How to Prepare for SSB from Home

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : November 21st, 2021

Five days may prove to be a great turning point for a candidate, candidate’s career & candidate’s dreams. However, to get success in these Five days, candidates need to prepare in a systematic & regular manner.


The question is how many days before one’s SSB he/she should start his/her preparation, and how many days are sufficient enough. The answer is that it depends on oneself, one’s efforts, and his/her abilities. However extra preparations have no way caused a hard. It is a quite common go-to line between candidates that if he/she will study from long before, he/she will forget it by the time the examination comes.


The SSB is an exam for personality, and one needs to work on his/her personality before anything. Let us now see how one can prepare for the SSB:

  • Know what all it takes: If a candidate knows his/her enemy well, one has won the war already. This is true for examination too, only that there is no kind of enemy and no kind of killing as well. If one knows what all is going to come in the SSB, what all is there is the tests, then he/she can prepare well for it. To fully devote these days to know the SSB. Just read all that one can to understand what all is there in each specific test. What is the pattern and also what is the syllabus?
  • Start one’s fitness regime: Start mild jogging & stamina-building exercises. Getting into shape takes time. One will require a lot of strength and stamina for the longer duration of tests in SSB. Also, the Ground Tasks need a decent fitness level.

Next Seven Days:

  • Start with GA (General Awareness): Aspirants have started working on his/her General Awareness. Just start reading the newspaper, make notes regarding significant points. Gather information on the probable topics of G.D. (Group Discussion) and Lecturette. Read as much as one can.
  • Self-Awareness: Note down everything one needs to know about himself or herself and also one’s close one. This includes the candidate’s positives, negatives, achievements. An introspection of his or her personality.
  • Hobbies, interests & information affiliated to that: Information affiliating to one’s friends, family & their likes, dislikes, and also your likes & dislikes in them.
  • Time yourself: Initiate with the PPT’s available for WAT (Word Association Test), TAT (Thematic Apperception Test), and SRT (Situation Reaction Test). They come with an automatic timer. Candidates can time or themselves to perform in a certain duration as required in the SSB examination. Every Psychological test in the SSB exam is time-bound, and that is their way of making pressure on oneself. Candidates need to practice thinking fast at the impetus of the moment. Write one’s SDT (Self-Description Test) as well.
  • Public Speaking: Start practising the lecturette, this will not only help in lecturette section but in every task that requires public speaking.

The following Days:

Read about the various Forces: Collect basic and essential information related to the Armed Force individual have applied for. This will include information such as commands, Chief of staff, latest procurements & ranks etc.

Continue with what all one has been doing on his/her level, such as practising for the psychological tests, lecturette, interview etc.  Go through all documents one will need for SSB. Make sure that you have them. Also one can anytime refer to several articles available on our website regarding any help and assistance with any test. Just Keep calm & give your best.

10 Things candidate need to work on a daily basis for SSB

If you are preparing for SSB, you must understand below particular things well in advance that tests conducted at  SSB are to assess the qualities imbibed within you.

Thus, one must work on the below instructions on daily basis. They are:

  • Write at least one sentence for WAT, one story for TAT, and also solve at least one SRT. Then review your answer & note down the positive & negative qualities that you have encountered while writing all the above-mentioned.
  • Get a notebook & note down at least one strength and one weakness within yourself. Just make sure that one should be more truthful & sincere while going through all this process.
  • Get to know about a minimum of one global issue. E.g. Syria crisis. Do not mug up them all. Learn what events or circumstances happening around you. Just put all your ultimate focus on understanding the particular issue.
  • Note down whatever you have learned about any particular issue on the notebook & consequently work on your writing speed. Also, make sure that your handwriting should be understandable and legible.
  • Get a Book (for e.g. be it novel, fiction anything) and go through it, i.e., read it on daily basis. This should be one’s alternative to using mobile phones before going to bed
  • Go out and look into the clouds and form any story that you can perceive seeing several designs and shapes. Do this exercise as it will help in the picture shown during the PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test) is hazy & unclear. One can recognize anything.
  • Narrate a similar story in front of a mirror without looking at what you have written. If it is possible also record a video of you narrating a story & further examine the same to figure out flaws in your standing or sitting posture, facial expression, hand movement, and also other body languages.
  • Perform at least some physical activity such as playing, cycling, running, walking, dancing, etc.
  • Solve some brainteasers, puzzles etc. lively & actively.
  • Also, watch at least one TED talk every few days.

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