Do's and Don'ts for the Last Minute Preparation of AFCAT 1 2022 Exam

By Naveen Singh|Updated : February 7th, 2022

AFCAT 1 2022 will be conducted from 12th-14th Feb 2022. Here are some important Do's and Don'ts for AFCAT 2022 Exam. Clearing the AFCAT exam does not depend on the coaching that you join or the number of months that you give in preparation. It solemnly depends on your hard work and dedication to your preparation.

This very last minute can be a game-changer for your AFCAT 2022 preparation. In this article we will discuss the Do's and Dont's for AFCAT Exam, the Mistakes to avoid in AFCAT Exam that every aspirant must know.

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The AFCAT 1 2022 exam is around the corner and the Exam is scheduled for 12-14 February 2022. Here we are providing you the Do's and Don'ts for AFCAT 2022 Exam, We are also providing the last-day tips for AFCAT Exam that one should go through them so that you won't face any problems on the Exam Day. 

Do's for AFCAT 1 2022 Exam

  1. Current affairs – Current affairs need to be covered compulsorily. This part is easy to cover and the GK section has a significant part composed of it. The awards and honours, books and authors, new appointments, national and international affairs etc can be easily covered. You can also check our Defence Study Material
  2. The reasoning is the scoring part – The reasoning part of the AFCAT is the easiest and scoring part of the exam. The candidates must give their best in it, especially in non-verbal reasoning, which needs a bit of practice and some close observations. You can also check 
  3. Practice for antonyms and synonyms – Just try to commemorate them in an easy and casual way. When you prepare for them, you will find it easy to attempt this section of English. You can also check Tips to Prepare English for AFCAT Exam.
  4. Formulas in maths – Go through all the maths formulas that are part of the syllabus of the exam. The maths section of AFCAT is the scoring part. But to do more in less time, the candidates must commemorate the formulas of the topics covered in the syllabus. The syllabus of maths in AFCAT is not too complex or lengthy as compared to the other defence exams like NDA and CDS. So going through these formulas will make the score go high. 
  5. Practice papers – Practise AFCAT papers, previous papers, mock tests, etc. Makes the candidates prepared for the exam. It is to check the time management, strategy making, and to check the level of the exam. 
  6. GK one-liners – The questions in the GK part of the AFCAT are asked directly. The candidates might be having a perfect knowledge of their basic subjects. But having the basic knowledge of the other subject can bring your marks up. Science students must go through the overview of history, polity, geography and similarly, art students must have the basic knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology to a requisite level.

Dont’s for AFCAT 1 2022 Exam

  1. Don't waste your time in making a plan of attempting the sections during the exam. This should be made before the exam as per your aptitude. The best approach is to make a strategy during the mock tests.
  2. Don’t attempt those questions which are outside the circle of your knowledge. You might end up choosing the wrong option.
  3. Don’t stick to tough questions. Move to next and check the left problems if you get time after attempting the paper.

You can also check 

Important Factors to Avoid on AFCAT Exam Day

Candidates need to focus on some points before appearing in the AFCAT examination. Following are important things that need to be avoided on the Exam day to attempt the stress-free examination:

1. Don't be late:

Please arrive on time at the AFCAT 1 2022 exam center as the official document states that "Late arrivals are not allowed. If your AFCAT 2022 exam centre is located in another city, you must be there before a day to get a feel for the location and other services.

2. Do Not Forget To Bring Important Documents for AFCAT Exam:

Gather all essential documents such as AFCAT 2022 admission card, photo ID, and all other required documents one night before the exam so that it will not become a problem on the day of the AFCAT 2022 exam. Print a hard copy of the additional Hall Ticket for AFCAT 2022 to avoid any discrepancies.

3. Select Simple Questions First During the AFCAT Examination:

You can save plenty of time in the AFCAT Exam by solving simple questions first. Don't get carried away with complicated questions. It will take some time and you will not get enough time to attempt all the questions in the AFCAT Exam. Choose “Quality over quantity” when selecting the questions. There is a high probability that there are more easy questions after the tougher ones.

4. Try to Avoid Guesswork

Try to solve those questions in which you will be confident. Each question will give you a negative mark if you select the wrong answer. Make a proper strategy and attempt only those number of questions that will help you to clear your AFCAT cutoff. In AFCAT Exam, Саndidаtes generаlly try tо inсreаse the number оf аttemрts by seleсting аnswer with guesswоrk whiсh leаds tо them lоse their mаrks оbtаined frоm the соrreсt аnswer as there is 1/3 negative marking in the AFCAT Exam.

You can also check: Tips to Handle Anxiety in Exam

The last moment preparation steps always bring the best part of the exam. But keeping the last-moment preparation organized and simple can only bring the expected results. Moreover, managing the preparation steps according to your aptitude will make the work effect more. So follow the above points and bring your best in the upcoming exam. You can attempt the CDS & Defence Test Series that will boost your preparation and will help you to plan the best strategies for AFCAT 1 2022 Exam. You can also check 2500+ Selections in CDS & Defence - BYJU'S Exam Prep Hall of Fame and give your best to clear AFCAT Exam to get into our Hall of Fame.

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  • The essential documents required for AFCAT 2022 exams are admission card, photo ID, photograph 

  • The reasoning part of the AFCAT is the easiest and scoring part of the exam.

  • The questions in GK part of the AFCAT are asked directly that are of one liner format.

  • There is 1/3 negative marking in AFCAT Exam, for every correct answer you will get 3 marks, and for every wrong answer 1 marks will be deducted.

  • A minimum of 6 months from the date of AFCAT Exam.

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