Territorial Army Preparation 2023: Subject Wise Tips and Strategy

Territorial Army Preparation 2023: Subject Wise Tips and Strategy

ByNaveen Singh  |  Updated on: Mar 22, 2023
Check Territorial Army Preparation 2023 for Papers 1 and 2 here. Check out the Subject Wise Territorial Army Preparation Tips and Strategy followed by toppers and crack the upcoming exam.

Territorial Army Preparation 2023 tips provided by experts, will help the candidates create a perfect plan for their preparations. Exam performance is directly influenced by preparation. The candidates need to prepare well to excel in the exam. For help preparing for the exam, check out the subject-wise Territorial Army preparation tips for General Knowledge, English, Reasoning, and Elementary Mathematics.

To pass the exam, candidates must maintain accuracy and speed. The Territorial Army preparation tips and strategy will help them create a solid plan for taking the exam and passing it within the allotted time.

Territorial Army Preparation 2023

Territorial Army Preparation is the leading path to turning your dreams into reality. There is no shortcut to qualifying for the upcoming exam. Thus, it is essential to have an intelligent Territorial Army preparation strategy to attempt the complex questions and beat the competition with no trouble.

Territorial Army Exam allows candidates to serve their nation despite belonging to any profession. The exam recruits candidates for the country's secondary defence forces every year. Candidates will be tested on four disciplines in the written exam, which are Logical Reasoning, Elementary Mathematics, General Knowledge, and English Language. Thus, to prepare best, candidates must check the subject-wise Territorial Army preparation tips and tricks.

Territorial Army Preparation Strategy for Paper 1

Logical Reasoning and Elementary Mathematics are the two components of the Territorial Army Paper 1. There are 50 questions in each section, each worth one mark. The table below will help you better comprehend the paper's marking methodology. Apart from the Territorial Army preparation tips, the Territorial Army Exam Pattern will assist applicants in determining the amount of time and effort required for each segment.

Exam Pattern for Territorial Army Paper 1


No. of Question


Logical Reasoning



Elementary Mathematics



Total Weightage


Territorial Army Preparation Tips for Logical Reasoning

This paper section is one of the most common factors for evaluating candidates in competitive exams. Fifty logical reasoning questions will be asked, including both verbal and nonverbal reasoning. In addition to embedded figures, pattern perception, rule detection, and much more, analogical reasoning, logical deduction, and syllogism will all be discussed. The Territorial Army preparation tips for the reasoning section are as follows:

  • The exam's logical reasoning problems are graduate-level in difficulty.
  • It is essential to understand the foundations of logical thinking well.
  • It will be beneficial to divide the numerous problem types initially before deciphering the pattern for fixing them.
  • Set aside an hour daily to work through the prep books' puzzles, improving your logical and analytical thinking.
  • To improve your ability to draw logical conclusions, practice problems like cause-and-effect, figure-matrix, cubes and dice, and, most importantly, arithmetic reasoning.
  • You need to focus on this section and consider all ways to take the Territorial Army Online Test Series.

Essential Topics of Territorial Army Reasoning Section

The following are some of the important topics for Territorial Army preparation in the reasoning section:

  • Number Series
  • Odd Man Out
  • Figure Series
  • Relations
  • Direction-related questions
  • Age-related Questions
  • Statement & Conclusions
  • Find Odd figure
  • Number of Triangles or Squares or rectangles in the diagram
  • Folded sheet questions
  • Missing number
  • Other basic numeric reasoning questions

Territorial Army Preparation Tips for Elementary Mathematics

The Matriculation level will be the benchmark for this part. As a result, mathematics issues at the primary and secondary school levels should be prioritized. Numeration, simple equations, geometry, profit-loss, compound interest, trigonometry, time and distances, and other topics will be covered. The Territorial Army preparation tips for the Elementary Mathematics section is as follows:

  • The key to a high mark in the Elementary Mathematics paper is to go back to basics.
  • Return to elementary school maths and understand the fundamentals. If the base is taken, all the questions will appear solvable.
  • Learn and comprehend all forms of question formulations.
  • Regularly practice problem-solving questions to help you remember how to use the formulae you've memorized.
  • Experiment with more mock papers on algebra, menstruation, trigonometry, ratio, proportions, etc.

Important Topics of Territorial Army Maths Section

The following are some of the important topics for Territorial Army preparation in the Elementary Mathematics section:

  • Time & Work
  • Profit & Loss
  • Average
  • Number System
  • Speed Time Distance
  • Basic Trigonometry
  • Basic Mensuration (Area, Circumference, Volume)
  • Basic 10+2 level Arithmetic Questions
  • LCM & HCF
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Algebra (Solving Equations)
  • Lines & Angles

Territorial Army Preparation Strategy for Paper 2

Territorial Army paper 2 will have two portions of 50 marks each. Candidates are advised to be well versed with Territorial Army preparation tips as they will be assessed on their general knowledge and English language skills in this paper. The following is the marking method for both topics so that candidates are aware of the pattern:

Exam Pattern for Territorial Army Paper 2


No. of Ques.


General Knowledge



English Language



Total Weightage


Territorial Army Preparation Tips for General Knowledge

This section will assess the candidates' broad awareness and understanding of national and worldwide current events. Candidates must be well-versed in current affairs in India's society, economics, politics, and the world. The Territorial Army preparation tips for the General Knowledge section are as follows:

  • Start reading good English-language newspapers such as The Hindu, Business Standards, and The Indian Express to stay up to date on global events.
  • Subscribe to websites that produce good information online or watch intelligent news channels.
  • Keep informed of current events for at least the last six months.
  • Refresh your knowledge on Indian politics, sports, the constitution, science and technology, and static general knowledge topics.
  • To keep material fresh, make sticky notes or flashcards of the actual headlines and review them a few days before the exam.

Important Topics of Territorial Army General Knowledge Section

The following are some of the essential topics for Territorial Army preparation in the General Knowledge section:

  • The majority of the questions are from current issues, awards, books, defence news, sports, etc.
  • Fundamental static general Knowledge questions majorly from Geography, History, and Science.

Territorial Army Preparation Tips for English Language

The questions in this area of Paper 2 will be focused on a basic understanding of the English Language and grammar. Candidates' understanding abilities will also be assessed. Synonyms, vocabulary, passage completion, error spotting, sentence construction, voices, tenses, and other basic concepts are essential. The Territorial Army preparation tips for the English Language section are as follows:

  • Concentrate on the scoring elements, such as grammatical fundamentals, sentence enhancement, and fillers.
  • Participate in full-fledged brush-up sessions for comprehension and reading passages. This piece is crucial, but it takes a lot of work and commitment to do it right.
  • Read English magazines and journals for at least an hour each day, and keep up with English news. As you gain more excellent proficiency in the language, this activity will help you improve your vocabulary abilities.

Important Topics of Territorial Army English Section

The following are some of the essential topics for Territorial Army preparation in the English Language section:

  • Passage
  • Spotting the error
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Rearranging sentences
  • Substitute Word for given phrase or sentence
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Fill in the blanks with a suitable word
  • Mis-spelled words
  • Antonym
  • Synonym

Important Points for Territorial Army Preparation

The following summarizes essential points relating to the Territorial Army preparation tips for applicants. You can use the Territorial Army preparation strategy for all courses to increase your chances of passing the forthcoming exam.

  • Analysis of the syllabus is crucial to exam preparation. Candidates cannot start preparing for an exam without knowing the syllabus. The Territorial Army preparation process follows the same guidelines.
  • Candidates are urged to review the test questions from prior years. They will be better able to comprehend the pattern of the exam questions.
  • Start the Territorial Army preparation early if you want to do well on the written test. You must succeed in every subject to pass the exam. Try to finish the syllabus and don't skip any section.
  • Candidates must set up at least three to four hours per day to study for the exam.
  • Candidates should note critical terms, formulas, shortcuts, etc., as they read through the chapters.

Also, check:

Territorial Army Preparation FAQs

  • Territorial Army Preparation Tips can help candidates get ready to do well on exams. Some preparation tips are to practice time management, comprehend the syllabus and exam pattern before beginning the preparation, include only the best study materials for the proper preparation, and make brief notes for simple revision.

  • To complete the syllabus and Territorial Army preparation in 3 months, you must have a robust study plan and devote equal time to all subjects. Additionally, reviewed all the material several times, took mock tests, and worked through the Territorial Army Question Papers from the previous year.

  • To ace their Territorial Army preparation, candidates must attempt the question paper and practice examinations from the previous year. The question paper of the prior year is available for download here.

  • Candidates are evaluated on their intelligence and logical reasoning in the reasoning portion. They must familiarize themselves with the critical components of the Territorial Army reasoning ability syllabus. To successfully ace the exam, you must acquire various tips and techniques.

  • The candidates generally consider the English section tricky. But with the right strategy and practice, they can breeze through the portion. The experts' recommendations for Territorial Army preparation state that applicants must understand the principles and hone their grammar skills to do this effectively.

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