NMAT Online Proctored Mode: How to Take Exam at Home

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : July 14th, 2022

How to Take NMAT Exam at Home is the most common question among the candidates who want to appear for the exam from home. NMAT Online Proctored Mode is the process by which the candidates can take exams from home. The NMAT exam can be given in two ways: either through CBT Mode from the centre or Online Proctored Mode from home.

The NMAT exam is just similar to other MBA exams. The candidates only need to focus and discipline in life to crack this exam with a good score. In this article, our experts have discussed the procedure of giving the NMAT Online Proctored Exam from home itself.

How Many Ways can NMAT Exam Be Taken?

The NMAT Exam can be taken in two ways:

  • Online Exam at the Centre (CBT Mode): The candidates have to reach the exam centre selected by them to appear for the exam. In this process, the NMAT Exam is held in CBT mode, so candidates are advised to be familiar with the computers. 
  • Online Proctored Exam from Home: NMAT Online Proctored Mode is the exam mode that can be given at home through your desktop. During the exam, proctoring software will monitor your computer’s screen along with your webcam, video, and audio. Once the exam is over, the data recorded by the software is transferred to the authority for review. In this way, candidates can appear for NMAT Online Proctored Mode from home. Also, check the detailed NMAT Paper Pattern to get a better understanding. 

Here, in this article, we’ll give details about the steps to follow while giving NMAT Online Proctored Exam from home.

Steps to Follow for NMAT Online Proctored Exam From Home

Before appearing for the NMAT Online Proctored Exam, the candidates just go through the Standard Rules once. Click here to study the standard rules. Check the readiness of your computer system by visiting this site: https://prod.examity.com/NMATSystemCheck/check.aspx

Remember to use the Windows Machine as MAC/OS System is not supported. Also, go through the system requirements. Stay updated with the NMAT Exam Date.

  • Be alone when you start your NMAT Exam and connect with the power source to save time.
  • Phones, calculators, headphones, or other gadgets are strictly prohibited in that room. Learn more about NMAT Eligibility in detail.
  • Just check that your webcam, speakers, and microphones are properly working.
  • The candidates should start their appointment 15 minutes before the appointment time.
  • Login to your dashboard and click on the ‘Book Exam’ button
  • Follow the steps of the authentication process one by one. Once the authentication is complete, the proctor will start your exam as per the beginning time of the NMAT exam. Check all the details about NMAT Selection Process 

Authentication Procedure of NMAT Online Proctored Exam

There are several steps that you need to follow till the authentication process is completed

  • First, you have to book your NMAT Exam Slot and then click on the ‘My Profile’ section to complete your profile
  • The candidates need to upload their photo ID and the signature to get authenticated
  • Additionally, the candidates need to show the NMAT Admit Card, signature id and confirmation mail for authentication
  • Thereafter, the candidates will be asked three security questions at the time of scheduling, out of which they have to answer one of the three questions at the time of log in to the NMAT Official Website.
  • The candidate will get three attempts to answer that particular question; if the candidate fails to do so, then he/she will get another security question. If the candidate again fails to do so, then it would result in the authentication failure, and the candidate needs to make a separate appointment for the test. Go through the expert-recommended NMAT Preparation Tips and be prepared accordingly.
  • Enter your first name and last name at the time of scheduling. Any information that is entered wrong, a red flag will be raised.
  • Once the authentication process is completed, you can log in to start your NMAT Exam.
  • Key Points to Keep in Mind While Appearing for the NMAT Online Proctored Exam. Get a list of NMAT Preparation Books.
  • The candidates must have uninterrupted broadband or wireless internet connection.
  • Webcam, Speakers, and microphone should be in proper function
  • The candidates must use a windows system for giving the NMAT Online Proctored Exam
  • The information that you upload should be correct and accurate. If any kind of mismatch appears, the authority will take strict action for that candidate. Get a list of NMAT Colleges.
  • There shouldn't be any dual monitors in your room. Also, you should be alone in that room with no books or anything beside you.
  • The proctor will have a 360-degree view of the room during the examination time. So, better be cautious regarding the checking of the room. Stay updated with the latest NMAT Syllabus.
  • The candidates will be allowed to use two A-4 size blank sheets for rough calculation via a pencil. They need to show it to the proctor at the beginning of the examination.

If there is a technical malfunction in the computer system, then the proctor will try to resume your exam within 30 minutes; if not, then the exam session will expire, and the candidate needs to reschedule the exam. The rescheduled exam fee will be forfeited. Read on to learn more about the NMAT Score vs Percentile.


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FAQs on NMAT Online Proctored Mode

  • There are two ways of giving the NMAT Exam: Online exam at the centre and the NMAT Online Proctored Exam from home.

  • No electronic gadget is allowed to have while giving an NMAT Online Proctored Exam from home. The candidates have to do mental calculations or if they want they can use virtual calculators.

  • The candidates are only permitted to use the Windows system while giving NMAT Online Proctored Exam. MAC operating system is not allowed to take NMAT Exam from home.

  • Candidates can attempt the NMAT Exam upto three times once in a year. This includes the first attempt of giving the NMAT and two re-attempt if the candidate wishes for.

  • The candidate will need to again take the appointment for appearing for the NMAT Online proctored Exam, if he/she fails to complete the authentication process.

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