NMAT Preparation: Section-Wise Preparation Tips by our Expert

NMAT Preparation: Section-Wise Preparation Tips by our Expert

ByGaurav Gupta  |  Updated on: Jul 14, 2022
Get all the details on How to Prepare for NMAT by GMAC. Check section-wise NMAT Preparation tips to ace this exam with a good score. Get a list of books for NMAT Exam Preparation.
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How to Prepare for NMAT is the most common question that every candidate wants to know. Candidates should start their NMAT Exam preparation as early as possible to ensure that they are all ready for the upcoming exam. You must remember one thing only hard work and discipline will help them ace their NMAT by GMAC.

As per the expert opinion, starting the NMAT Preparation in advance will give the candidate an edge over the rest. This article will get all the details regarding How to Prepare for NMAT along with section-wise preparation tips and strategies.

Common Tips for NMAT Preparation

NMAT is a national-level MBA Entrance Exam conducted every year in a window of 70-75 days. Approximately 75000-80000 candidates appear for this every year. NMAT Exam is adaptive in nature and is the most flexible examination in its category that gives the candidates the freedom to choose their exam date, centre and slot for taking the NMAT 2022 Exam. Before we tell you How to Prepare for NMAT 2022, let’s understand the details of this exam in more depth.

  • Try to solve the question paper to comprehend the exam well.
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and devote yourself to NMAT Preparation.
  • Make a study schedule and divide the time of every section of the exam.
  • Understand NMAT Exam Pattern. Go through the table below to get an overview of section-wise time allotment.


NMAT Exam Duration

Number of Questions

Language Skills

28 Minutes


Quantitative Skills

52 Minutes


Logical Reasoning

40 Minutes



120 Minutes (2 hours)


How To Prepare for NMAT?

In order to prepare for the NMAT 2022 by GMAC, the candidates must obey an effective preparation strategy for every section of this exam. It is not enough to know just the NMAT Syllabus; rather, conceptual clarity for every chapter is highly appreciated to clear NMAT Cut Off. To get your query regarding How to Prepare for NMAT, candidates can refer to the section-wise preparation strategies.

NMAT Preparation for Language Skills

This section evaluates candidates' skills in English Languages by asking questions about Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Analogies, Grammar, Para Jumbles and more. A total of 36 questions are asked, which are needed to be completed in 28 minutes. So, you can follow the below NMAT Exam Preparation tips to ace the Language Skills section. Know more about NMAT Eligibility

  • Work on basic English Grammar
  • Enhance vocabulary by reading English Story books, Newspapers, and Articles.
  • Make notes for all the difficult words 
  • Improve reading habits
  • Practice 2 comprehensive passages daily to improve your solving speed. Get all the details about NMAT Admit Card.

NMAT Exam Preparation for Quantitative Skills

This section is a combination of Data Interpretation and Quantitative Ability skills. A total of 36 Questions are asked from Arithmetic, Algebra, Profit and Loss, Geometry, Interest and more. There is a sectional NMAT Time Limit of 52 minutes. The candidates can follow the below-mentioned NMAT Preparation tips to complete the Quantitative Skills section.

  • Take NMAT Mock Tests daily to improve your accuracy and solving speed.
  • Maintain a notebook for all the important formulas and quick revision before NMAT Exam Date 2022.
  • Follow NCERT Books to check basic Mathematical formulas.

How to Prepare for NMAT Logical Reasoning Skills?

The Logical Reasoning section evaluates candidates’ skills in arrangements and puzzles. One must be prepared to solve several syllogisms in this part and have a basic understanding of statement assumptions and conclusions. The candidates can follow the below NMAT Preparation Tips to complete the topics from this section.

  • Practice as many NMAT Question Paper as possible from all the topics
  • Recognize the conclusion within the question
  • Observe the question by drawing diagrams, charts or tables to conclude the answer accurately
  • Utilise elimination theory to figure out the answers without having to spend much time.

Best Books for NMAT Preparation

Check out the table below for subject-specific reference books to help you ace the NMAT 2022 by GMAC. Get a PDF list of NMAT Books.

Name of the Books

Authors/ Publishers

Quantitative Aptitude

R.S. Aggarwal

How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT

Arun Sharma

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning for CAT

Nishit K. Sinha

How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT

Arun Sharma

Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis

Analytical Reasoning

M.K Pandey

Expert Tips on NMAT Preparation

Here we are presenting you with some preparation tips/strategies that will help you crack NMAT 2022.

Identify Your Weaknesses

It is very important to analyse yourself from time to time and identify your strong and weak areas/topics. This will help you to focus more on the basics and grey areas of weaker topics thus making them stronger while NMAT Preparation.

Choose Your Study Material Wisely

Gaining knowledge from the wrong source is a complete disaster. Thus it is very essential that you choose the right and relevant source for your NMAT Exam Preparation. So that you do not study topics that are out of the question for the NMAT 2022. Get expert-recommended NMAT Study Materials.

Pick 8th to 10th Standard Books

The questions candidates are asked in any MBA Exams are based on the concepts that one has covered while doing his/her high school. This is the time to pick those books again and revise the concepts you have studied earlier and brush them up while NMAT Preparation.

Find and Learn Short Tricks to Solve Questions

Once you are through with the concepts from your high school books, it is time to learn short tricks to solve the questions which will help you reach the correct answer in no time. Having knowledge about short tricks will help you solve more questions in the same time frame, thus you have a scope to score higher marks. Check all the details about NMAT Result.

Solve Previous Years’ NMAT Papers

To have the best idea about the type of questions asked in NMAT, one must solve previous years' question papers for at least the last five years and get well-versed with the NMAT Exam Pattern and difficulty level of the questions asked. Check NMAT Analysis to gain an understanding of exam difficulty level.

Solve NMAT Mock Test 

Practising the NMAT Online Test is another wonderful way to get yourself prepared for the NMAT by GMAC. It is also very essential to be in a relaxed state of mind while doing your preparations for the NMAT Entrance Exam 2022. A relaxed mind helps you in better NMAT Preparation and retain things longer. Get a list of NMAT Colleges.

Time Management

You should know time management in order to ace NMAT 2022. Have a proper strategy keeping in mind your weak areas. However, there is a sectional NMAT Time Limit, so the candidates need to know the proper utilization of time to answer the questions quickly and correctly. So, make a timetable first at the time of NMAT Preparation. Check NMAT Selection Process in detail.

FAQs Related to NMAT Preparation Tips

  • Below are some best books that you can follow while NMAT Preparation.

    • Quantitative Aptitude by RS Agarwal
    • How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT by Arun Sharma
    • Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey
    • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  • As compared to other exams like CATXAT, and CMAT, NMAT is definitely easier. It is basically a time-based test, and the candidates have to be quick in attempting the highest number of correct questions, if not all.

  • NMAT is an adaptive test in which the difficulty level of questions depends upon your speed and accuracy to answer the questions.

  • First of all, understand the exam pattern to know the syllabus and NMAT Important Topics. Make a study schedule for each of the exam sections and be prepared accordingly. Revise your NMAT Preparation in your free time to check your preparation level.

  • Your only means of practice must be practice mock tests from reputable NMAT Study Material like official NMAT Preparation Books and brief topic-based tests. Complete one full test each day of your study period.

  • Yes, the candidates can do NMAT Preparation at home. But it is recommended to join BYJU’S Exam Prep to get updated study information and tips to prepare them in a scheduled format. You can check for Live Classes, Quizzes, etc., on the BYJU’S Exam Prep App.

  • Try to give at least 2-3 months in NMAT Preparation. Make a study plan and utilize your free time in revising the chapters daily, atleast for 1-2 hours.


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