NMAT Books 2021: List of Subject Wise Best Books for NMAT Exam

NMAT Books 2021: List of Subject Wise Best Books for NMAT Exam

ByGaurav Gupta  |  Updated on: Jun 30, 2021Get NMAT Exam details such as NMAT cutoff, exam date, registration, colleges and more. Note the NMAT Last Date and NMAT 2021 Dates
Get NMAT Exam details such as NMAT cutoff, exam date, registration, colleges and more. Note the NMAT Last Date and NMAT 2021 Dates
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NMAT Books 2021

NMAT Registrations 2021 are about to open in some time and this is the time when people lookout for the best NMAT books in the market. It is thus very essential to choose the right set of books that will help you in your NMAT Preparations 2021 and crack NMAT 2021. BYJU'S Exam Prep has curated a list of NMAT preparation books for each section of the NMAT 2021. These NMAT reference books will help you achieve success.

Talking about the basic books, there’s an NMAT Official guide which is a tool that will help you diagnose your level of preparation as per your approach towards preparing for NMAT 2021. The guide includes Registration guidelines, Important Dates and Timeline of Events, Syllabus, Important Basic Concepts, NMAT level practice questions.

Let's see some of the best NMAT Syllabus Books you can purchase from the market to ace your preparations for NMAT 2021.

Best NMAT Books for Language Skills Section

For the Language Skills section of NMAT 2021, one needs to have any of the following books for reference:



Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT

Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

Ajay Singh

Descriptive English for Competitive Exams

SJ Thakur and SK Rout

Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis

Mastering the Verbal Ability for CAT


Best NMAT Books for Quantitative Skill Section

For the Quantitative Skills section on NMAT 2021, one can purchase any of the following books for their reference and preparations:



Quantitative Aptitude for CAT

Arun Sharma

Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Exams

Abhijit Guha

Mathematics for MBA

RS Aggarwal

Quantitative Aptitude and Numerical Ability (7000+ Objective Questions)

Pratiyogita Kiran and KICX Think Tank of Kiran Prakashan

Quantitative Aptitude Quantum

Sarvesh K Verma

Best NMAT Books for Logical Reasoning Section

For the Logical Reasoning section of NMAT 2021, aspirants can choose to but any of the following books for their guidance:



A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning

RS Aggarwal

Logical Reasoning


How To Prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT

Arun Sharma

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT

Nishit K Sinha

Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Ashok Gupta

How to Choose NMAT Preparation Books

There is ‘n’ number of NMAT preparation books available in the market but it is very important that you choose the most suitable book from the whole list.

  • Check the review of the books before you make up your mind to buy one
  • Quora is an open forum where people from all around the world connect for almost each and every topic. You can search for reviews for the books on quora.
  • Almost all the popular books are mentioned in the article above. We strongly suggest you read their reviews before buying any of them.

How to Prepare for NMAT 2021?

One must choose NMAT preparation books very wisely. We have curated some NMAT preparation tips which if followed strictly can do wonders.

  • Prepare a plan for preparation
  • Attempt NMAT sample papers
  • Identify your weaknesses and try to overcome them. Practise them so well that they turn into your strengths
  • Choose your books carefully
  • Time to go back to books you have studied in 10th standard
  • Search and learn short tricks to maximise the number of attempted questions in the same time frame

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  • Yes, there is this book named “NMAT by GMAC Official Guide” one can purchase online.

  • Yes, you can refer to multiple books for section-wise preparations. You must analyse what is best for you and the trick that you would like to stick to while solving the questions in the actual examination.

  • You can get in-depth knowledge of the concepts and short tricks in the books mentioned above for each of the three sections.

  • Physical books are definitely a better source to study when compared to online study material. Books have a defined structure and consist of detailed explanations with several examples to support their explanation whereas online study material may or may not have such a structure.

  • Yes, the books mentioned above have several solved examples for reference.

  • Yes, Arun Sharma books are quite good for all MBA exams, inclusive of NMAT.

  • You can prepare for NMAT 2021 by following the simple NMAT Preparation Tips