How to Prepare for AFCAT in One Month?

By Naveen Singh|Updated : November 15th, 2022

Since one month is left for the AFCAT 1 2023 exam, candidates are looking for the best One-month preparation tips for AFCAT to sail through it smoothly. To help you at this very moment, we are providing some most important tips on how to prepare for AFCAT in one month that every aspirant should follow to crack the exam. In this article, we will discuss the last 30 days preparation tips for AFCAT 1 2023, the daily routine one should follow to clear the forthcoming exam with flying colours.

How to Prepare for AFCAT in One Month?

Around 1 month is left for the AFCAT 1 2023 exam which is to be conducted in the month of Feb 2023 to recruit Class 1 Gazetted Officers into the Indian Air Force Flying and Ground Duty Technical and Non-Technical posts. Check the tips shared by our experts on how to prepare for AFCAT in one month to boost your performance in the exam. Based on these tips, you can make relevant changes to your study plan to cover the syllabus in less time and also focus on the revision of topics. Before checking out the one-month preparation tips for the AFCAT exam, go through the AFCAT exam pattern which is tabulated below:



Mode of Exam


Total Marks


Time Duration

2 Hours

No of Questions


Sections in paper

General Awareness, Reasoning, and Military Aptitude Test, Verbal ability in English, and Numerical ability

One-Month Preparation Strategy for AFCAT 1 2023

Candidates must go through the following suggestions on the one-month preparation tips for the AFCAT exam. These are based on the feedback received from the test takers and a team of experts.

Dedicate Time for Important Topics

  • This is the time where you dedicate specific time for topics which are important but you have not prepared.
  • These topics are asked in the exam but are not specifically part of a particular topic. Eg - National Parks, Dams, Rivers & tributaries, Deserts, International Organisations, etc.

Get Acquainted with the Types of Questions

  • In order to get acquainted with the type of question, you should attempt AFCAT previous year papers.
  • Observing the pattern of the question will help you understand what is actually demanded by the exam.
  • So make sure to practice a good number of questions of a new pattern. Mock tests are the way to excel in this.

Solve and Analyse Mock Tests Properly

  • Mock tests are the best way to perform well in the exam.
  • By attempting AFCAT mock tests, you learn many things, such as new concepts, time management as well as tackling exam pressure.
  • So make sure to practice enough mock tests before appearing for the actual exam.

Revise the Topics Well

In the last few days, the revision of topics should be your first priority.

  • Do not pick up any new chapter in the last few days. You have already studied whatever you could just revise those studied materials very well.
  • Focus more on revising those topics with which you are comfortable.
  • Also if you have a good habit of making notes of important points, revise them well. As very few days are left for the exam, try to revise one subject per day. 

Be Careful with the Choice of Questions

  • The questions you choose in the actual exam can make or break your chance of success. Choose questions to attempt wisely and smartly.
  • Identify your strengths in sections and use them wisely. Similarly, identify your weaknesses and through this avoid doing mistakes during the exam.
  • Do not get stuck in any questions during the exam. If you are not able to solve some questions within a stipulated time, please leave them and move on to further questions.

Be Ready for Surprises and Don't Get Panic

  • The level of questions might vary and some questions that would be asked might not be covered by you.
  • Do not lose your calm if you see these types of questions in the exam. Sometimes you just need to use your deduction techniques to answer statement-based questions related to a particular topic. 
  • Still, if you are not able to solve, don't take it as a challenge and move on to the next question. Do not ever lose your calm and get panic.

How to Prepare for AFCAT in 1 Month? - Important Tips

Follow these general tips in the last one-month preparation tips for the AFCAT 1 2023 exam. These pointers will help you to keep your mind calm and stabilise your confidence.

  • Proper diet and Proper Sleep: Keep yourself healthy by taking a proper diet a few days before the exam. Also, don't forget to take the proper sleep before the exam. Candidates mostly avoid these things in order to save time for study. But that is not good. To perform well in the exam, you need an attentive mind.
  • Believe in yourself: Do not get demotivated by anything around you. Last days before exams, avoid group study and focus on self-study. Revise what you have studied and stick to your strategy. Do not think about the level of preparation for others. Just try to give your best and forget the rest.

The Indian Air Force will release the AFCAT 1 2023 Admit Card in January 2023. So this is a crucial time for you to boost up your preparation. You can also check AFCAT Selection Process 2023 and AFCAT Cut Off 2022 so that you can get a detailed overview of the exam. Follow the above-given steps on how to prepare for AFCAT in 1 month which will give you an extra advantage.


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FAQs on How to Prepare for AFCAT in One Month?

  • Yes, it is possible to prepare for AFCAT in one month if you follow the right approach and give sufficient time for preparation every day. Along with covering the syllabus, also focus on previous year's papers and mock tests.

  • AFCAT is a competitive examination, so it is suggested to candidates to start their preparations a few months before the exam. But with the right strategy and dedicated efforts, it is possible to prepare for AFCAT in 1 month. Some of the tips are as follows:

    • Cover the entire syllabus but focus more on important topics which carry a high weightage.
    • Solve previous year's question papers and mock tests for the last-minute revision.
    • Do not get panic if you find it difficult to solve some problems. Utilize your time effectively to practice that topic.
  • Four to six months of preparation is ideal to crack the AFCAT exam, but if you have started your preparations late, read this article and get yourself acquainted with the one-month preparation strategy for the AFCAT 1 2023 exam.

  • To prepare General Awareness for AFCAT in 1 month, candidates must read the daily current affairs through the monthly capsule available at BYJU’s Exam Prep website. Along with it, read about Indian History, Polity, Geography, etc. Also, make a habit of reading the newspaper every day.

  • To prepare English for AFCAT in 1 month, candidates must solve as many questions as possible from the previous year's papers and mock tests followed by the analysis of correct answers to learn from their mistakes.

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