KVS Books 2023: Subject-wise PRT, TGT, PGT Best Books

KVS Books 2023: Subject-wise PRT, TGT, PGT Best Books

ByAshish Kumar  |  Updated on: Jan 30, 2023
Best KVS books for PRT, PGT, and TGT exam preparation are shared here by the teaching experts. Get the list of books to cover the whole syllabus thoroughly. Subject wise KVS books are shared here.

KVS Books 2023 must be included in exam preparation to achieve good results. It is critical to include only the best books from among so many options when preparing for the exam. The best KVS books include a proper explanation of important topics in an appropriate manner. The best source for reviewing concepts is study material.

KVS books are an important source of information, and candidates gain a thorough understanding of the important topics. There are many options for KVS PRT books, but only the best should be included for optimal preparation. Examine the best KVS exam subject-specific books as recommended by subject experts. Experts have shared KVS books to assist them in achieving their objectives.

KVS Books 2023

It is critical to prepare thoroughly for the exam using the best KVS books before appearing. By selecting the best books, candidates can clear their concepts for each topic covered in the  KVS recruitment exam. Choosing the best study material is important because it can assist in completing each topic of all the subjects included in the KVS syllabus.

KVS has released various vacancies for TGT, PGT, and PRT teachers in Kendriya Vidyalaya schools. Candidates must refer to KVS PRT, TGT, and PGT books for the best preparation. Candidates must only choose books that cover the complete syllabus. The best KVS books can assist you in efficiently preparing for the exam.


Experts have compiled a list of KVS PRT books to assist candidates in preparing for the primary teaching exam. Many toppers and prestigious teachers who assist aspirants in their preparation recommend these materials. The following are the best books for KVS PRT exam:

SubjectBook NameAuthor / Publication
Current Affairs & General KnowledgePanorama Year BookPratiogita Darpan
Test of English Language & ComprehensionObjective General EnglishSP Bakshi
HindiHindiLucent Publication
General Intelligence & Reasoning AbilityLogical reasoningDr. R.S Aggarwal and S. Chand.
Arithmetical & Numerical AbilityQuantitative AptitudeDr. R.S Aggarwal and S. Chand
Computer KnowledgeComputer AwarenessArihant Publisher
Pedagogy & Teaching AptitudeChild Development & PedagogyDisha publication

Check: KVS Exam Pattern


Many books are available in the market, but it is important to include only the best KVS books for the right exam preparation. Candidates must know the books that cover the most recent and comprehensive KVS syllabus. These subject-wise KVS books are sufficient enough for all teaching exams. The quality of content is of good level, and at the same time, the topic is covered in a precise and attractive way. The subject-wise KVS books are listed below.

KVS Books for GK

The KVS GK book is adequate for all teaching exams, including current affairs questions. Topic-specific quizzes are also included to test aspirants' knowledge of a specific topic. The material is well-researched and geared toward competitive exams. It also includes current events and GK questions from recently completed exams. The KVS PRT manual is also available in English and Hindi. Check out the following KVS GK books:

  • Panorama Year Book 2018 - Pratiogita Darpan
  • Lucent General Knowledge - Lucent Publisher
  • General Knowledge - Manohar Pandey
  • Daily Newspaper - Hindu, Indian Express, etc.

KVS PGT book for English Language & Comprehension

This book is a good source for building basic concepts of English grammar. It gives an ample amount of questions to practice. The language is easy to comprehend. The collection of vocabulary, one-word substitution, Idiom, and phrases is optimal.

Book NameAuthor / Publication
Objective General EnglishSP Bakshi
English Grammer BookWren and Martin
Competitive General EnglishThink Tank of Kiran Prakashan

KVS Hindi book

These KVS books for Hindi are customized per the need of aspirants of KVS. It covers the syllabus well and contains ample content. The language used is lucid and easy to comprehend. The questions from previous years are also included in this book.

  • Idioms, Phrases & Proverbs with Hindi Meanings - H. S. Bhatia
  • General Hindi and Concise Grammer - Dr. Brij Kishore Prasad Singh
  • Adhunik Hindi Vyakaran aur Rachna (Hindi) - Dr. Vashudevnandan Prasad
  • CTET/ TET Hindi Bhasha aur Shikshan Shastra - Kamal Das Verma.

KVS Books for General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability

This PRT book covers all essential verbal and non-verbal topics of reasoning. There are ample amount of questions to practice. The quality and quantity of questions are much sufficient for this exam. The important short tricks are also given topic-wise in this book.

Book NameAuthor / Publication
Logical reasoningDr. R.S Aggarwal and S. Chand.
Analytical ReasoningMK Panday
Non-Verbal ReasoningBS Sijwali & Indu Sijwali
Reasoning book for KVSIBS Institute Rohini
Verbal & non-verbal reasoningKiran Publication

KVS Book for Arithmetical & Numerical Ability

This KVS PRT book covers all basic concepts. It will help you understand and build the concepts. The quality and quantity of questions are much sufficient for this exam. It also provides you with different types and pattern questions to practice. You will surely score well if you can complete this book before the exam.

Book NameAuthor / Publication
Quantitative AptitudeDr. R.S Aggarwal and S. Chand

Best Book for KVS Computer Knowledge

KVS computer science book covers all the basic concepts of the computer. The quality and quantity of questions are much sufficient for the KVS exam. It provides different types of questions to practice.

  • TGT/PGT Computer Science - Virendra Kumar
  • DSSSB- TGT CS Exam Guide - RPH Editorial Board
  • PGT Guide Computer Science exam- Arihant Publisher

KVS PGT Books for Pedagogy & Teaching Aptitude

KVS book for Pedagogy is an excellent resource for developing fundamental pedagogical concepts. The language is simple to grasp. The collection of the objective Question is at an optimal level. It covers the syllabus thoroughly and has plenty of content. The language used is clear and easy to understand. It contains a large number of previous years solved papers.

Book NameAuthor / Publication
Child Development & PedagogyDisha publication
Teaching Aptitude and Teaching AttitudeR. Guptas

How To Prepare For Exam With KVS Books?

The best KVS Books will not help you if you do not have a perfect preparation strategy. It is thus critical to understand how to prepare effectively for the KVS Exam by using the best books recommended by experts. Check out some of the most important tips candidates should keep in mind while studying with the best KVS books. Candidates can know how to make the most of these books with the best KVS Preparation Tips:

  • Before beginning exam preparation, thoroughly familiarise yourself with your exam. Check out the best KVS books to help you prepare.
  • Before preparing for the exam with KVS books, review the entire syllabus and pattern.
  • Include only books that properly cover subject-specific topics.
  • Besides the perfect explanation for each topic, the books must also include the KVS previous year question papers and sample questions for the right practice for the exam.
  • Make a perfect study plan to prepare well with the KVS Books.
  • Include only the best books suggested by subject experts for the right exam preparation.

KVS Books FAQs

  • The important KVS books are critical for focused preparation. For proper exam preparation, candidates should only use the best KVS books. These books are recommended by experts who have passed the exam multiple times. The following are some of the best books.

    • Teaching Aptitude by R.Gupta
    • Child Development and Pedagogy by Disha Publications
    • Computer Awareness by Arihant Publication
    • Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal
    • Logical Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
  • The experts have subjected the KVS PRT books for parts 1 and 2 to help candidates ace the exam. The books for the common subjects are also common for all the posts of the KVS exam. The subject-wise books are different for each post. Check the important KVS PRT books here:

    • Current Affairs & General Knowledge - Panorama Year Book - Pratiogita Darpan
    • Test of English Language & Comprehension - Objective General English - S. P. Bakshi
    • Hindi - Hindi - Lucent Publication
    • General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability - Logical reasoning - Dr. R.S Aggarwal and publication is S. Chand, etc
  • General awareness is an important topic in the KVS exam. Preparing well for this section is important to score good marks in the exam. Some of the KVS Best books for General Knowledge are listed below:

    • Panorama Year Book
    • Lucent's General Knowledge
  • Candidates must first complete the KVS Syllabus and understand the exam pattern before starting the preparation. After this, select the best KVS books that include the exam pattern and syllabus.

  • It is advisable to refer to at least 2 to 3 KVS books of reputed publication for each subject for the right KVS preparation. Although, it is critical to select the appropriate books to prepare thoroughly for the KVS exam.

  • Many KVS books are similar for PRT, PGT and TGT exams. It is thus important to understand the KVS exam pattern and syllabus for each exam as notified by the official board with the exam notification before choosing the right books for different vacancies.

  • The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan does not prescribe any books to prepare for the exam. But it is very important to include the handpicked books in the preparation. BEP experts have suggested a few books to help candidates do well in the exam.

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