World Radio Day - History, Significance, Theme

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 3, 2022, 7:07

In yesteryear, radio was one of the most trustworthy mediums of communication worldwide. Now that we have television, social media, and well-development modes of communication all over the world, we often forget how far we have come in such a short time. Even a few decades ago, radio used to be a must-have in all homes. And the best part was that it was reasonably priced and could run without electricity as well.

Sports commentary, news, educational programs, music pretty much everything one can think of came on the radio. Despite the rise of modern technology, radio still hasn't lost its place in the hearts of millions of people. It has proved its usefulness during hard times for over 110 years of its existence, especially when disaster strikes; turning on the radio is the first thing that comes to one's mind as it provides psycho-social support to the survivors. So many people still use the radio to get news updates or even listen to music.

Needless to say, radio has played a significant role in our previous generations and will continue to do the same in the future despite the rise of modern technologies. To mark the significance of this wonderful invention, we celebrate 13th February as World Radio Day.

World Radio Day - Overview

Radio is much more than just a broadcasting platform, it not only is the most trusted source of news, but it also feels very human. To celebrate the contributions of radio in our society, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) celebrates 13th February as World Radio Day every year. 13th February was chosen for the celebration of this day by UNESCO back in 2011on their 36th conference because, on the same day in 1946, the United Nation's international broadcasting service was established.

Each year, we have a different theme for World Radio Day. On the 11th edition of this event in the year 2022, the theme is Radio and Trust.' It is divided into three sub-themes: Trust in Radio Journalism, Trust and Accessibility, and Trust and Viability of Radio Stations.

World Radio Day Objectives

The invention of the radio involved several great minds of science. Research shows that even though Nikola Tesla invented the wireless radio back in 1893, the credit went to Guglielmo Marconi in 1896. Other than that, a few more scientists, such as James Clerk Maxwell, Henrich Rudolf Hertz, and others, were a part of this timeless invention. Radio has been serving us with goodness for decades, and it still is one of the most consumed and trusted mediums of news. In fact, a large number of people still have a habit of listening to the radio the first thing in the morning. During calamities and disasters, radios have proved to be an extremely useful device for spreading awareness.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the radio played a significant role in spreading the latest updates and awareness. The world has evolved with time, we now have access to television where we can see things as we listen, but it doesn't come close to the personalized experience that radio can provide to its listeners. It is disheartening to see that the popularity of social media and television has affected the legacy of radio. Even though a large number of people still listen to the radio, the spark is somehow gone.

Therefore, the objective behind the celebration of World Radio Day is to spread the word about the importance of radio and encourage media personalities to use it to spread information. World Radio Day lists among the top UN international Days, and hundreds of radio stations around the world come together to be a part of this event.

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FAQs on World Radio Day

Q.1) What is the theme for World Radio Day 2022?

The theme of World Radio Day 2022 is Radio and Trust.' It is divided into three sub-themes: Trust in Radio Journalism, Trust and Accessibility, and Trust and Viability of Radio Stations.

Q.2) When is World Radio Day celebrated?

World Radio Day is celebrated on 13th February every year.

Q.3) What do the most listen to a radio station in the world?

National Public Radio (NPR) is the most listened to a radio station in the world, with over 57 million weekly listeners.