT Selection Process.
  • Body Language: Before and after the interview, firmly shake hands with the interviewers. Once seated, maintain a straight posture without slouching or leaning on the desk. Keep your eyes open and frequently smile throughout the interview.
  • Positivity: Be polite and maintain a professional attitude in front of the interviewer. Be a good listener to answer the questions. Do not cross-answer the interviewer while they are talking.

Expert Tips on IIFT Preparation 2023

Below are some expert tips that you can follow for IIFT 2023 Preparation. It will help you to ace this exam in one chance. Get all the details for IIFT Result.

  • Speed - To have a good speed at solving questions, and that too accurately (correctly), you need a lot of practice. Start solving as many questions as you can from each section daily during IIFT Preparation. Solve the IIFT Mock Test for expert-grade questions.
  • Time Management - You must also note how much time you take to solve a question. While attempting mocks, do not get stuck on questions that you're finding difficult to solve. Instead, move on to the next question and revisit those questions you initially got stuck on when you are left with time in the end.
  • IIFT Study Materials will assist you in analyzing the gaps in your IIFT Preparation 2023, improving concepts, and being prepared to attain your goal. Get an expert-recommended IIFT Books PDF list for your ready reference.

Additionally, solve previous year's IIFT Questions and IIFT Practice Papers to analyze the gaps in your IIFT Preparation 2023 and improve them before the exam.

IIFT Preparation 2023: Last-minute Preparation Tips

Below are some last-minute IIFT 2023 Preparation tips for the upcoming exam.

  • Try Meditation - Meditation would definitely enhance your concentration power at the time of IIFT Preparation 2023 and would relax your mind to perform better in your exam.
  • Sleep well a day - Take at least 6-8 hours of sleep a day before your exam. Proper sleep is always essential for better performance. It will also help you to stay focused at the time of IIFT Preparation 2023.
  • Be Self-Confident - Having confidence in oneself is the key point for selection. If you find any section difficult at the time of IIFT Preparation 2023, then you don’t have to lose your confidence. Be patient and calmly solve that section. Try to attempt that section first in which you are confident enough to score better.
  • Don’t switch to new topics - In the last few days, it is advisable not to study new topics. Revise only what you have studied earlier. Studying new topics will lessen your confidence level.

FAQs on IIFT Preparation

  • The candidates can follow the below books for IIFT Preparation 2023.

    1. Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K. Sharma
    2. How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma
    3. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal
    4. Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT and other MBA Exams by Nishit K. Sinha
    5. Data Interpretation for The CAT by Arun Sharma
    6. Static General Knowledge by AP Bhardwaj
  • To begin your IIFT Preparation, you must begin with understanding the expectation of the exam. Go through the IIFT Syllabus and exam pattern. Analyse the IIFT Question Papers and design a study plan to ensure timely completion of the syllabus. 

  • If you are well versed with the IIFT Exam Pattern and have a basic grasp of concepts, it is possible to crack the IIFT Exam in a few months. It is not recommended but you must begin with a comprehensive study plan. Seek the help of IIFT Exam experts and faculty along with the regular practice of IIFT Mock Test. 

  • Candidates must begin their IIFT preparation 2023 early. It takes between 6 and 9 months to adequately prepare for this test. Candidates who are in their last year of school and considering taking the exam can begin IIFT preparation 2023 at the same time as their graduation studies.

  • The candidates must follow a top-notch IIFT Preparation Strategy to prepare for this exam. Practice at least 4 RC passages daily to understand how to find answers from them. Practice the previous year's question paper after completing the syllabus to analyze your preparation level.

  • The candidates must follow a strategic time schedule and plan to prepare for IIFT 2023. Firstly, understand the exam pattern and then complete the syllabus on time. Practice mock questions and sample papers as often as possible to gain effective conceptual clarity.

  • Well, it depends on the candidate's aptitude. Speaking of the difficulty level, both exams have the same level of difficulty. Both IIFT and CAT have VARC, DILR, and QA sections. However, IIFT has an additional section on GA, which some candidates might find difficult.


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