REET Preparation Tips

REET Preparation Tips

ByAshish  |  Updated on: Jan 11, 2021REET 2021 notification out! Check Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers (REET) 2021 details such as admit card, syllabus, age limit, vacancy and latest news here!
REET 2021 notification out! Check Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers (REET) 2021 details such as admit card, syllabus, age limit, vacancy and latest news here!
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How to prepare for the RTET Exam 2021

There is no such thing as having one successful way of obtaining the qualifying marks. However, concentration and determination are the two things that will help you excel in any competitive exam. Apart from that, a couple of quick changes in your routine will help you cover the syllabus adequately.

All of these smart tips are discussed briefly below, stick through to know it all:

  • You must make sure that you are well aware of the latest syllabus of the examination. This will help you make yourself a study routine. Besides, you can divide different days for different subjects and cover them all in time.

  • Gathering the right study materials is another thing that plays an essential role in your preparation. There are a vast number of books available for your preparation but rely on the ones that will help you understand for sure. Most helpful books are books provided by NCERT and CBSE.

  • Maintain your health. To prepare for the exam adequately, you cannot keep getting sick. So, maintaining your health is as essential as studying smartly. So, make sure you keep yourself hydrated enough and eat the right food at all times. Avoid staying hungry for long durations and binge eating junk food.

  • Don’t over study, it will only make your learning progress extremely slow, how? Well, studying for longer durations without any break can make you feel tired. As a result, you will end up slowing down your preparation speed.

  • Take short breaks while studying. As mentioned above, rigorously studying will end up in devastating results. So, to maintain your interest in studies and stay fresh, take short breaks in between your study sessions.

These are some fundamental tips that you must keep in mind while preparing for the RTET 2021. Moreover, it is more important to study in a smart way than to study and mug up everything you see in front of your eyes. Staying aware of the syllabus is one of the parts of studying and maintaining your flow is another very essential part of it.

So, make sure you construct a study schedule smartly with appropriate breaks in between. Not only this will help you in your overall learning but at the same time help you keep yourself healthy.

RTET 2021 Exam Preparation Strategy

Focused Syllabus Preparation

Fifteen days is a short time to cover an entire syllabus, especially for such competitive exams. People start preparing right after registering themselves for RTET. However, if for some reason you were unable to cover a chunk of your RTET syllabus, you still have time. The best way to understand everything is by efficiently and effectively dividing your time.


Time to invest in learning

The time needed to revise

Comprehension and English/Hindi Grammar

2-3 hours every day

20 minutes after a short break

Children Development and Pedagogy

3-4 hours in a day

20 minutes after a short break

Maths, Science, or Social Science

3-4 hours in a day

20 minutes after a short break

It is not typical if you follow the right pattern and focus on all the important parts of your syllabus. Covering the entire syllabus will be strenuous, so be mindful of essential parts of your syllabus. Other than that, try studying the complicated parts in the morning.

A human brain is most refreshed during the morning hours and holds a capacity of remembering almost 90% of everything without any revision.

Even though this is the perfect schedule to follow for preparation, you must be at ease with this. Putting too much pressure on yourself will not help you have great results. So, make sure you follow this schedule at your own pace and convenience. Stepping a little out of your comfort zone is fine but do not burden yourself by strictly sticking to anything.

RTET 2021 Section-wise Exam Preparation

If you wish to score high and grab that job for yourself, we have got a couple more things to tell you. First of all, having a decent understanding of what you need to study is essential. Don’t worry if you are unaware of it yet! We have got your back. Here is everything you need to know about the different sections of the exam.

Comprehension and English/Hindi Grammar

This part aims to check hold over your language. It will cover all parts of grammar, right from noun to tenses. You will also deal with unseen passages in this paper. Moreover, the paper can be a little longer, so you need to keep practising your writing speed to complete your exam.

Children Behaviour

It is essential to know about child behaviour when you wish to pursue your career as a teacher. This section will help assess how much you understand the behaviour of a child. Most of the questions will be objective, so you must answer very carefully without getting confused.

Maths, Science or Social Science

Teachers coming from varied educational backgrounds need to decide their subject at the time of registration. Teachers with a Science background can choose between Science or Maths for their exams. While teachers from the Arts background need to take Social Science exams.

The section is introduced to evaluate your logical thinking abilities and problem-solving capabilities.

Apart from all this, there is yet another critical thing that makes you a step closer to qualifying. It is nothing but being determined towards your goal. So, stay high on motivation and work hard for your goals; the day you receive an offer won’t be far then.

Study Tips for RTET 2021 Exam Preparation

Learning Through Test Papers

When you just have 15 days left in hand to revise or prepare for your exam, opening books isn’t right. It is only perfect if you start taking the mock tests series and look for important parts in previous year papers. Below listed are some techniques that will help you prepare correctly at the last minute. These are:

Examine REET Past Years’ Exam Papers

Past years papers are beneficial in such cases. It helps you revise whatever you have learned and analyze all the important topics. Besides, you can understand the pattern of the examination as well. Other than that, it is simply perfect if you have forgotten to study your topics. You can go through papers of the last five years and prepare the high scoring parts.

Moreover, these exam papers are excellent to evaluate your overall understanding. You can assess yourself and work on the parts you feel weak. So, we recommend you to take a look at these papers a week before your examination.

Mock Test Series

This is an obvious choice of almost every aspiring candidate. It is indeed a fantastic way to prepare for your exams, and you must register for the mock test series. These series are specifically designed to help you build a better understanding of your syllabus. Mock test series are again excellent for evaluation purposes. Every time you feel you are all prepared, take mock tests and analyze yourself.

Be Considerate About Time

You will have to attempt 150 questions in 150 minutes. So, it is important to maintain a good speed to be able to complete the entire question paper. Make sure you are writing more and reading less. Keep in mind the time you are taking to answer a question and try to reduce it eventually.

These are all the necessary things that might help you prepare for your RTET exam in 15 days or less.

Quick Tips to Prepare for RTET 2021 Exam

You must have completely revised your syllabus, and you are all set to excel in your exams. But, there are specific last-minute technical tips that will help you write the paper easily. These are:

  • RTET does not have any negative marking. So, you can write your paper with minimal worries.
  • There are no section-wise qualifying marks. You just need overall qualifying marks.
  • Since there is no negative marking, make sure you attempt all the questions.
  • Don’t waste much time on questions you are unaware of.


Be confident about yourself while you appear for the examination. Staying calm and composed can help solve your paper smoothly. Besides, you have already stored all the necessary information after this, and you have nothing to worry about now.

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