How to Prepare for NMAT Online?- Get Detailed NMAT Preparation Tips & Expert Suggestions

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : August 29th, 2022

NMAT Preparation 2022: NMAT is a National Level Management exam conducted by GMAC for the purpose of admitting MBA aspirants to NMIMS institute and other top-B schools like SPJIMR, XIMB, ISB, etc. as well. It is a computerized adaptive test conducted in CBT mode that can be given either through from the test center or from remote proctored exam from home. It is essential to have a well-planned approach for the upcoming NMAT 2022 exam to ensure better results. So, in this article, we’ll guide you on how to prepare for the NMAT 2022 exam online.

NMAT Online Preparation helps you prepare for the exam at your pace and as per your convenience. You are able to prepare along with your job or stuides. But before jumping onto that, let’s first know about the exam pattern of NMAT 2022.

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NMAT 2022 Exam Pattern

NMAT exam pattern comprises questions from three sections: Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning. Each section carries 36  questions and that results in a total of 108 questions in the paper. Each question carries 3 marks and the benefit of the exam is there is NO negative marking in the NMAT 2022 exam. The candidate makes the best use of this advantage and also, there is NO mark deduction for un-attempted questions.

Only, the key point that has to be kept in mind is that there is a sectional time limit in each section. So, be careful while attempting the questions in NMAT 2022.

Few Effective Tips for your NMAT 2022 Online Preparation

The best time to start your NMAT 2022 preparation is now. Here are a few tips that you should follow while starting preparing for the NMAT 2022 online preparation.

Understand the Exam Pattern and Segregate the Syllabus of NMAT 2022

The foremost step that you should do is to understand the exam pattern of NMAT 2022. Once you understand the pattern and the marking scheme of the NMAT 2022, then segregate the NMAT syllabus according to it. Jot down all the topics somewhere and then segregate them.

Give preference to those topics that carry the higher weightage in the NMAT 2022. Start studying those topics that carry most questions in NMAT 2022. You may also segregate the topics based on your weak and strong topics. Try to foster more attention on your weaker topics and create your fundamentals strong.

Choose the best NMAT Books & Study Material

Having the right NMAT study material is the most important step to kick start your preparation of NMAT 2022 online. Try to have a limited best quality content book that can help you to streamline your strategy in accordance with the syllabus. Though it’s a challenging task to get the right and relevant study material, you can take help from peers or experienced ones that can guide you to get the NMAT books. Don’t try to lie upon multiple books. Have one and go through that book multiple times. This would help you to make your concepts strong and you’ll be able to analyse yourself.

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Prepare a Proper Strategy Plan for NMAT 2022

The candidates should have a proper strategy plan for NMAT 2022 preparation. Create a timetable or set daily targets as per the potential of the individual. Prepare a time table for a week in such a way that covers at least 6 hours of study. Do follow the timetable earnestly for a week and then extend it. The candidates who are preparing online should have regularity in their studies. You need to be focused and disciplined while preparing for the NMAT 2022. While preparing the strategy plan, focus on weaker topics and spend more time on the same.

Take help of NMAT Online Coaching 

Preparing for NMAT 2022 online is not a wrong choice, only you need to have proper guidance through each step. You can talk to experts regarding joining online coaching. Also, you may talk to experienced aspirants who may guide you with the apps for studying. Moreover, there are many free sessions available on various sites from where you can also study. If you join an online course, then you can also clear your doubts from the experts and online teachers as well.

NMAT Online Coaching

Attempt Online NMAT Mock Test

Online Mocks assess your current level of preparation and help you to build up your stamina by offering a real-time exam atmosphere. They need to solve questions according to the timer set on the computer system and need to complete the exam on time. Solving NMAT mock tests will help you to analyze your weaknesses and strengths and thus, you can work on your weak topics. Also, it increases your speed and accuracy of solving questions and thus you don’t face any time management issues during the examination time. Have a stress-free mind while attempting online mocks and observe that your level of preparation will gradually reach a higher level as the number of consecutive mock tests increases.

Analyze your Performance

The analysis is extremely important while preparing for the NMAT 2022 online. If you don’t analyze your mistakes, then you would repeat that mistake multiple times. The analysis is an important part of your preparation. For instance, if you are solving a question of Profit and Loss and you are facing difficulty in solving that question, then again go through the basic level of preparation and make your roots strong in that topic. Analyze your strong and weak areas and work upon them. In each mock test, you need to analyze where you went wrong, why you did wrong, how can it be improved, etc. In this way, if you work upon yourself, then surely your performance will be better.

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  • There will be +3 for each correct answer and the plus point of the NMAT 2021 exam is that there is no negative marking in this paper.

  • Yes, NMAT 2021 is a computer adaptive test. The exam is designed to test the individual’s performance and the difficulty level of the questions would depend on how the candidate attempts a question. If the candidate answers a question correctly, then the next question will be a bit harder than the previous but if the candidate attempts that question wrong, then the candidate receives the next  question easier than the previous.

  • Yes, there will be no issue in attempting all the questions in NMAT 2021 as there is no negative marking; however, the candidate needs to decide which question he/she should solve first with maximum accuracy.

  • The NMAT 2021 is a combination of speed and strategy in the exam. The candidate needs to target those questions first that can maximise their scores and should manage time simultaneously to complete the paper on time.

  • There are three sections in NMAT exam out of which each section carries 36 questions and that results into 108 (36*3) questions.

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