Important Idioms and Phrases starting with “S”

By Naveen Singh|Updated : February 12th, 2019

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Today we are posting Idioms & Phrases beginning with “S”. we hope you liked the previous articles. Here’s a small task for you guys post idioms and phrases which you come across that has not been covered here and ask for sentences from others. This would boost your prep and make this more interesting and interactive. So here is a list of Idioms and Phrases with S:

Important Idioms and Phrases starting with “S”

Idioms and Phrases



See which way the cat jumps

see what direction events are taking before committing oneself

I'm not going to do anything for a while — just sit tight and see which way the cat jumps.

Sell like hotcakes

be sold quickly and in large quantities.

This record has been selling like hotcakes—I can't keep it in stock!

Settle a score

Taking revenge for something that someone did to you in the past.

India settled a score by conducting a surgical strike on Pakistan.

Seventh Heaven

In a state of bliss or extreme happiness

I've been in seventh heaven ever since I cleared the Interview

Shake a leg

To hurry up or to get going.

Come on, Sam shake a leg or we'll never be ready in time.


fail to act resolutely or decisively.

Stop shilly-shallying and make a decision now!

Skate on thin ice

Taking a high risk

He is skating on ice thin after investing all his money in one company

Sky's the limit

anything is possible

You can achieve anything if you really want to. The sky's the limit.

Slap on the wrist

a mild reprimand or punishment.

They rob someone on the street and they get a slap on the wrist – thirty days in jail.

Speak of the devil

when someone comes in unexpectedly while being talked about

Did you hear what happened to Mary today – oh, speak of the devil, there she is.

Spot on

Exactly Right

Schools were told their exam information had to be spot-on and accurate.

Start from scratch

Starting from the beginning

Whenever I bake a cake, I start from scratch.


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