Important National/International Days and Dates in December 2021

By Rajat Pandey|Updated : December 5th, 2021

Important Days & Dates in December 2021: December is the year's last month, with 31 days. December has a number of significant dates. Many of you wonder how many days in December have particular importance. Important days in December 2021 are marked in memory of a famous person or for a significant event. In December, there are significant days that are observed both domestically and globally.

Important Days & Dates in December 2021


Date and Day

Theme/ Importance/Details

1st December

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day was first celebrated in 1988 to raise the call to end the HIV AIDS epidemic.
The theme of 2021: Ending the HIV Epidemic: Equitable Access, Everyone's Voice

2nd December

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

It is observed to make people aware of modern slavery.

World Computer Literacy Day

It is observed to raise the awareness of the development of technological skills among people, especially children, and females.

National Pollution Control Day

It is observed in the memory of the people who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984. 

3rd December

World Day of the Handicapped or International Day of Persons with Disabilities

It is observed to raise the acceptance for people with disabilities. It is also known as the International Day of People with Disability (IDPD).
The theme of 2021: “Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world.”

4th December

Indian Navy Day

It is celebrated to highlight the achievements of the Indian Navy.

5th December

World Soil Day

The theme of 2021: Halt soil salinization, boost soil productivity

7th December


Armed Forces Flag Day

Its objective is to honour the martyrs and men who fought with bravery for the country of Armed Forces.

International Civil Aviation Day

It is observed to raise the importance of ICAO in International Air Transport.

9th December

International Anti-Corruption Day

It is observed to highlight the concern of Corruption and its various effects on society.

10th December

Human Rights Day

It is observed to protect the fundamental Human Rights of people.

The theme of 2021: EQUALITY - Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights

11th December


International Mountain Day

It is celebrated to educate about the role mountain plays in nature.

The theme of 2021: "Sustainable mountain tourism"


UNICEF - United Nations International Children Emergency Fund

14th December

National Energy Conservation Day

It has been celebrated since 1991 by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) under the Ministry of Power.

16th December

Vijay Diwas

Its objective is to honor the martyrs and men who fought with bravery for the nation's security.

18th December


Minorities Rights Day in India

It is observed to promote the Rights of Minority communities in India.

International Migrants Day

It is celebrated to raise awareness and protect International migrants and refugees.

19th December

Goa's Liberation Day

On 19th December Goa was freed from Portuguese dominion by armed forces.

20th December

International Human Solidarity Day

It is observed to unite people and work together and fight against Poverty, World hunger, and diseases.

22nd December

National Mathematics Day

It is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan, who was a famous mathematician.

23rd December

Kisan Diwas

It is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of our former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh.

24th December

National Consumer Rights Day

The Consumer Protection Act got President’s assent on this day in 1986

25th December


Christmas Day

It is celebrated for the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, who is claimed to be the son of God.

Good Governance Day (India)

It is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

31st December

New Year’s Eve

It is celebrated as the last day of the year.




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