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By Naveen Singh|Updated : May 23rd, 2023

One of the most important part is clearing the cut off which sometimes becomes crucial for candidates appearing in exams. Many Defence Exams such as CDS, CAPF, Air Force Group X & Y given a significant weightage to the General Knowledge section. The General Knowledge consists of Topics from History, Geography, General Science, Polity, Economics, and Current Affairs.     

To assist the students and boost their preparation, we are here with PDF notes on Physics Subjects which not only help you guys but also give an idea of what to study for the exam. There are also some important questions in the end that have been previously asked in exams. This would give you an idea about what type of question can be asked in the exam.

As we all know that learning concepts via video lesson are always useful as compared to study notes. Here we are providing you with the Science Series by Amandeep Sir which is a one-stop solution for Science section for all defence exams.


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These notes not only contain Physics notes buts also have attached a small quiz at the end that will boost your learning. 

Physics Notes for Defence Exams (English PDF)

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