AFCAT 2 2020 Exam Analysis 3rd Oct: Shift 1 Review, Question Asked, Difficulty Level

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : October 3rd, 2020

AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 03 October 2020 (Shift 1): The first shift of today's AFCAT 2 2020 was conducted between 09:45 AM to 11:45 AM and is now finished. AFCAT 2 1st shift exam was held on 3rd October 2020 for the recruitment of Grade-A officers from different branches of Indian Air Force - Flying, Ground Duty (Non-Technical), Ground Duty (Technical). Many AFCAT students are curious to know the detailed AFCAT 2 exam analysis of 1st shift, section-wise review, expected cut off, good attempts, and difficulty level. Thus, we are sharing a detailed AFCAT exam review that will help in upcoming shifts and exams.

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This year's AFCAT exam was delayed because of Lockdown in the country. Earlier AFCAT 2 2020 was scheduled to be conducted on 19th and 20th September, postponed to 3rd, 4th, and 05th October.

If you appeared for the AFCAT 2 2020 Exam. Please do share the questions asked in the exam (mention the shift) in the comment section.  

AFCAT (2) 2020: 3rd Oct Shift 1 Exam Highlights

  • AFCAT 2 2020 exam was conducted more than 90 exam centres across the country.
  • COVID related guidelines were issued by Indian Air Force in Admit Card. COVID related measures were taken for the AFCAT exam.
  • AFCAT 2 2020 Admit card, original document proof and Arogya Setu app was compulsory.
  • So those candidates who have the exam on 04th and 05th Oct must keep these instructions in mind.

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AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2020: All Days Exam and Shifts 

Here, we will discuss all questions asked in Various Sections - Reasoning, English, GK, and Quantitative Aptitude.

 Exam Date


 03 OctoberAFCAT 2 Exam Shift 2 Analysis 3rd October 2020 
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We are here giving you section-wise AFCAT 2 exam analysis 2020 with a detailed review. The AFCAT II Exam Review 2020 consists of many questions asked along with the level of questions that are asked in the examination.

AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2020 (Shift 1): 3rd Oct

There are a total of 100 Questions which are asked in the AFCAT examination, need to be answered in 120 minutes. Each question is of 3 marks for the correct response and 1 mark would be deducted for every wrong response.

Below is the section-wise division and difficulty level of the AFCAT 2 2020:

Name of the Sub-Section

No. of Questions asked

Good Attempt


English Language

 23 15-17Moderate 

Numerical Ability

 18 10-14Easy-Moderate 

Reasoning & Military Aptitude

 34 20-22Easy-Moderate 

General Awareness

 25 16-18Moderate 


 100 60-70Moderate 

How many questions you have attempted in AFCAT II 2020 Exam?

Questions Asked in the AFACT 2 Exam:

1. Memory Based Questions Asked in General Awareness 

  1. Sphygmomanometer used to measure what - measuring blood pressure
  2. The Equator does not pass through which continent - North America
  3. Father of German Unity -  Helmut Kohl
  4. Lightest Gas - the right answer was Ammonia among the option given, a student told
  5. 1st SAARC Summit happened on -  Dhaka, Bangladesh on 7–8 December 1985
  6. Napolean of India - Samudra Gupta (335–375)
  7. United Nation Headquarter in which - New York (USA)
  8. Das capital book was written by whom   - Karl Marx
  9. Who wrote Kitab ul hind?   - Al baruni
  10. Who is known as Punjabi Kesari?  -  Lala Lajpat Rai
  11. Phukaar Word used in which Sport - 
  12. Gondwana hill located in which state?  - 
  13. Bully is related to which sport?  - Field Hockey
  14. According to what judiciary acts execution divided?
  15. Who is known as the Napoleon of India? - Samudragupta (335-375 AD) of the Gupta dynasty is known as the Napoleon of India. 
  16. Chris Evert related to which sport - Tennis Player
  17. Question related to Aurora Borealis in which sphere 
  18. Capital of Vietnam - Hanoi:: Student not confident about the type of question
  19. Who was the first person to hit 6 sixes? -  South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs  { In One day International Match)
  20. When were the Asian African games first held? - 2003 - Hyderabad, India
  21.  First place from where Oil was found in India?- Digboi in Tinsukia district of Assam
  22.  The hydrometer is used for?

2. Memory Based Questions Asked in the English Section

Find Synonyms of the Qs: 

  1. 1 Exonerate - Absolve
  2. 2 Affluent - Wealthy
  3. Lucious - Delicious, mouth-watering
  4. Vanquish - Conquer, defeat thoroughly.
  5. Pilfer - Steal
  6. Artifact - synonym- relic 
  7. Vent - Outlet, opening
  8. Flimsy- fragile,frail
  9. Alluded-


  1. Luscious
  2. Mitigate- reduce, alleviate

Questions on IDIOMS:

  1. No to Mince matters - politely disapprove, 
  2. Fly off the Handle - lose one’s temper suddenly

3. Memory Based Questions Asked in Reasoning Section

  1. Venn Diagram :  Police, Thief, Criminal
  2. Venn Diagram :  Women, Doctor, Entrepreneur
  3. Venn Diagram : Women, mother, engineer 
  4. Analogy : Virology - Virus
  5. Country: President :: State :?   Answer : Governor
  6. Odd one out: Graphite, Diamond, Coal, Pearl not carbon compound
  7. Virus: virology then semantics? Study of meaning, languages 

4. Memory Based Questions Asked in Maths Section

  1. Karan and Arjun start a race at same time and Karan beat Arjun by 10 mtr and in time to give advantage to Arjun Karan starts race form 10 behind to the starting point, what will be the result? 
  2. In a class there are two groups X and Y, Group X has 30 students Y have 32 students. The average age is 50 and 45 years. What is the average age of the whole class? 
  3.  m:n=2:3 then the value of 3m+n/6m-n ans 1

AFCAT 2 2020 Exam Analysis Shift 1: FAQs

Q. What was the mode of examination?

Ans. AFCAT exam was conducted in online mode

Q. What was the difficulty level of AFCAT 2 2020 exam?

Ans. The level of the exam was moderate.

Q. What was the total number of questions asked in the AFCAT 2 2020 exam?

Ans. The exam consists of a total of 100 objective type questions.

Q. What are the good attempts to clear the cutoff of AFCAT 2 2020 exam?

Ans. If you have attempted 60-65 questions then you have a very good chance to clear the cutoff.

Q. What are the total marks of the exam?

Ans. The total marks of the AFCAT exam are 300.

 Please do share any questions you remember!

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