By : Anand Pandey

Check here Database notes for GATE & computer science engineering. The database is Computer Science Engineering holds a weightage of around 8-9 marks. The database includes topics like Database Design, File Organization, Relation Model, ER Model, Transactions and concurrency control.

A database is an important subject for GATE, BARC, and other CS Exams. Get here the complete list of study notes, Important Books, Study Material, Weighatage Analysis and more of Database to score more in the upcoming GATE & Other CS Exams.

Best Books for Database
GATE CS Study Plan: All About Database
GATE CSE Weightage Analysis for Database

Database Notes for Computer Science Engineering

Database DesignStudy Notes on Database Design
File OrganizationStudy Notes on File Organization
Relational Model

Study Notes on Relation Model


Study Notes on SQL

Transaction & Concurrency Control

Study Notes on Transaction & Concurrency Control


Study Notes on ER-Model