KARTET Preparation 2022: Tips, Strategy & Study Plan

KARTET Preparation 2022: Tips, Strategy & Study Plan

ByNeha Joshi  |  Updated on: Jul 5, 2022
Get KARTET preparation tips and study plan to prepare well for the KARTET Exam. Check the detailed KAR TET preparation strategy, study notes, and best books for exams.

KARTET Preparation tips include all the essential details of the effective strategies and study plan for the exam. It is essential to formulate a comprehensive KARTET preparation plan to achieve better results in the exam. A perfect preparation gives you a clear path to follow. Candidates must thus develop a concrete preparation plan to pass the KAR TET 2022 exam with high scores.

KARTET stands for Karnataka Teacher Eligibility Test and is conducted by the Government of Karnataka. It is an eligibility test for teaching in primary (classes 1st to 5th) and upper primary (classes 6th to 8th) within the Karnataka state. By choosing the right approach, candidates can pass the exam with a good score. The KAR TET preparation helps candidates to prepare well for the exam. Know about effective KARTET 2022 preparation tips, study plans, and effective strategies here.

KARTET Preparation 2022

Candidates applying for the exam must check the KARTET preparation tips for effective preparation for the exam. Aspirants applying for the exam may need tips to easily qualify for the exam. The effective KARTET preparation tips and strategies to crack KARTET Exam 2022 are mentioned below. Using these tips candidates can clear the exam on the first attempt.

KARTET Preparation Strategy 2022

It is important to have a look at KARTET preparation tips while preparing for the exam. The effective preparation tips formulated by experts provide ease to prepare well. Candidates must first check the KARTET preparation tips to score good marks in the exam. Following are some of the effective tips for KARTET Exam preparation:

Analysis of Exam Pattern and Syllabus

To score good marks in the exam, it is important to thoroughly analyze the complete KARTET Syllabus and exam pattern. Without proper knowledge of exam pattern and syllabus, it is impossible to get success in any exam. The key to crack any exam is possible only with complete knowledge of the pattern & syllabus. This helps identify the important topics that must be covered to score good marks in the exam. The KAR TET Exam pattern is mentioned here:


KARTET Pattern

Language of the paper

English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi except for language papers.

Mode of examination

Offline examination

Type of questions

Multiple choice questions

Duration of examination

2 hours and 30 minutes

Maximum Marks

150 marks

Prepare Self-study Notes

After you analyze the complete syllabus and exam pattern for the KARTET exam. The next step is to make your own study notes. These notes must be based on the best KARTET preparation. Create your self-notes on important topics of each subject. This is a great way to strengthen your concept for a topic and it also provides an easy way to revise the topics. Candidates can also prefer creating short notes and one-liners. This help remembers the topics easily.

Study Timetable

It is important to prepare a timetable for the right KARTET exam preparation. This could assist in the easy preparation for the KARTET exam. Create a time in which no topic is left untouched. A timetable plays a vital role in the completion of the proper syllabus for the exam.

Signup for Free Mock Test

If you are planning for an effective KARTET preparation, it is important to include KARTET mock test and the previous year's question paper in your list. The mock test and question paper can provide you with an idea of the actual exam.

KARTET Preparation Tips and Tricks

Candidates should follow proper KARTET preparation tips to qualify for the exam on the first attempt. It is important to include the best approach while preparing for the KARTET exam. Following are the best KARTET 2022 preparation tips:

  1. Increase the reading speed to solve the paper on time. This is important for long questions, especially for English sections such as comprehensive passages.
  2. There is no negative marking in the KARTET exam and thus candidate must try to attempt all the questions.
  3. Ignore the question which is difficult and time-consuming. Remember there is a concept of ‘one minute per question’ in such exams. If you are unable to solve a question jump to another question.
  4. Create a strong note for KARTET preparation so that it is easy to summarize the complete syllabus at the time of the exam.
  5. Create a realistic timetable and strictly follow it. Divide the available time for preparation and revision.
  6. Stay cool before the exam to maintain mental calm during the exam, as stress might lead to poor exam performance.
  7. Include mathematical problems in your preparation and regularly practice them so as to remember the formulae for speed and accuracy.

KARTET Study Plan

It is important to include a perfect KARTET study plan to prepare well for the exam. With effective preparation tips for the KARTET Exam, candidates can score good marks in the exam. The complete study plan that must be followed for KARTET Preparation is included below:

Include Best KARTET Books

Books can be a perfect reference for exam preparation. It is important to include only the best books for the right KARTET exam preparation. Books play a vital role in preparing for the KARTET exam. There are so many KARTET Books available that can be helpful for exam preparation. Among so many books, it is important to select only those books which cover the full syllabus of the exam. Also, check if the books explain the important topics in an easy format and understandable language. Some of the best KARTET Books have been mentioned below:




Child Development and Pedagogy

Psychology Of Child Development

S. Bhattacharya


Quantitative Aptitude

R.S. Aggarwal

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

Kiran Publication

Social Studies

Social Studies Books



English Grammar

Wren and Martin

Effective KARTET Study Notes

It is important to include only the best KARTET study notes for right preparation of the exam. It is almost impossible to go through the books again and again and thus preparing the study notes is an effective way to learn and revise the complete syllabus. Study notes also prove very helpful in revision. It is thus important to prepare KARTET study notes in a precise and summarized way. This could assist in easy KARTET preparation.

KARTET Previous Year Question Papers and Mock Test

Solving KARTET previous year's question papers can help you identify the paper pattern and difficulty level. Candidates can prepare well for the exam by including question papers in their KARTET preparation. The KARTET mock test assists in solving the questions just as asked in the main exam.

KARTET Preparation Tips FAQs

  • Candidates must follow a good strategy and a perfect study plan to prepare for the exam. With the right KARTET preparation tips, it is possible to score good marks in the main exam. Include the above-mentioned tips to score well.

  • There is no particular strategy for experts or beginners. With proper knowledge of the KARTET syllabus and exam pattern, anyone can prepare well for the exam. Make sure to include the best KARTET preparation strategies to score good marks in the exam.

  • The KARTET Exam is scheduled soon. It is a high time candidates start their preparation for the exam. Include some of the effective KARTET preparation tips to score good marks in the exam. Always make sure to create good study notes for the right revision.

  • It is essential to include KARTET previous year’s question paper for the right exam preparation. This could provide an idea of the main exam. The question papers include the exact question pattern included in the main exam and thus is essential to be included in the preparation.

  • Best books can assist in the right KARTET preparation 2022. Following are some of the books for KARTET exam preparation:

    • Child Development and Pedagogy: Psychology Of Child Development by S. Bhattacharya
    • Mathematics: Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal
    • Environmental Studies: Environmental Studies by Kiran Publication
    • Social Studies - Social Studies Books by Pearson

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