Maharashtra Police Bharti Salary 2021 - Check Salary Structure, Role of Police Constable

Maharashtra Police Bharti Salary 2021 - Check Salary Structure, Role of Police Constable

BySATISH KUMAR GUPTA  |  Updated on: Aug 31, 2021
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Maharashtra Police Bharti Salary 2021, Job Profile

Several people want to get into the police services and make their career. There are several roles that a person can take if he gets into police services. You can become an officer as well as a constable. You and your contribution are respected in the police services in any role. A lot of people also apply to the state exams to get into the police services. These exams are conducted for roles at all levels. However, several people take the exam conducted for becoming a police constable. Also, the Maharashtra Police Force is one of the most coveted state police departments for police service aspirants

Maharashtra Police Services 2021, Job Profile

A lot of people want to get into the police services of the metropolitan region. Maharashtra is one of the most popular states on that list. Not only is the role good, but also the MH police salary is excellent. Even the MH police constable salary is considered to be better than most of the states. All the police service jobs are managed by the state as well as the central government. You can check the Maharashtra police salary before sitting for these exams. You can then select a role that you want to get into and then prepare accordingly.

Maharashtra Police Bharti Salary Structure

The Maharashtra police salary per month of a constable lies in the range of Rs. 5,200 to Rs. 20,200. These numbers are the latest salary figures as per the amends made by the 7th Pay Commission.  However, salary is not the only thing that Maharashtra police constables receive. They are entitled to several perks and emoluments. All of these additional benefits are sponsored by the state government itself. Constables dutifully and diligently serve the nation, and therefore, they should be rewarded in return.

Also, like all other employees, the salary is due for revision every year. Before sitting for the exams, you will have to check the list of allowances and provisions. You can also go for a Maharashtra police salary slip download to check your salary breakup. In case of any discrepancies, you can raise an online ticket and get your queries addressed.

The Role of a Maha Police Constable 2021

The police constable plays a significant role in the police services. This is not only limited to Maharashtra but all the other states. Some vital set of responsibilities that police Bharti constables take up are as follows:

  • They are responsible for all kinds of complaint registrations. They are the only ones who help the citizens in registering their complaints and FIRs.
  • A police constable needs to be unbiased in his judgment. They must listen to all the citizens' concerns with an open mind.
  • One of the primary responsibilities of all the police constables is to help their superiors with all the daily activities and the day-to-day functioning of the police station.
  • Not only do police constables manage the police station, but they also look after several other essential activities like the paperwork. Therefore, they play a very critical role in the entire police services system.
  • Patrolling of streets is another activity that is expected out of a police constable. They are the pioneers of maintaining law and order in a country like India.
  • They are a big help in the investigation of any accidents and criminal offenses. They help the police in charge with all the formalities and activities related to the incident.

Perks and Benefits of Maha Police Constable 2021

As discussed earlier, a police constable is entitled to several other benefits apart from his fixed take-home pay. However, to avail of these benefits, the police constable needs to finish his probation period for the particular role.

Some perks are:

  • A constable is entitled to get a sum of dearness allowance. The dearness allowance helps the constable in managing the impact of externalities like inflation.
  • He also receives a house rent allowance to manage his rental expenses in whichever city he is posted. He might either get a house from the police department, or a portion of the rent will be taken care of by the department.
  • The constables also receive a travel allowance as they travel every day to look into cases.

Apart from all of these, they also get medical benefits like medical insurances, gratuity, etc.

Once the constable completes the two years of probation, he will receive all the benefits attached to the position.

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Maharashtra Police Bharti Exam Salary FAQs

  • The pay grade of a constable starts from Rs. 5,000 per month. It keeps increasing depending on the level.

  • No, the dearness allowance is paid over and above the basic pay.

  • Yes, a police constable can register an FIR.


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