Trick to Remember Names of Nine Jewels of Akbar

By Vivek Chauhan|Updated : April 26th, 2022

In every exam's syllabus, including CDS, CAPF, AFCAT etc we come across some data which we have a tough time memorizing, they are important nonetheless. In this initiative, we will see some short tricks and mnemonics to remember information that otherwise is a hard nut to crack!! 

More such Tricks will be posted here so you can learn this factual data in your free time, travelling, or in a break to refresh your mood.

In the article, we will be providing you with the easiest of the tricks to remember all the Nine Jewels of Akbar and that too in a sequential manner so that you can get maximum benefit in upcoming UPPSC prelims.

Short Trick to Remember Nine Jewels of Akbar

The Mughal Emperor Akbar was a great lover of artists. His passion for knowledge and interest in learning from great minds attracted him to men of genius to his court. Nine of sale these courtiers were known as Akbar's navaratnas (or nine jewels).



"अब मान सिंह की फ़ौज का बीर तोता फ़क़ीर के घर दो प्याज खाने गया!"

अब: Abul Fazl

मान सिंह की: Raja Man Singh

फ़ौज का: Faizi

बीर: Birbal

तो: Raja Todar Mal

ता: Mian Tansen

फ़क़ीर के: Fakir Aziao-Din

दो प्याज: Mulla Do Payaza

खाने गया: Abdur Rahim Khan-i-Khanan

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