How to build confidence and avoid fumbling in SSB interview?

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : September 14th, 2021

The armed forces are made to tackle some non-usual situation. A Confident attitude is mandatory to handle those situations. Along with this, a commanding people under an individual and coordinating with commanders over one’s, is a job that requires confidence.

Confidence is proved by analysing the below three factors:

  • Appearance
  • Words
  • Actions

One’s appearance should be gentle like an officer. We all in life met officers. If we recall their behaviour & appearance, they are not stylish, but they wear the dress smartly. Similarly, an individual way of speaking also matters in judging one’s confidence level. So below are some points that candidates must follow in order to strengthen up to their confidence level and a candidate must reside in mind to appear confident in the personal interview in SSB.


Some Tips for SSB Interview

Dress smartly

One’s dressing sense shows his personal perspective. Remain formal in dressing & avoid over fashion. Be gentle & perfect in dressing. It is the first thing that an Interviewer observes. One’s actions & words are accessed after his dressing.

Talk less & listen more

One’s confidence is inversely proportional to his talking. Being extra frank may create problems. Listen quite carefully what is being asked, take a short pause & reply clearly. Speak what’s required for his answer. Avoid spicing your answer. Command one’s sentences. Low confident candidates speak more than what is being asked. And this results in them to trouble.

Phase-out insecurities

When appearing for the personal interview, candidates feel insecure while sitting in front of interviewer. Do not hesitate while answering. He is even a human-like normal human, he had also faced the same stage in his life. Maintain one’s comfort level & be cool.

Erect posture & eye contact

One’s eye contact and posture are the physical traits of checking confidence. One’s posture should be erect while sitting over the chair. And he must keep constant eye contact with the interviewer. He checks it by avoiding candidate while the candidate is answering. Low confident candidates, either slow down their voice or starts watching here & there. Avoid this and calculate one’s posture constantly with time. Sometimes an individual sits in a confident way but become loose after time elapses. So mind one’s eye contact and keep one’s spine erect.

Speak slowly & clear

Usually, low confident candidates fumble when they speak. This can be recognized by the accessors as ‘block minded behaviour’. In order to avoid this, have a sufficient gap between one’s words & answer the question in a limited way.

It’s not hard to accept ‘I don’t know’

It happens several times that candidate faces a question which is out of his mind. Some low confident individuals speak out & start bluffing and then in order to support that bluff they have to mount a huge heap of lies. This type of action puts one’s interview in a complex stage. Instead, just Go straight & politely say ‘sorry sir. I don’t know’.

Don’t reassure your point, give a bold example

Interviewer sometimes probes candidate over a specific topic. A low confident candidate constantly reassures his point by repeating it. Do not reassure one’s point. Give examples & answer clearly.

Control your emotions

Usually, candidates with low confidence display conflict in mood & emotions. Vibrating legs, Shivering, fumbling, etc. are traits of low confidence. Well, it is quite hard to control them at once. Practice for it and talk to unknown people in a controlled manner. And one’s will power will overcome it.

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